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black hole creation

  1. Bruh

    Regeneration from Black Hole and Absolute Zero

    How high of a High Regeneration do you need to regenerate from: A. The singularity of a black hole B. Absolute Zero Would the ability to regenerate from 1D strings and foams circumvent these 2 abilities?
  2. Psychomaster35

    Black Holes & Voids

    So something was being called a void of nothingness, but then later on it’s suddenly referred to as a black hole. I’m well aware of that statement in the Void Manipulation page that black holes do not count as voids, yet it was still called a void of nothingness previously. Would this only be...
  3. MugenGhost

    Just a question about the Ghost tier

    Was bored and decides to spend time on TV Asahi profiles when I ended up going through the description of Kamen Rider Ghost Ep 33 which states this:  しかし、合体したガンマイザーの破壊的なパワーにゴースト、スペクター、ネクロムは圧倒される。ゴーストグレイトフル魂はグラビティによるブラックホールにすべてを吸い取られ、変身を解除。タケルはオレゴースト眼魂を砕かれ、体が消滅してしまう。 I went to check it out in...
  4. DontTalkDT

    How would we tier a sentient black hole?

    Alright, so there's this sentient black hole, I consider making a profile for. I'm uncertain what's the most appropriate way for assigning it AP is. It should theoretically be able to destroy just about anything by absorbing it, the way black holes do. But then, that probably is better...
  5. Spinoirr

    How strong do you need to be to turn a Jupiter brain into a black hole

    Ok how strong is crushing a supercomputer the shape and size of Jupiter into a black hole be? Like useing a forcefield to crush a supercomputer the size of Jupiter made of steel into a black hole
  6. Ugarik

    Black Holes Downgrade

    All black holes should be 11-C because they are points
  7. Firestorm808

    Acceptable Black Hole Creation Contexts

    I believe it would be beneficial to confer with the other staff members to revise the Black Hole Creation page to note what contexts of creation are acceptable and not. On our site, the baseline galaxy is the Milky Way Galaxy. An essential part of its structure is its galactic center...
  8. .

  9. Schnee_One

    Do Black Holes scale to physical stats

    This is a question I've gotten. When do Black Hole creation feats scale to physicals? I can't recall a single character scaling as such. I need to know as if concerns a verse in the making.
  10. FRIMI

    more info on the Black Hole Feats in Fiction (BHFIF) page

    There is a lot of useful information on this page about the relavent implications of characters interacting with black holes as well as what about them in fiction tends to be unrealistic. A lot of this info can be used to disprove something as being a black hole. However, there doesn't appear to...
  11. CNBA3

    Black Hole Feat Validation

    I would like calc members validation as to if this would be considered a real black hole this Black Hole Feat gives the character affected a reaction stat upgrade in another Wiki here is a list of proof as to how it is considered a black hole: It is called a black hole. It is confirmed to...
  12. CNBA3

    Black Hole Validation

    I would like calc members validation as to if this would be considered a real black hole this Black Hole Feat gives the character affected a reaction stat upgrade in another Wiki here is a list of proof as to how it is considered a black hole: It is called a black hole. It has mass, density...
  13. Eficiente

    Let's talk about Black Holes

    Black Hole Feats in Fictio I believe this^ page could make a better work on explaining what are the minimum requirements to consider a supposed black hole to be one, which should be done clearly. I have heard that are A) warping light or B) being called black hole, but this is apparently not...
  14. HeeHomeboyMokey

    Black Hole Questions

    from what I have seen, this has not been asked yet (looked over the page a few times and checked relevant threads with the Black Hole Feats in Fiction tag) if an object behaves and looks like a black hole in a fiction but is not referred to as one, would it be considered a black hole...
  15. CNBA3

    Real Black Holes Destroyed by Reality Warping

    I know that real black holes cannot be destroyed by brute force, nor can it be destroyed with mass or energy, But theoretically, can a real black hole be destroyed by Reality Warping means? Or At least High level hax?
  16. Crabwhale

    Confusion regarding a black hole feat

    So, I've been thinking about making a profile for a monster called Singularis, since his description is one of the most straightforward regarding his strength. However, after talking it over with Kepekley, it turns out to...NOT be so. The description reads as such: Singularis was born in...
  17. The_Wright_Way

    How would we handle White Holes?

    A White Hole is a hypothetical opposite to a Black Hole. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_hole Given how we handle Black Hole feats, how would we handle feats regarding these should any be found in fiction?
  18. Storfisk12

    Are Black holes galaxy level?

    I'm just confused as to whether a character who can create/destroy a true black hole would be multi solar system level or galaxy level in terms of tiering. That's it.
  19. Sparky_"Dante"_Marky1234

    Destroying a Singularity

    How do you quantify someone destroying a singularity?
  20. Kaltias

    How to calculate the speed necessary to escape from a black hole?

    If I know the radius of a black hole and how near a character is to the singularity, can I calculate the necessary speed to escape from this point?
  21. Kaltias

    A question about black holes feats.

    I was wondering, the page about this topic says that only the mass of the black hole matters for the purpose of the AP, but does it work for 4-B and 4-A? Because in the case of those tiers, nearly all the energy required isn't used to actually destroy the celestial objects, but rather to grant...
  22. Sppople

    Black Hole (Real-Life) Page?

    As Black-Holes are real life, would a page of a Black Hole, for the Real World Verse, be alright?
  23. Archangel_1980

    About Kerr or rotating black holes.

    It is actually possible to escape the esgosphere region of this kind of black hole. Also, it is possible to survive inside this region. I'm not trying to reformulate the site, which i appreciate a lot, but only to share this with you.
  24. ArbitraryNumbers

    Supermassive Black Hole yield

    Okay, so we know that most galaxies supposedly contain supermassive black holes in the center that hold the galaxy together, right? I would like to know what energy yield a black hole like that would have. That way I could use it as a reference for Kirby's 4-A feat of defeating Dark Nebula, who...
  25. AnimeFanboy2916

    How fast would a character have to be to escape a black hole the size of the universe?

    Kind of curious about this.
  26. Angry_Dummy

    Tier For (Somehow) Destroying a Black Hole?

    Well, he did open the wrong end of the bag... Considering that fictional characters break the laws of reality before breakfast every morning, I'd like to know how we would handle a character who performs such an impossible feat, granted the following bits of information. 1. The black hole is...
  27. AidenBrooks999

    Spherical Black Hole

    How could I calculate the Attack Potency of this kind of " black hole" ? I have read the section of black holes in fiction, but I don't know if that applied in these cases. http://a.mhcdn.net/store/manga/8471/037.0/compressed/q020.jpg?v=1383263229...
  28. Kowt

    About this Black Hole.

    This is Enigma from Dota 2. His ultimate is Black Hole. According to his in-game lore. He is the fundamental force of gravity itself. Does this make his Black Hole a real one? If I create his page what tier should he be? P.S. Other characters being able to survived this move is game...
  29. LeopoldTheBrave

    Black Hole Durability?

    What would surviving going into a black hole be classified as? Planet level? Star level....?