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Making this thread again because it likely didn't get carried through the forum move. I'll see if I can find those who were active in the previous one to invite them.

Anyways, currently my only released one is this this.

Edit: To clarify for new people to the thread, this is a thread to share or talk about your fanfictions. You could also just say what your fanfiction ideas are, if you have any.
Alright there is this idea I had when I was rewatching Fairy Tail and I was at the end of the Grand Magic Games arc and saw the Eclipse Gate opening and thought to myself "What if the gate blew up and sucked up a certain characters in groups and threw them in other universes?" Thus this fanfic series was made!

The multiverse Fairy Tail plan with the verses I picked:

Fairy Tail: RWBY – Gray, Juvia, Meredy and Lyon in the RWBY world, which would be a funny twist to be in the RWBY world as one team. As at this point they would be sent during the start of Volume One of RWBY where they join Beacon Academy. Where they became Team GLMJ new members of Beacon Academy.

Jellal, Ultear, Erza, Millianna and Kagura being sent into the BlazBlue verse since the BB verse is broken and I was thinking that with Jellal and the others' abilities mixed in with using Ars Magus could boost them up and be an interesting mix into the series. I am considering putting them into BB: Continuum Shift since it would make sense. Best thing is that Terumi would love to rip into The Tower of Heaven kids (Jellal, Erza and Millianna) along with Kagura since they were child slaves and knowing Terumi the asshole would get off mentally screwing with them. Also seeing the two Kagura's argue would be gold hilarious moments! Also I can see Jellal and Ragna having a nice eye to eye moment with each other and getting along with each other. Also seeing Erza and Tsubaki fight and Erza ripping into Tsubaki's actions would be awesome to see, also seeing Millianna squeal and cuddle Jubei and Tao would be hilarious considering Millianna's obsession with cat stuff.

With Gajeel, Levy, Jet and Droy in the Fire Emblem Universe which is a great idea but I am not sure WHICH Fire Emblem since I might Fates, Awakening or Three Houses. But in deeper thought in all honestly these guys would fit in the Three Houses world and they would help the heroes greatly.

Then there is Natsu, Lucy, Happy and Future Rouge going into Skyrim is perfect and best thing is to make Natsu the Dragon Born meaning Natsu has a bigger stake in the verse. Also this means they have to deal with Future Rouge controlling Dragons, Alduin and The Thalmor along with other forces in the Elder Scrolls series. Also having Natsu being the Dragon Born and having all of the Th'uum and his own Dragon Slayer Magic will make him a deadly force and plus Lucy will upgrade her abilities by learning other various magic along with Happy. Plus with Future Rouge around he can control dragons and master his own Dragon Slayer Magic and who knows maybe learn the Th'uum as well?

Laxus, Wendy, Carla and Yukino would be sent to the Devil May Cry universe during Devil May Cry 2. I like this idea since they would kinda there but also helping out the plot, since the DMC 2 plot is barebones and including them would alter the plot and make it interesting...Maybe I would put them in DMC 2 would be a better idea. I felt like DMC X Fairy Tail felt right and having that one group appear in DMC 2 sounds fitting since DMC 2 has barely any story and they would fit in well within the plot.

Putting Rogue, Sting, Fro and Lector in the Gravity Falls universe during Season One. With them being in the Gravity Falls universe and they would be an interesting parallel with the whole Twin Dragon Slayer and the Mystery Twins theme. Also them being in Season One can be a rule breaker but given their state they might play background until Dipper and Mabel is curious on the twins and their cat friends' origins and maybe I could include some monsters from the FT world that were dragged in to make things more intense?

Where Cobra/Erik and Blue Pegasus would be sent to the Teen Titans cartoon universe during Season 2. I am not sure why I did this but I thought it would be hilarious to see this and not sure where to go with this...
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Okay I did mention this also on the Writing Discussion thread but one of my other ideas for a fanfic is like a crossover with The Cthulhu Mythos and some anime verses. Basically would be about Nyarlathotep's interactions with worlds like Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball, DxD and anything else in between with Nyarlathotep attempting to spread as much death and chaos as possible for the sake of morbid entertainment because he can do it
That sounds pretty cool!

