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Recent content by Imouto-tan

  1. Imouto-tan

    Kars VS Cinder (13-7-0)

    I feel like Mars might just take this under very specific conditions that can be easily met due to Cinder more recently using close combat weapons and being overwhelmed by people of comparable skill to herself, I am inclined to vote for Kars who I believe is more skilled than her.
  2. Imouto-tan

    Kars VS Cinder (13-7-0)

    Ah okay
  3. Imouto-tan

    Kars VS Cinder (13-7-0)

    She does seem stupid enough to not do such when surrounded by several people though and not just using her incineration HAX on Wynter or Weiss during Atlus. Also, the force fields aren't always passively up as we saw in the fight she had against Wynter and Penny so I don't think that her force...
  4. Imouto-tan

    Kars VS Cinder (13-7-0)

    Cinder doesn't seem to really start with AoEs heck in the fight that I posted she primarily fought with a sword even during the fight in Atlus she only seems to fight with swords and very close range fire-based attacks. So I don't really see her using arrow spam or AoE off the bat Ah I see fair...
  5. Imouto-tan

    Kars VS Cinder (13-7-0)

    Wait can't Kars just wait until she shuts down her force fields in order for her to attack to counter-attack with his Hamon? Seeing as she seems to default to a sword and not ranged arrows in her more recent fights. By the way, can't Kars win from the get-go by touching Cinder due to her Aura...
  6. Imouto-tan

    Kars VS Cinder (13-7-0)

    Is she now? She's fought somebody that strong before?
  7. Imouto-tan

    Kars VS Cinder (13-7-0)

    Wait how much more can the Aura survive than the user themselves, because if Kars can one-shot somebody x3 Baseline I would think that it wouldn't be that hard to crack Cindy's Aura.
  8. Imouto-tan

    Akame tries to assassinate a Monkey

    Then I feel like Akame wins this if all she needs is to graze him once even with a skill gap he'd just have to slip up once
  9. Imouto-tan

    Akame tries to assassinate a Monkey

    I need something more exact than that, being that Mori is a martial artist who needs his legs and arms to properly use his styles. I would like to know if there has been any indication that this version of Mori can fight when missing or having a limb being incapacitated.
  10. Imouto-tan

    Akame tries to assassinate a Monkey

    Before voting I do have a question Is the Mori being used skilled enough to keep fighting after having to cut off an arm or leg to stop the Poison?
  11. Imouto-tan

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Enhanced Stand Abilities

    I totally agree with this
  12. Imouto-tan

    Darker Than Black - Buffs and fixes

    I too agree with Gin's assessment of Hei, seems pretty reasonable
  13. Imouto-tan

    Tanjiro Kamado VS Roronoa Zoro (0/0/0)

    Zoro doesn't have Haki in Alabasta
  14. Imouto-tan

    The Low 2-C Pucci Thread

    First off the Time Acceleration is a byproduct of his gravity manipulation increasing the gravity in the entire universe. Due to the Theory of Relativity Gravity stretches Time so the more Gravity applied the faster time accelerates. Second off, MiH would still fall under ED which can still...