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Update of some important hax for the anime of which Seiya is the protagonist

Welp, that's about anime where seiya is the protagonist, but not Saint Seiya, that's about this verse

First: Valkyria and Seiya

Gates of Valhalla transcend very laws of causality. Causality manipulation, or limited acausality type 4/type 5 for Seiya and Valkyria?

resistance to pain manipulation for Valkyrie and for Seiya (min 19:50 more or less)

Second: Roseguard's final form

Reactive evolution. Also you can see that here (from 16:46 to 16:54)

Third: Rista and probably crossed thanatos

portal creation range is between 5 universes and 100 universes for the gods. Probably Crossed Thanatos should hace the dame range
JustANormalPerson01 said:
More exactly it would be analytical prediction, but if I'm not mistaken that goes into a type of precognition
the feats: he could predict that the priest was an undead and could also predict that he would fight an enemy that would not be an undead
We already went over the Causality thing when Ionsiolite brought it up. The causality thing was anime-exclusive and the light novel more reasonably puts Valkyrie's Gate as simply Existence Erasure.

Portal Creation: Um, that's iffy. The worlds could just be earthlike worlds as far as we can tell.