Also I might be posting in some old old fanfic ideas that I updated with some new ideas into this thread.
I got an idea where Shirou Emiya from Miyu's universe gets summoned to be Rin's Archer Servant except Archer EMIYA since it will be hilarious and at the same time depressing due to this version of Shirou not having much of a happy life.

Miyu's universe Shirou didn't have Illyasviel von Einzbern due to the Einzbern dying and Shirou being raised by a more jackass version of Kiritsugu and that Kiritsugu found Miyu who is part of the Holy Grail and that Shirou raised Miyu as his sister. Miyu wished to be Shirou's sister and it came true but given the Holy Grail was different in her verse Shirou used Archer Install and slay ALL OF the servants AND masters in one week.

Also like Archer EMIYA this Shirou knows Unlimited Blade Works and I can see this Shirou being more colder and harsher towards everyone except for Sakura. I think he would even try to kill Shinji first thing due to the fact that the Shinji who killed Sakura was a puppet with memories of Shinji, so that would remove Rider from the war pretty fast. Also Shirou from the Miyuverse is less attached to most of the cast in Fate/Stay Night since he never really met them or rather never knew of their existence since the war was VERY differently than it was in Fate/Stay Night.

The whole concept of another version of Shirou being Rin's servant is interesting since Shirou Emiya from the Miyuverse probably doesn't know Rin and would be confused since in the Miyu Universe the only people he seems to bond with is Sakura and Miyu. Also Illya doesn't exist meaning that Shirou has no emotional connection to Ilya and wouldn't care (I think) and plus Kiritsugu is very different and more of an asshole in the Miyuverse thus Shirou would have a different view point than to the Shirou in Fate/Stay Night.
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I was thinking of creating a Berserk and BlazBlue crossover where Griffith somehow managed to get Guts and uses the Egg of the Perfect World to sacrifice them and Griffith managed to return to the psychical world where Guts acts now as a vessel unlike the demon child that was was the offspring of Guts and Casca, that Femto tainted due to his "acts". Now your thinking how is this possible? Well...

This is how it goes The Egg of the Perfect World needs to consume a demonic being to create a body for Griffith to come back so lets say in this What if instead of Griffith using the Demon Child he managed to get the God Hands to capture Guts and bring him to Griffith. Now Griffith uses the ritual and uses the Egg of the Perfect World to consume Guts and then form a body for Griffith where now Griffith has the properties of Guts' body. Since Griffith is Femto a Godhand then the curse on Guts would have no effect on him, and who knows maybe Griffith could break and melt The Dragon Slayer into his own personal sword coated in white and gold to further mock Guts and show that Griffith is much stronger and has became one with the person he respects.

Now you must be thinking what happened the the Berserker Armour and the Beast of Darkness? Well it became a separate entity where The Beast of Darkness formed inside the Berserker Armour creating a fully demonic being of darkness and created a massive shadowy blade of darkness that resembles the Dragon Slayer Sword.

Now where did the crossover come in? Well Hakumen appeared in the Berserk world due to the Boundary and this is after Central Fiction, and Hakumen needs to find another sword to use since Okami is with Tsubaki. Now you think, isn't Hakumen dead? Well no the Hakumen you see in the games was only 20% of his power (No I am not making this up its actually canon and stated) and most of himself was in the Boundary due to the events of the Dark War where after the war he could only summon only 20% of his power. Now Hakumen has 100% of his power and with the Power of Order he will bring justice to the world.

Though with the Berserk and BlazBlue fanfic I feel like I am missing something since there was a reason why Griffith needs the Demon Egg and suff right? Or could he use a body of someone else and the World Egg to be reborn into his physical form? Since in my crossover fanfic I had Griffith use Guts' body to sacrifice and fused together creating a new and dangerous body of Griffith, where now Hakumen after Central Fiction arrived in the Berserk world and with the Power of Order he is going to stop Griffith.
These are the two crossover ideas I had:

Seig and Jeanne D'Arc (Along with Astolfo) ends up in another universe together but the universes I picked out are these four verses and they are Under Nights In-Birth, Fairy Tail, BlazBlue, or RWBY.

