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  1. Woomica

    Beyblade revision

    Ill try to make this as simple as possible: Few months ago Beyblade or specifically entire Metal Saga got a huge return on the internet and social media which made me happy So by rewatching the show and by looking at the profiles here i noticed that the scaling isnt quite clear: First:I want to...
  2. Undylan

    Do you want to play with me-BEYBLADE LET IT RIP! (Lord X vs Ryuga from Beyblade)

    Hey, why not? It's kinda funny match-up. Speed is equalized. SBA is assumed here. This fight happens in Lord X's Domain. L-Drago starts out spinning Low 2-C key is used for L-Drago Who wins? Lord X: Ryuga:
  3. Apollonir.Scale

    L Drago vs Dragonoid (Beyblade vs Bakugan)

    Helix Dragonoid vs L Drago (Ryuga) Starting Distance: 10 Meters Equalized speed Drago: Spectra, DragonKing400, Apollonir, Spinoirr L-Drago: Incon:
  4. Abysswalker2126

    Is L-Drago vs Dragonoid Doable?

    Can Ryuga vs Dragnoid be done?
  5. VNova

    Nora Brynhildr vs Ryuga | Beyblade was that serious.

    Nora Brynhildr vs Ryuga with L-Drago Destructor. Nora doesn't think Beyblade is that serious, Ryuga disagrees and he wants all the smoke. Was Beyblade that serious? They fight at WBBA tournament. Standard Battle Assumption. Nora cannot attack Ryuga. Speed Equalized. CORE (Congress of Racial...
  6. jojo123

    Jiren (dbs) vs kyoya (beyblade)

    Rules: At least Low 2-C versions is used. Metal fury kyoya is used. Base jiren is used. Battle takes place in the Tournament of Power arena. They have prior knowledge. jiren focuse on attacking leone. Votes kyoya: (perfil link https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kyoya_Tategami_(Beyblade) Votes...
  7. jojo123

    Kefla vs kyoya (metal fight saga beyblade)

    Rules: At least Low 2-C versions is used. Metal fury kyoya is used. SS2 + Berserk Kefla ia used. Battle takes place in the Tournament of Power arena. They have prior knowledge. kefla focuses on attacking only leone. Votes kyoya: (perfil link...
  8. jojo123

    Shallot (dragon ball legends) vs kyoya (Beyblade)

    Rules: Low 4-A versions is used. Metal fusion kyoya is used. Part 3-5 (Story) shallot is used. Battle takes place in the neutral location. They have prior knowledge. shallot will focus its attacks only on leone. Votes kyoya: (perfil link...
  9. jojo123

    Hatchiyack (dragon ball) vs kyoya (beyblade)

    Rules: At least 3-B version Hatchiyack, is used. 4-A version kyoya is used. Super Hatchiyack is used. Metal fusion kyoya is used. Battle takes place in the neutral location. They have prior knowledge. hatchiyack will only attack leone himself, not kyoya Votes kyoya: (perfil link...
  10. jojo123

    Broly (toei) vs kyoya (beyblade metal fight)

    Rules: At least Low 3-b version broly is used. 4-A version kyoya is used. Metal fusion kyoya is used. Legendary Super Saiyan (broly) is used. Battle takes place in the neutral location. They have prior knowledge. broly focus his fury only on leone. Votes kyoya: (perfil link...
  11. jojo123

    Broly (dbs) vs kyoya (metal saga beyblade)

    Rules: At least Low 2-C versions is used. Metal fury kyoya is used. Super Saiyan (Full Power) broly is used. Battle takes place in the neutral location. They have prior knowledge. broly will only attack the bey, leone, not kyoya wielder. Votes kyoya: (perfil link...
  12. jojo123

    Frieza (dbs) vs kyoya (beyblade)

    At least Low 2-C versions is used. Metal fury kyoya is used. Golden frieza (dbs broly) is used. Battle takes place in the neutral location. They have prior knowledge. frieza focuse on attacking only leone, not kyoya. Votes kyoya: (perfil link...
  13. jojo123

