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cable (marvel comics)

  1. Sandman31

    Marvel Comics: Cable Revision/Upgrade

    Warning: Very long Cable vs Silver Surfer This seems to get brought up a lot whenever theres a discussion about Savior Cable, about how Silver Surfer one shotted or stomped Cable but the problem is is that it wasn't really that straightforward. If you read the entire arc including the...
  2. Jinx666

    Cable Tiering?

    Eyo, I'm a little confused on why Cable is High 6-C (Large Island level), when his explanation says he can extinguish stars with just a link to a scan rather than a calc? Doesnt that seem...Star level?
  3. Seventy96

    Death Battlese season 7 losers battle royale

    No Sailor Galaxia and Archie Sonic because they are too haxxed No The Boys and Red vs Blue characters because there are too many of them In character All stat equalized No stat amp SBA 1. Base Miles Morales 2. Sindel 3. Leonardo 4. Genos 5. Goro 6. Cable 7. Kakashi Hatake 8. Jake Long 9. She-Ra...
  4. The_Impress

    Marvel: 8-Cs' Invalid Calc

    So for context, Marvel's 8-C tier is supported by two calcs, the Cable one AND the US Agent one, latter being an explosion John Walker supposedly tanks, but the issue is.... there is no explosion. This is the full page of the feat, for context: You can very blatantly see, the fuel truck's too...
  5. Maverick_Zero_X

    Silver vs Tatsumaki vs Mob vs Cable vs Frieza vs Mewtwo

    Conditions Stats Equalized In-character mindsets Super Silver is used Cable has Optional Equipment Base Mewtwo is used Battle Royale starts out with combatants scattered across an uninhabited Z-city The combatants are aware of each other’s personalities, but not abilities/tactics Combatants...
  6. Mariogoods

    Thanos (Lego) VS Cable (Marvel Comics)

    Rule: 1. Lego Thanos is in his 8-C key (via restricted Telekinesis and other powers) and Comics Cable is in his 8-C key (base). 2. Speed is equalized. 3. SBA Vote: Cable: 0 Thanos: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  7. The_Impress

    Additional Fixes for Marvel Characters

    Initially these characters weren't elaborated for their 4-B scaling, so here we go listing them: * Apocalypse can consistently harm Thor in scenarios he has no reason to hold back in. Therefore he should be 4-B ** Cable's full potential and thus X-Man scale to him; X-Man himself has direct...
  8. C2_of_Omegon

    Cable's AP Justification

    Under Cable's Full Potential Key, we have him listed as "Fought evenly with and broke the board of Silver Surfer". Let me be frank, this is wrong. While Cable did break the board, he didn't fight evenly with Silver Surfer. The "fight" consisted of Surfer basically tackling Cable at high...
  9. Captain_Cryptid

    Futuristic Badasses-Booster Gold vs Cable

    Both 9-A Post Crisis Booster is Used Speed Equal Booster Gold (Post-Crisis): 0 Cable (Marvel Comics): 0 Incon: 0
  10. Al-Ameen_Adewunmi

    Cable vs Booster Gold

    Battle has no preparation. Speed equalized. 616 Restricted Telekinesis Cable and Post-Crisis Booster Gold will be used in this fight. Who wins? Cable : 7 Booster Gold : 0
  11. The_Impress

    Lightning Fast Cable Additions

    Entire credit to this RT, amazing work Base Cyborgization for obvious reasons Statistics Amplification (Can increase his physical strength by letting the techno-organic virus consume him) Regenerationn (Low-Mid) and Weapon Creation for his techno-organic body Hacking (As shown here) Reactive...
  12. ShivaShakti

    Greylancer vs Cable

    Greylancer's First Key vs Restricted Cable. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place in the Frontier. Greylancer: 3 Cable: Inconclusive:
  13. Randomperosn

    Cable profile links

    I will change them from readonline links to scans at a later time due to the new rule and stuff.
  14. Randomperosn

    Random stuff for cable

    Cable turn's this man's skin into cave fungi luminnecscence.
  15. Randomperosn

    Few more things for Cable

    Regenerationn(Somwhere between High-low to Mid) :Cable's body got lit up with bullets and heals later. Shown here, here,and here. Size manipulation:Shown here and here. Comic for context.
  16. Randomperosn

    What type of Regenerationn is this.

    Cable's body got lit up with bullets and heals later. Shown here and here.
  17. Randomperosn

    Cable CRT

    Astral projection:1 Mind manipulation:1 and 2 Teleportation:here Lifting srength via telekenisis:lifted and held the island of providence even while fighting the silver surfer. https://i.imgur.com/TP9OI8e.jpg - https://imgur.com/a/1h4ih0e https://i.imgur.com/LgoM4yA.jpg This looks class G...
  18. ShrekAnakin

    Axl vs Cable

    Both 4-B, speed equalized, who wins and why. Axl: 0 Cable: 0 Inclonclusive: 0
  19. EightAte8

    Cable (Full Potential) versus Red Hulk

  20. Jasonsith

    Cable vs Devilman

    Cable vs Devilma (hopefully this is not a stompy matchup again) Just in case: a) Tier 8 used for both characters b) Full potential/Composite (maybe a stomp already) Takes place in DP2 when Cable is to face Devilman instead of DP. Speed equalised if needed. (Thinking Trunks and Silver the...
  21. LordWhis

    Slight upgrade for Full Potential Cable

    Full Potential Cable should be upgraded to 4-B as he was capable of fighting fairly evenly with the Silver Surfer.
  22. Landon_Avery

    Time Traveler with a Sword vs Time Traveler with a Gun

    Trunks vs Cable Rules: Fight ends in KO or death Speed =ized Both are High 4-C No BFR Location: S.H.E.I.L.D Helicarrier
  23. TeenAngel101

    Most Overrated Comic Characters (IMO)

    NOTE: Just so you know, I'm not a DC fanboy hating on Marvel. To me, there isn't any Marvel vs DC. They're both good and they're both shitty (and lately they've both been shitty). And DC has plenty of overrated characters like Batman. It really ticks me off how all these popular characters are...

    Time Travelin Tough Guys - Kessler vs Cable

    Saving the past to protect the future The Leader of the First Sons vs The Protecter of the Phoenix SPEED EQUALIZED BFR RESTRICTED 8-A Kessler Restricted Cable Location: Abandoned City (power is still on) Both start 15 feet apart Victory via DEATH, KO or INCAPACITATION WHO WINS AND WHY?