Jellal going to Soul Society but this time its where Jellal sacrifices himself to kill Acnologia during the final arc and instead of being stopped this time he succeeded and both of them were killed. This means Jellal and Acnologia are sent to the afterlife where Jellal gets sent to Soul Society during when Urahara and Yoruichi was still around in Soul Society but for Acnologia? I am not sure to send him to the Hollow World or in Hell to somehow break out and cause trouble.
I mentioned this before in a different thread but I would like another view of criticism since I think this fic would be interesting...

The story idea that I came up with is creating a zombie apocalypse fanfic where Josuke (From Jojo's Bizarre Adventures), Gintoki (From Gintama), Raiden (From Metal Gear Solid series) and finally Naoto Kurogane (From BlazBlue) teams up due to some cosmic interference that brought them together in one world. Now together they try to save as many people as possible and they faced the many zombies but they had no support from their allies since they were trapped in different universes (Since all four are from different realities) and these four are only ones in this one universe and they have vanished due to it. Then they escaped on a hot air ballon after nearing getting bitten now safe they float away gazing at the city torn world. They soon have to team up and get past their differences and their own personalities clashing with each other and have to find a way to save this broken world, and of course they are unsure why they were brought from their world to this new random world.

More on why these four is in some random universe different from theirs as Naoto appeared in this world after solving the whole BlazBlue: Central Fiction plot and slightly altered from the credits instead of being found by Raquel he was instead alone in this unknown universe, for Josuke it was after the JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Eyes of Heaven plot where he appeared in this new world due to some cosmic shinagins, Gintoki who appeared after some comedic mishap and finally Raiden was sent into this new world due to some experiment gone wrong when he was facing the World Marshal after Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

These four would have a riot of hilarious stuff and of course some emotional moments that they realise they are similar but different in so many ways.

Also not only that but Josuke and Naoto have a complex relation to their family since Josuke is Joseph's son and uncle to Jotaro while Naoto is the uncle of Ragna and sister of Saya Terumi (Different Saya). Also they have the same english voice actor.

Also Josuke, Naoto and Gintoki are Japanese and Raiden is Japanese inspired, and Josuke and Raiden are from series' that have huge meme worthy stuff. Of course Gintoki and Naoto are also from a good meme worthy series but honestly JoJo and Metal Gear franchise has much more well known memes.
Haha its a working process but its a good idea that has got me thinking.

Also XSOULSOFCINDERX what do you think of my other story ideas that I have posted?
This idea if a fusion world crossover of BlazBlue and Jojo's Bizarre Adventures.

The idea that I have was when Ragna appeared to help the Joestars to face DIO Over Heaven in the final conflict. The reason why Ragna appeared was this was after Central Fiction and that Ragna found himself helping the Joestars against DIO. Ragna won by stomping DIO Over Heaven, but this leads to True Azure Ragna absorbing the Holy Corpse Parts now having two godly abilities he helped the Joestars to recreate the universe. Though...this leads to some problems due to the Boundary getting involved since Ragna has the True Azure thus leading to the worlds of BlazBlue and Jojo's Bizarre Adventures combined!

Now Ragna is pretty much the GOD of this combined universe where the Sankishin Units (Amaterasu/Master Unit, Susano'o Unit and Tsukuyomi Unit) are combined within Ragna. This leads to The Origin being fused with Noel (This new version of Noel/Mu-12 is the combination of Saya, Nu-13, Lambda and Izanami).

Though Hazama and Relius managed to escape into the Boundary and were unaffected.


These are main events in the fanfic that happened in history of this universe until where the fanfic starts. They are in order of events in history of this new universe:

In the ancient times The Alucard Family lead by the wise Vampire Lord known as Clavis Alucard, they were well known respected and powerful vampire family that treat humans with dignity and respect but sadly the Pillar Men lead by a mad vampire in America (Unknown name during that time since it was before America was even found by Europe) hates them and treat the humans as cattle. This vampire leader of the Pillar Men created a new weapon called the Stone Masks that can create vampires through artificial needs. This angered the Alucard Family since it feels like it violates rules of turning someone into a vampire, as a real vampire must do it. This lead the Alucard Family to wipe out the Pillar Men though they didn't know four survived. Soon the Alucard Family began searching to wipe out the Stone Masks.

