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Super powered Kids Face Off!

After Brightburn's massive wake of destruction was spread across the News, the Incredibles were sent there to stop him. However, thanks to Dash being the fastest one, he was able to find the murderous Alien first, the two engaging in combat.

Speed unequalized, battle takes place on the Breyer farm.

Dash has prior knowledge, to make things a little more fair.

SBA otherwise.



The Incredibles arrive and stomp:

well dash and bright burn both have subsonic so brandon would atleast be able to react to dash and since bright burn seems to have done those things with some ease(meaning he was more so just kinda playing with his victims and have shown no signs of stress) it is possible he could be even faster then dash

dash is incredibly cocky so he will probably just try to punch BB like he did with that soldier which wont really work out for him seeing as BB can just him and kinda crush him

i say BB mid-low diff (BB can fly and dash cant do much against that, BB also has a fairly good ap advantage, BB TK will just completely eliminate dash's speed advantage if he even has one, prior knowledge wont do much to help dash seeing as he cant counter much of anything BB has)

kinda stompy