    Son goku (dbs anime) vs kyoya (metal fight beyblade)

    Rules: At least Low 2-C versions is used. Metal fury kyoya is used. Super saiyan blue goku is used. Battle takes place in the neutral location. They have prior knowledge. goku will only attack leone, not kyoya. Votes kyoya: (perfil link...
  14. Spinoirr

    Kratos fights a bayblade

    Speed is equal both are 4-A (Metal Masters Gingka Hagane and Demigod Kratos). Kratos' 2-C AP equipment is restricted Fight takes place Rome Gingka Hagane: Kratos: 7 Icon:
  15. jojo123

    Kyoya vs kenta. Beyblade

    Kenta vs kyoya. Kyoya 4 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kyoya_Tategami_(Beyblade) Kenta 0 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kenta_Yumiya_(Beyblade) Metal fúria/flash sagitário kenta é usado. Metal fury/fang leone kyoya é usado. uma batalha acontece na cidade de metal bey.
  16. jojo123

    eagle and lion rematch.

    tsubasa VS kyoya the rematch. kyoya: 2 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kyoya_Tategami_(Beyblade) tsubasa: 0 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tsubasa_Otori_(Beyblade) Metal masters kyoya is used. metal masters tsubasa is used. The battle takes place in the same arena where they were...
  17. Blazer365

    The Dragon Emperor is going to battle The Legendary Super Saiyan. Who will prevail?

    Ryuga VS Broly Just wanted to see people's takes on this battle. Ryuga: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ryuga_(Beyblade) Broly: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Broly_(Dragon_Ball_Super) Rules: Metal Fury Ryuga is used. Dragon Ball Super Broly is used. Battle takes place in the...
  18. Gabs22_Gamer

    The Gods of Destruction are going to clash, to prove who is the ultimate darkness

    Rago VS The Overlord Well this is a very thematic sorf of fight so I think it could work given the right circumstances. Let's see how it goes Golden Master Overlord and Future Nemesis are used here. Speed is equal. (Ofc, Rago already starts with Diablo Nemesis) Battle takes place at the Lost...
  19. PrinceofPein

    Low 2-C Clean-up Part 1

    Whew, this is going to be a tough one, going through one character page a while back, i realized the reasons for some low 2c does not really meet the requirement for low2c. As low 2c is a really controversial tier. And since there are a lot of pages perhaps whole verses that grants low 2c for a...
  20. StekFence

    Saga fights another Pegasus

    Shogun Steel Gingka Hagane: 8th Sense Gemini Saga: Rules:Speed equal, Victory by any means possible, Sba otherwise. Let me know if I should change anything.
  21. JJSliderman

    Beyblade Metal Fusion downgrades

    So, I was looking back through the Beyblade Metal Saga again, and wanted to talk about some elements that didn't seem quite right. First off is Gingka's 3-A rating in Metal Fusion, which comes from him turning Thermal Pisces's pocket dimension into a universe. It seems fine on the...
  22. Spinoirr

    A toy spinning top fights a killer robot

    Speed is equal and both are low 2-C and the fight takes place in Metal Bey City and Ultron is bloodlusted Gingka Hagane: Infinity Ultron: Icon:
  23. Gabs22_Gamer

    A hedgehog fights a... wielder of a fidget combat spinner? (GRACE)

    Well, I'm bored, so I guess this idea wouldn't fail in interest upon my sleeves. (aside from the apparent connections) Rules set: Super Sonic and SS Gingka are going to be used, both are Low 2-C. Speed is equalized. The battle takes place at Station Square. Music because why not? The...
  24. Vegeta Vs Kyoya Tategami

    Both are Low 2-C Post-Tournament of Power Vegeta is used Metal Fury Kyoya is used Speed is equalized Vegeta: Kyoya Tategami: Inconclusive:
  25. The Immortal Monster fights the God of Destruction

    Toffee is Merged with the Wand Future Nemesis is used Speed is equalized Toffee: Rago (Beyblade): Inconclusive:
  26. Missy0124