During the Sengoku Period of Japan, Jubei and his clan were born in Japan, as they protected the legendary metal Hihiirokane, which can pierce and cut through souls. Thankfully they were protected by a well respected clan called the Amanohokosaka Clan as their leader was nicknamed the Azure Maiden a mysterious being that can see the mystical force known as The Azure. The Amanohokosaka Clan is filled with magic users that can control elements and they have created weapons called the Legacy Weapons that helped them against a "monster from an unknown era in history".

Raquel Alucard the younger sister of Rachel Alucard is born recently. Rachel and Raquel Alucard became good friends with Jubei, as the Alucard Family is close bonds with the Amanohokosaka Clan and Jubei's family. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing soon was in service for the Alucard Family and became the badass butler for Rachel and Raquel.

Abraham Lincoln was the President of America and was a stand user who fought Funny Valentine who was trying to become the President of America during the Civil War that lasted from 1861 to 1865. Even though Abraham is facing South America, his real foe is Funny Valentine who was behind most of the war wanting the title of President from Lincoln but Funny Valentine lost due to Lincoln and his allies who were from the Joestar family.

In 1890, Johnny Joestar and his friend Gyro Zeppeli were well-known horse riders in the Wild West and they are racing in a huge race trying to find a corpse of a Holy Saint but were attacked by a man named Diego Brando who was turned into a vampire. Diego sends an undead army to gain the body of the Holy Saint only to fail when dying against Johnny's Hamon abilities that were taught by a wise Chinese warrior Xing-Lei Faye Ling.

In 1881, Jonathan Joestar lived his life in peace in Victorian England due to Dio Brando not existing as he soon met Erina and married her. Though sadly his father died of an illness the same one that took his mother, even then Jonathan lived in peace until one day in 1888 a vampire crisis happened and it came from the mythical Stone Mask. Soon Will Anthonio Zeppeli arrives and teaches Jonathan how to use the mystical ability known as Hamon to destroy the vampire threat. Jonathan soon met Robert E. O. Speedwagon who helps him along his adventures, soon Jonathan faced the Vampire Leader and it was Mathias Brando who despises the Joestar family for killing his ancestor Diego Brando. Jonathan soon ended Mathias and his army and peace remained for many years to come in England.

In 1889, Jonathan and Erina had a son George Joestar II, they befriended the parents of Lisa-Lisa or rather in this Universe she is called Elizabeth. Though sadly Jonathan Joestar died in a ship that exploded in 1890, this left Erina depressed but thankfully she has people that helped her through her problems. George and Elizabeth got married but George soon joined in World War 1 to help Britain though he was killed by an unknown vampire leading Elizabeth or rather now as Lisa-Lisa to kill the vampire by using Hamon. Lisa didn't know that she was pregnant with George's child, she went away and she soon had a son named Joseph Joestar in 1921.

In 1924, Lisa soon took Caesar as a student and lived in Italy training Hamon users to fight against the vampire horde.

Joseph Joestar lived his life being taken cared of by Speedwagon and Erina, Joseph uses Hamon due to his bloodline though now as a teenager in 1939, he was soon dragged into the mystery known as the Pillar Men. Soon Joseph has to face the Pillar Men, along with the Nazi forces during World War II, though unknown to Joseph a mysterious golden haired man with a mask and a green haired man with a fedora unleashed a monster like man known as Azrael who was rampaging around the world. Then during the Second World War in 1940, the Six Heroes were created to protect Japan as they are comprised of these people: Es Mitsurugi (Es from the XBlaze series), Jubei, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Konoe Mercury aka Phantom Nine, Trinity Glassfille and Kazuma Kval. The Six Heroes soon faced Azrael though this fight gets mixed up with The Pillar Men and Joseph Joestar. Phantom Nine created weapons known as Ars Magus and Nox Nyctores for the Six Heroes and Japan to face these unknown threats.

In 1941, a mysterious golden haired man in purple clothes appeared in Italy during the mafia crisis soon gained a group called Passione. The man is named Giorno Giovanna and the members of his gang are Bruno Bucciarati, Guido Mista, Leone Abbacchio, and Narancia Ghirga who soon helped Giorno to stop the Mafia crisis and soon they took over the Mafia creating a time of peace in Italy. Giorno managed to survive without DIO existing is because of his stand, which was upgraded by Ragna, and he remembered the old universe.

