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attack reflection

  1. Shmooply

    Minor addition to the Player (Minecraft)

    Steve/Alex should have Attack Reflection as they can reflect a ghast's fireball with their own fists, and they can also deflect other projectiles with the shield. Additionaly, their current justification for Attack Reflection is wrong. Thorns is just Damage Transferal, so that should be changed.
  2. Jayden_Garrison

    CW The Flash New Ability/ Standard Equipment

    Given the 5 episode Armageddon Event is over, there was something new in the finale that caught my attention. Chester created a pair of Golden Boots from a piece of tech made by Ray Palmer 10 years in the future called the Particle Eradication Distributor which is designed to redirect energy and...
  3. The_real_cal_howard

    Incredibly small Smash character power addition

    Attack reflection via powershielding. Smash fighters can reflect or deflect projectiles by perfectly shielding at the time the projectile hits. Given you get bonuses for performing it in Melee (which is how it got its name; it gives the Power Shield bonus points if performed), it’s not just...
  4. KGiffoni

    Nuclear Throne small CRT

    The cast shouldn't have attack reflection. The main reason for them to have it is because they can reflect bullets in-game, but that's nothing more than Game Mechanics. Literally nothing justifies a humanoid fish deflecting a bullet with a wrench like if it was a baseball and a baseball bat...
  5. Ah_Gou

    Nanatsu no Taizai- Meliodas AP discussion

    So what are you guys thinking about the last chapter, is it a chance for a Meliodas upgrade somehow? How should the whole feat be approached? I think Mel should scale to the x128 FC feat, since the combined attack alone would have killed the Demon King, Mel countering it was just him being...
  6. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Strongest tier 0

    I always come to a 5 strongest per tier thread but there isn't any character to fill in for that spot, I would like to use this thread to discuss this. I'd definitely interested to see what can do discussed below!!
  7. ABoogieYesSir

    About Passive Attack Reflection

    Can Passive Attack Reflection swipes Transmutation?
  8. Flashlight237


    Hey there. So... Is there any reason why counterattacking isn't given an article yet? Granted there's attack reflection, with examples being Palutena, any Pokemon with Mirror Coat, but then there's characters that can perpetually counter attacks such as Cosmic Gigalith or pretty much any Fire...
  9. Ryope

    Orochi's missing ability

    He should have Attack Reflection via Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist
  10. TartaChocholate

    A few more video game gameplay skills questions

    More precisely, for the first case I was thinking of strategy and RPGs where characters automatically counterattack after being attacked, such as Breath of Fire or Final Fantasy Tactics. At first I thought it could be a lesser variant of Instinctive Reaction (given the attack is outside the...
  11. Creaturemaster971

    A question about Medaka's Attack Reflection

    So I could be entirely wrong about this, and just misinterpreting stuff on the profiles, but as of yet I have 2 questions about Encounter. (Also I am very sleepy so I apologize if I'm not as articulate as I could be) 1. Does Medorka have the same anti-NLF limitation that we place on Gagamaru...
  12. Agnaa

    Thorn-type effects, Attack Reflection or something else?

    Certain games have "thorn effects", where whenever the thorn-user is attacked physically, whoever attacked them receives some damage. This damage isn't based on the strength of the attack, but is usually a set amount or based on the thorn-user's own attack value. Thorn effects can also inflict...
  13. Lilixa

    Can you reflect Existence Erasure, Soul Destruction, and Conceptual Attack?

    just wondering.
  14. Schnee_One

    When a match backfires

    Alright, hear me out. I do not want this to be mean spirited and I do not want this to go to hell. Show off a time where a match that might have been good or a match where you tried to argue the outcome went the complete opposite direction+Away from what you favored/expected For me...
  15. ABoogieYesSir

    Attack Reflection and Power Nullification

    What's the difference between them?
  16. The_real_cal_howard

    Is this Causality Manipulation?

    I have an active power, and I use it. The effects of the move is that there's a 50/50 chance that when the opponent attacks me, even if it kills me, all damage from that move is undone and the opponent takes a set amount of damage, though other effects (like if it poisoned me) stay. I...have no...