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Somebody from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid VS Accelerator (AGAIN)

Pardon my tendency to grab KR people to fights.

Last time with Chronos VS Pre-Headshot Acc seems stompy

So I'm taking another guy, the NLF God, against Acc in his stronger form

Not much to be said cuz I suck at saying things, let the battle be

Genm in his NLF form (Lv. Billion)

Acc with Black Wings

Speed, for the billionth time, equalized

NLF God:


Ness has seen this Thread:

Genm God Maximum Gamer Level Billion
"I am...IMMORTAL!"

How the hell is he supposed to incapacitation Genm? Removing his brain bio electricity doesnt work because Bugster.

Knocking him out is very unlikely with his 5-A stat nevermind that he can bump that shit up to Low-2C.
Hey, it was a good try. Most thing Kuroto throw at him doesnt work.

But his powerset aren't suited for Dan who have dumb **** immortality.

Also Zombie Chronicle turn Accel into a zombie as soon as the fight start so that's fun.