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ZX Mega Man vs Android 18

Not open for further replies.
finally a somewhat fair DB vs MM

Both are utterly bloodlusted and ZX Mega Man has all biometals, including Model X,Z,H,F,L, P and O

Fight takes place in Konoha Village, AKA the Hidden Leaf

Fight to the knockout or death
Put No BFR to make it more fair

As for my opnion Frieza might win as a result of being hard to kill (being able to fight wth only half a body,surving with half his head missing) and the other note worthy thing is his telekineses but other then that I really got nothing for ether of them.

Arale would have been a much better oppoent for Vent.
My vote isnt counted but I personally think Vent/Aile would take this due to greater versatility (its pretty much known fact that Mega Man Techniques and abilities >>>>> Dragon Ball Techniquea and abilities) and fighting skills (as Namek Saga Frieza has never trained and largely fights with brutal attacks), and Friezas hard to kill stuff only applies to him surviving as he cant quickly regwn.

But anyway, seitching the opponent now.
To be frank, Vent and Aile don't have the versatility that X and Zero do. All they're really armed with are their Z-Saber and Buster. That's about it.

With the other Biometals she's able to use the Guardians' abilities, but they weren't particularly varied to begin with.
Biometal allows Aile/Vent to breath underwater, though water contains oxygen. One thing you shouldn't forget is model OX, a direct upgrade of their base form, including somemuch needed versatility with fire manipulation and electricity manipulation. And a lot of ground punching. Also why do the first few comments say frieza?

Since the thread was originally Vent/Aile vs Frieza.

However, this thread is more than a year old. I have to close this.
Not open for further replies.