    Aguma (Beyblade) vs Kneesocks (Panty&Stocking)

    5-A and speed is equalized.
  27. Lord_JJJ

    Low 2C Tournament (Round 1 Match 7) : Gingka Hagane VS Ky Kiske

    Shogun SteelGingka Hagane VS Ky Kiske Both are Low 2C and speed is = Gingka has not mid-godly Regenerationn
  28. Ionliosite

    Profiles for other BeyBlade series

    So far, we only have profiles for the Metal Series. Yes, I know it's the best series and the one with the most feats, but I find weird the other 2 series don't have even a single profile to their names. I myself never watched the Original Series, but there are 2 threads that have been made in...
  29. Ionliosite

    Virgo Shaka vs. Galaxy Pegasus

    Virgo Shaka vs. Gingka Hagane (Beyblade) Speed is equalized 8th Sense Shaka and Galaxy Pegasus will be used All other Standard Battle Assumptions Who wins and why?
  30. Spinoirr

    Who would win this free for all?

    Gingka Hagane (Beyblade): Da: Ash Ketchum: Yugi Muto: Agumon (Taichi Yagami): Battle theme: https://youtu.be/TwngdWUGOrE
  31. JJSliderman

    Can we talk about getting profiles for the original Beyblade series?

    I tried this a long time ago but it didn't go anywhere so I'm giving it another shot, but the original Beyblade isn't really represented here and I thought maybe that could be changed. I guess to start out with, maybe a profile for Tyson (the protagonist). Here's one I put together awhile ago...
  32. Missy0124

    Why does pac man have beyblade under his categories section

    You can see in that category that pac man is in there for some reason https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Beyblade
  33. Sixo_Bullets

    Gingka Hagane Power Nullification

    In the battle with Kyoya and Leone, Pegasus won the battle by using his attack Meteor Shower. This attack completely nullified the effects and ability of Kyoya's King Lion Tearing Blast and rendered Leone vulnerable and open for attack. Furthermore, the attack Storm Bringer explicitly cancels...
  34. Yuraga

    Beyblade G-REevolutionn Profiles

    So first off I just wanted to ask, NANI? Why the heck don't these guys have profiles yet? Aside from that though, I have come through with some possible feats and scaling from characters of the OG Beyblade series. They're not as impressive as the Metal Saga beys, but they're pretty freaking...
  35. KingEzran

    Gingka Hagane (Metal Fury) vs Darkseid (Pre-Crisis Avatars)

    You know what's going on here. A versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Beyblade Stadium -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via Death Votes: Ginka: 0 Darkseid: 2 Inconclusive: 0
  36. Tagegumi

    Beyblade: What are the actual feats and calc that suggest some of these aren't outlier

    I would like to be linked to a thread which shows facts that they're indeed universe+ or multi galaxy AP for the top tier like rago and gingka,
  37. Lord_Zeref_Dragneel

    Whis vs Toby (Beyblade)

    Whis vs Toby in Metal Fury. Both at full power and no holding back. Who wins?
  38. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Dragon Ball Gods vs Beyblade Gods!! GoD's vs Solar System Legendary Bladers

    Using these pictures because there are no others sadly.... Anywho, I know this match cant be added but lets see how this would go down anyway ovo!! Gods of Destruction vs Solar System Bladers (Yuki, Aguma, Dynamis, King and...
  39. Chartate101

    Legendary Blader Battle Royle

    We can all agree, this should have happened in the show. For this, we won't be counting character's personalities/relationships, because than either Gingka or Kyoya would be out first lol. No Rago for obvious reasons, or Gingka for Kukui's reasons in the comments Profiles: Kyoya/Fang Leone...
  40. Chartate101

    Beyblade Lifting Strengths make no sense

    So the reasoning that they have class Y off scaling to Dynamis makes no sense as moving planets is a hax, not a raw lifting feat and only Dynamis has shown it. Second, why do Metal Fusion beys scale to Dynamis, who is only in Fury? Third, why the skyrocket to universal? No reasonig is given...