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Shovel Knight and God of War...canon?

Aparently both Yatch Club games and the God of War director claimed that the Shovel Knight v Kratos fights are canon to both universes.

That should make Shovel Knight at least 7-B for being able to fight Base Kratos.

Screenshot 20200210-202143 YouTube
Screenshot 20200210-202154 YouTube
Not sure what to take of this thread, but we don't really take twitter posts literally only only accept mentions from official releases.
Not everything considered "Word of God" is entirely accurate. In Yacht's club's case it would make sense, but in God of War's case, it's better to here from Sony, not just the director. Still, Twitter statements aren't the most reliable even if they're word of God.
I don't think the second one is from twitter but either way, it is impossible for Kratos' appearance in Shovel Knight to be canon to both. Corey Barlog's statement contradicts what happens at the end of GOW3 seeing as SK Kratos uses weapons that would be destroyed at the time between GOW3 and GOW 2018.
Yeah, there are also contradictories of Shovel Knight, Battletoads, and Kratos all being the same Universe. As it would imply the Battletoads created the God of War Multiverse.
Well, the twitter feed in the OP also mentions Battletoads; though, I don't think anyone from Rare or Microsoft mentioned it.
I don't believe there's anything from Microsoft that says it's canon, but apparently Corey Balrog says it is and takes place between his trek from Greece to Scandinavia.
As I explained above, Corey's statement is impossible because it contradicts the ending of GOW3 because Shovel Knight Kratos uses weapons that were destroyed by the end of GOW3.