After the Second World War from 1945–1947 there was massive amount of chaos but many governments soon hushed over the mystical aspects of the war and soon it dissolves into conspiracy theories for the population. Konoe aka Phantom Nine marries and had a child with Jubei thus Kokonoe is born, Celica the younger sister of Phantom Nine soon traveled around the world wanting to heal and help people and Es marries her lover Tōuya Kagari as they lived in peace having children. Trinity and Kazuma had a son and lived in peace, Kazuma exists in this new universe because Kazuma was lost in the Boundary after Terumi ditched him and thus Relius created Hazama allowing Ragna to bring him into this new reality. Es is a mystical being born from the Amanohokosaka Clan making her a high status in Japan.

During the Cold War in 1953-1962, Kokonoe moved to China working as a scientist after her mom died when she was young, with her cat features she was a marvel to work with and Kokonoe is a master genius that helped China to grow. Kokonoe soon taught Litchi in China, Litchi and her friend Roy soon became students of the mysterious Kokonoe. Jubei trained many people in Japan, the children of Es Mitsurugi and Tōuya Kagari married Kazuma and Trinity's kids making their bloodline connected creating a sub family called the Terumi Family. Jūbei compliant on that he misses someone and is set to find the said person not knowing it was Ragna he was trying to find. Trinity and Kazuma soon died of old age living in peace, Celica continues to help people and befriended with Joestars and helped them as well as being part of the Speedwagon Foundation lead by Speedwagon's grandson.

Joseph Joestar and Suzie Q started a family and had a daughter named Holy Joestar in 1967. Thankfully Joseph was able to teach Suzie the ability of Hamon and thanks to Ceaser's influence the three remained a bit younger looking like they are in their 40s instead of looking old. Many years later, the adult Holy married Sadao Kujo and moved to Japan, Joseph developed intolerance towards the Japanese.

In 1979-1985 of the Cold War, This group of friends still becomes close friends in this new reality, as they are Kajun, Tsubaki, Mai, Noel, Kagura, Jin and Makoto. When Tsubaki was young she was already friends with Jin, Kagura, Mai and Kajun due to meeting when very young at a royal family meeting and strengthen a strong bond together. Makoto was from a low noble family and were close friends with Noel’s family the Vermilion Clan but Noel is part Japanese where her mother is half Japanese and is from another low noble family as she soon went with Makoto to live with and the two became close friends. Mai went and became friends with Noel and Makoto where Noel and Makoto both met Jin, Tsubaki, Kajun and Kagura where they all got along and became close friends. The huge change in this new world is that Mai Hazuki is still a female however she had a brother, which is mostly a version of her life as a guy as the brother is called Laharl Hazuki creating a new life and is quite protective of Mai though is busy living his life as a military general.

Jotaro Kujo was born to Holy Joestar and Sadao Kujo as he gained ability called a Stand, as he grew up disliked by many people. Many years later in 1985 now Jotaro is a teenager he soon was thrown in prison due to him brutally beating up using "an evil spirit". Joseph along with his best friend Mohammed Avdol convinced Jotaro that the spirit is his Stand, now at home the three realized that Holy was unwell and found out that she was poisoned by a vampire. Now Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar, Mohammed Avdol and Noriaki Kakyoin journeyed across the world to stop the unknown vampire threat. Soon they met Jean Pierre Polnareff and Iggy along the way and they soon found out that Enrico Pucci is the leader of the Cult of Brando. The Stardust Crusaders soon managed to beat the cult and Enrico stopping their plan of bringing back their "white and golden god" that has a "golden spirit to control the universe".

Giorno Giovanna soon grew old and had a family but in his death bed he told his family and friends that a "Man of the Azure" is a holy being and he knows about him and thus the mystery of the Azure inspired Giorno's family to do good. Giorno was the only blood heir of DIO Brando as then the family of DIO continued in the world but ruled by good. Though sadly Giorno's family married into the massive family of Diego Brando's family creating the bloodline of DIO complete. Bruno Bucciarati, Guido Mista, Leone Abbacchio, and Narancia Ghirga's families were also connected to Giorno's family since their kids married into his family.

