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cave story

  1. Kellex

    What ability is this?

    In the game Cave Story, there's a weapon called Bubbline and it's able to shoot out bubbles with Level 1 being manual and Level 2 being automatic upon trigger. However by Level 3, Quote is able to shoot out bubbles and surround himself with them, thus taking out projectiles and damage enemies...
  2. Oleggator

    Quick Quote CRT

    Quote from Cave Story should have Dimensional Storage via the fact that he can wield many weapons and equipment at once while he doesn't have a pocket of size on which weapons and equipment would fit. Fast and simple.
  3. Oleggator

    Low 7-B Tournament Round 2, Match 6 Quote vs Kamen Rider Blade

    Tournament Round 2, Match 6: Quote (Cave Story) (@Oleggator) vs Kamen Rider Blade (Kamen Rider Blade) (@Nicetoderp) Rules: Equal Speed, Low 7-B versions, Location as previous Clayman Factory Quick Plot: After defeating Felicia, Blade thought it was over, however storm suddenly appeared Blade...
  4. Starter_Pack

    Machine Gun vs. Butt Gun (Curly Brace vs. Metal Robotnik)

    It was a dark and stormy night In the city of Robotropolis, and the evil Dr. Robinson lay In hiding, waiting for that pesky Sonic the Hedgehog to come stumbling into his trap. It surprised him, then, when the voice of a young girl began calling, echoing through the ghostly, abandoned streets of...
  5. Dangeroustaco

    EVERYTHING in Quote's arsenal is Low 7-B?

    Yes, it makes sense for Quote to be Low 7-B because he took down the Core and Ballos. But here's the thing: the fight with the Core happened like halfway through the game, when Quote had weapons like the Machine Gun, Missile, and Blade, which work well against tanky bosses like the Core. But...
  6. Oleggator

    Dead links question

    Can someone fix dead links of cave story characters? I can't cause I only recently played the game and I guess not completed even a half of it.
  7. Starter_Pack

    Battle of the Secondary Female Protagonists (Mash Kyrielight vs. Curly Brace)

    No hero can do everything alone. Despite their promise to greatness, despite their good intentions, even the best of the best needs help at times. Call them sidekicks, call them partners, or call them friends, these people will put their all into helping the hero win the day. And there are no...
  8. Starter_Pack

    Two Robotic Heroes Gear Up (Quote vs. Jenny Wakeman) (Voting Completed)

    The advancement of artificial intelligence is something that people both fear and embrace in equal measure. While we may wish for our robotic companions to be smarter, stronger, faster and more efficient with their operation, the fact that they can show and ever-present danger to us means that...
  9. Dangeroustaco

    7-B Gunner Weapon Masters (Quote vs. Inkling)

    I've been meaning to do this for a while now. Both low 7-B, full arsenal (apart from Inkling's 7-B special weapons), speed equal, takes place in a cave, starting range a dozen meters. Round 1: Inkling's spawn point is nearby, so Quote needs to destroy it to make Inkling stay dead. Keep in mind...
  10. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Shantae (7) vs Quote (0) Grace

    Two indie game protags, both at low 7-B, seems like a perfect fit. Wanted to use Curly Brace, but Quote has more options, so I guess that's it then. Quote AP: 3.17 Megatons Shantae AP: 6.02 Megatons Speed NOT Equalized (Both are massivly hypersonic) No keys for either character, so... Shantae...
  11. Jinsye

    Quote vs. Mii Gunner

    Low 7-B Speed = Who wins? Quote (Cave Story): 0 Mii Gunner: 0
  12. GyroNutz

    Minor Ballos additions

    Ballos should get Immortality Type 2 and Telekinesis. During his boss fight, Ballos is capable of orbiting large rocks around him and is capable of throwing them around, and fight Quote + Curly while a large part of his body is torn + bleeding. It's also implied that Ballos was able to live for...
  13. Starter_Pack

    Nami vs. Curly Brace (Battle of the Lightning-Wielding Chicks) (Voting Completed)

    While a series of large explosions caused by this fight was happening, another character has boarded the Island, though with much more stealth involved and a much more different goal in mind. The orange-haired girl eventually found herself in the location she was seeking, the Mimiga Village...
  14. GyroNutz

    Phoenix Man vs Quote

    A thread to celebrate further OPM downgrades, and to celebrate the fact that this can actually be done. This is first resurrection Phoenix Man (>>> 2.28 Megatons) and Quote (3.17 Megatons). Naturally, Phoenix Man can access his second resurrection form if he resurrects. Fight takes place on...
  15. Starter_Pack

    Quote vs. Inuyasha (Half-Yokai vs. Gun Robot) (Voting Completed)

    One day, The Doctor discovered a human with some kind of strange energy radiating off of her. Not wanting to let this interesting subject slip by, he sent his servant, Misery, to kidnap this strange human, who turned out to be none other than Kagome Higurashi. Unsurprisingly, her friend Inuyasha...
  16. GyroNutz

    Quote vs Brainstorm

    It's sad how the only recent activity this guy has received is from a thread that doesn't even concern him. Anyway, Low 7-B Brainstorm is being used and speed is equal, otherwise SBA. Who wins and why? Quote: 7 Brainstorm: Inconclusive: