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Shantae (7) vs Quote (0) Grace

Two indie game protags, both at low 7-B, seems like a perfect fit. Wanted to use Curly Brace, but Quote has more options, so I guess that's it then.

  • Quote AP: 3.17 Megatons
  • Shantae AP: 6.02 Megatons
  • Speed NOT Equalized (Both are massivly hypersonic)
  • No keys for either character, so...

Okay, so how does Quote's soul manipulation work? His snake also says to pass through objects. Would that get past attack reflection?
That being said, dude apperently gets his soul manip from this

  • Blade: Weapon given to Quote by King before his passing. Capable of summoning King's spirit, which results in spamming an omni-directional barrage of Slashes that covers a big portion of the area.
I guess I vote for Shantae. From what it looks like, Quote mostly uses projectiles. Which is good for Shantae as bubble will reflect all of that. If he does have physical attacks, then he gets damaged by the scimitars that surround Shantae. Shantae also has the ap advantage, which will be handy. Healing will be a small issue, but I see no problem with it that much since she's fought Squid Baron who constantly heals.
Shantae FRA. She has a good advantage do to reflecting his ranged attacks which would mean he has to go in close and with the AP and summoning swords around herself, she takes the match with not to much difficulty.
DatOneWeeb said:
Healing will be a small issue, but I see no problem with it that much since she's fought Squid Baron who constantly heals.
He has only one healing item, granted it's a full heal and Quote is likely a more skillful and versatile opponent than Squid Baron. Still, attack reflection sucks for him, so I'll probably go with Shantae FRA