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Zangya Tier upgrade

Why is she only listed comparable to android Trunks (pre - Rosat)?, isn't it clear that although this movie is not cannon but it's after Cell games? Trunks should be High 4-C in this movie which means that if Zangya took hits from him, she should also be High 4-C (she is only listed as 4-C which would mean that even 1st form Cell is stronger than her and managing to fight against ssj Gohan is clearly greater than even the likes of semi perfect Cell.

What upgrade does she need? : Change her tier to High 4-C (4-C currently)

My opinion: Zangya should either be comparable at least to Cell jr's since she held up against ssj Gohan with which these Cell jr's are equal to Cell games Trunks and Vegeta. Trunks by the movie should be slightly stronger than that.

This movie is the the only one that actually makes the most sense out of any dragon ball movie so far. It's after the cell games because Goku died by Cell, Trunks looks exactly like his post Rosat training. The only thing that is different is that android 18 is not in the movie which means that Gohan killed perfect form Cell before punching him in the gut. I think that Goku kept fighting Cell and got killed, Gohan went ssj 2 and finished off Cell
I suppose that this seems reasonable.
I think so too. Given where the movie is set at and how strong Future Trunks had to have gotten too, i don't see why she can't be High 4-C...