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Ultron could try to keep a distance and range spam his concussion blasts, or try to disassemble Grevious but he would need to get close for that, where Grevious has multiple lightsabers which could likely easily cut him apart.
Pretty sure Grievous has a significant skill advantage over Ultron and probably could deflect Ultron's lasers back at him.
Iisdude1 said:
Grevious has the experience advantage but both are pretty good in terms of combat.
No, Grievous has an actually Major Skill advantage considering he can hold his own against people like Obi-Wan, Asajj Ventress and others who are definitely no slouches in skill.
I said both are lretty good not that they were compete equals. Ultron has fought with the avengers and even beat down Thor at one point, though that might have Ben because he was stronger.
Still voting for Grevious anyway since he has the experience and skill advantage and there's really no way for Ultron to counter his lightsabers other than using his heat manipulation to tear him apart, which would require him up close.
Both are very smart, but General Greivous tends to be on the cockier side. Ultron should be able to take advantage of that but 4 lightsabers is still an issue considernig we dont know if he has the capabilities to block them. I'd like to see other points before deciding.
i think your thinking of jarvis. and ultron could attack jarvis because they were almost directly connected.
I vote for Ultron. The lightsaber might be able to slowly melt his vibranium body, but it will be slow. In AoU, even the combined power of Iron Man's repulsors, Vision's Mind Stone and Thor's lighting only started to slowly melt Ultron.

So Grievous will be able to melt Ultron if he continuously puts his lightsabers on Ultron, but Ultron won't let him do that, and even though Grievous has 4 lightsabers, he can't damage Ultron fatally by just hitting him. Ultron can spam his concussion beams and eventually hit Grievous's heart like Obi-Wan did.
after a little research, lightsabers are guestimated to be anywhere between 1800 and 25000 degrees celsius (3700 and 45000 degrees fahrenheit.). according to the marvel handbook or whatever vibranium melts at 5500 ish degrees fahrenheit.
Yeah, I think Grievous is more skilled, but via the heating argument, voting Ultron FRA