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Shrek has an unforgettable luncheon (GRACE)

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Shrek (DreamWorks) vs Principal Skinner


After Shrek has become King, he decided to invite all the villagers nearby for a festivel. Skinner decides to go to the festival with his steamed hams. But Shrek, that clever ogre, points out how the steamed hams are krusty burgers. After that, Skinner tries to deny it, but Shrek proves him wrong. Skinner then gets pissed, and attacks Shrek

And the fight beings!


Both are 9-B

Speed is equalized

220px-Seymour Skinner
Skinner does a backflip in Shrek's face before Shrek does (You know what). However Shrek withstands the backflip and picks up Skinner and tosses him. Shrek wins.
Skinner has a big AP edge. Not enough for a one-shot, but if Skinner focused enough strength, he could hit Shrek and knock him tf out.
Skinner is stronger (by over 3.9x) and is more skilled. Shrek's only advantage is possibly lifting strength and stamina. So I'll vote Seymour via localizing aurora borealis directly in Shrek's swamp
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