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The Lady of Pain fights the shadow people that live in my house

Lady of Pain VS. Brahman. yeah, **** it. Speed equal, both are high 2-A.

Lady of PEIN:

A spaceship:

Inconclusive: 1
>AP advantage

You mean the Infinitely Above Baseline High 2-A thing? Because from what I am seeing she is rated at such a level for destroying a Multiverse which contains "Infinite 5-dimensional planes", when the Scan in her page seems to refer to three infinite 5-dimensional planes.
Brahman scales to YHVH, who is far more powerful than Satan, who is an Avatar of His and a fragmented aspect of His spirit who crumbles to dust the moment YHVH dies.

There is also the fact that Lucifer is YHVH's greatest aspect bar Satan, yet was effortlessly killed by Him with a word in Megami Tensei II.
Ultima Reality said:
Brahman scales to YHVH who is far above people like Satan, who is a fragment of his spirit, not to mention that Lucifer, YHVH's greatest aspect bar Satan, was effortlessly killed by the Big Man with a word in Megami Tensei II.
still not infinite 5D
I'd like to ask for more context regarding this, considering a cropped up scan isn't exactly the most enlightening thing ever, especially due to how vague it is.
Ultima Reality said:
I'd like to ask for more context regarding this, considering a cropped up scan isn't exactly the most enlightening thing ever, especially due to how vague it is.
Sure, I'll grab the entire portion, it's just talking about how there's different dimensional Planes and how there's a lot of them.

Yeah the scan is extremely vague and doesn't seem to support Infinite 5D LoP aside from the snippet about "the three infinite planes" being 5-dimensional, which doesn't have much context to it either.
Evidence that the Pentaspaces mentioned in the scan are truly Infinite on a 5D perspective, I am pretty sure a single sentence saying "the three planes are Pentaspaces [5-dimensional worlds]" is nowhere near enough evidence to warrant such a high degree of High 2-A.
Well, we know it's from a 5-D perspective, because this is a DM guide, basically, things in the DMs guide unless stated to be from another character or for storytelling, is Absolute.
I meant evidence that they are Infinite on a 5-D scale, since... the scan is pretty vague and ambiguous to warrant Infinite 5D anything.
Well, it's not being that vague or ambiguous, really.

It's literally saying there's 3 Infinite 5-D Planes.

If you want evidence about the Guide knowing they're Infinite 5-D, it knows about the Old Ones, who are beyond the Dimensional vortex, who are At least 6-D up to Infinite-D.
Ah, I think I see what you mean, your concern is that it's Infinite on a 3-D level but not infinite on a 5-D level?
Something along those lines, Yeah. All the scan says it that "the three infinite planes are 5-D", while not specifying anything else about how they work or even what they are.
Paulo.junior.969 said:
So, she is 3x above baseline, or something like that?
She's really "probably above baseline but we don't know by how much".

Does Brahman have any non lethal Hax The Serpent doesen't, BTW?
Nope, she's Infinitely above Baseline.

"All dimensions within a single plane of existence are equal."

This would include the 3 infinite 5-D planes.
To be fair, all the Lady has to do is use her Passive Prob manipulation and use her EE with High Godly Regen neg.
She isn't killing 10-D immortality

But she has the most bullshit hax resistances ever, so Brahman can't really do anything to her permanently
I really don't buy that Probability Manipulation. But I'll leave that be (along with a ton of DnD things) for now.
ZacharyGrossman273 said:
The Serpent has the ability to negate resistances, and lady of pain resists his stuff, IIRC.
Not sure if he negates Resistances, I'll need to double check the "Spell Bible" (Not kidding, it's the collection of every spell and Domain from 3.5e) for Resistance neg. IIRC there are some spells that can bypass Resistance.

Actually, thinking about it, there's a Super Tier Spell that completely negates Death Resistance and Type 5.
ZacharyGrossman273 said:
She isn't killing 10-D immortality
I thought YWHW was 9-D at best?

Also, to be fair, Immortality isn't the most useful thing when your Regenerationn is negated.
If that's the case, then either Incon or victory in favour of Brahman because the Lady can either perma-cap him or she just loses.