Months after the Cold War in 1991, peace has remained until a civil war in Japan called the Ars Magus War where Japan had a civil war as they used magic this war lasted for four years. A small faction in Japan called the Waturu Force and they tried to unleash the “Yamata no Orochi” monster but the empire managed to repel the monsters and kill them all and in the process winning the war but left most of the cities in Japan destroyed. Jin, Kagura and Bang are recreating the destroyed Ikaruga after a war, which is a different one since the Black Beast doesn’t exist as no longer did the Murakumo Units also known as the Primary Interface Prime Field Device nor the Sankishin aka the Original Units that includes Amaterstu, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo as well as the entity known as Izanami the Goddess of Death.

Bang in his adult years became a high appointment leader of the Ninja group as he married a famous female Samurai named Baiken and had a son. Where Jin leads and watches over the Samurai section of the Japanese army, which is the majority of the military. The new Emperor is Homura himself who is descended from the previous Japanese Emperor. Homura respects the Six Heroes and putting them in museums and began reciting their origins and history in libraries and many more media as they became even more popular in Japan.

Elsewhere in Japan in 1997, a child known as Naoto Terumi was born into the Terumi Family and became well loved. Naoto soon grew happily as he spend time with the Terumi Clan but met and befriended many of the Amanohokosaka Clan members. Though he soon met Mei Amanohokosaka who babysit him many times and became close friends.

In 1999, Josefumi Kira is the cousin of the Joestars and is related to the mysterious Yoshikage Kira, this young Japanese-British-American male is a marine surgeon that respects people. Josefumi Kira is the combined form of Josefumi Kujo and Yoshikage Kira from part 8 though in this universe parts of their name was taken as this Jojo was its own being and is considered an oddity due to Josuke and Kira from part 8 was used and in this new universe Josefumi Kira is just them taking their names and creating a new person. His stand is Wet and Soft and he helps people though he soon had to deal with an unknown threat called Rock Humans.

In 2002, Joseph Joestar grieved for Suzie who died from a car crash and Joseph soon went to Japan and met a beautiful Japanese teenager named Tomoko Higashikata resulting in the birth of Josuke Higashikata.

In 2006, Jolyne Cujoh the child of Jotaro and his wife soon became ten years old and was able to use her Stand abilities though sadly her father Jotaro Kujo neglected her. Leaving her to be a misfit and a troublemaker who gets into conflict with police and other people.

In 2012, later a young girl known as Saya soon murdered her family leaving the young Naoto alone to see what happened. Naoto took his mother's maiden name known as Kurogane and lived in peace though watched by Jubei and Raquel due to Naoto Kurogane being the descendent of the Six Heroes as well as being part of the Amanohokosaka Clan.

Now in 2020 Naoto was soon attacked by a mysterious man and was left for dead until Raquel saved Naoto and had him as her servant while Jubei began teaching Naoto how to fight. Rachel soon began feeling odd as if she felt Naoto is replacing someone she loves and began to act distant to Naoto. Rachel met the mysterious being known as Amane who told Rachel that the man she loves and can remember his presence lies deep into the Boundary as he is the "Man of the Azure" leading Rachel to try and find him not knowing its Ragna she is trying to find. Josuke now a young teen had a close friend who is Koichi Hirose and Okuyasu Nijimura, and then they realize their spirits are something else. Though Okuyasu's older brother tried to kill them to revive their dead father but was killed by some unknown entity. This lead Josuke, Koichi Hirose and Okuyasu Nijimura to figure out the soon murders that spiked up lately.

Though the bloodline of DIO remained and is growing to become a cult of darkness while, Hazama and Relius soon began their own plans of ruining the world. Hazama and Relius soon have Saya Terumi on their side.

The Story starts.

I will also write prequel stories on my story due to a lot to go off on.

The prequel stories I will write:

Johnny Joestar and his friend Gyro’s adventures in the Wild West against the vampire Diego Brando who was trying to find the corpse of a Holy Saint.

Jonathan Joestar's adventures against Mathis Brando a vampire lord who is the descendent of Diego Brando.

Joseph Joestar's adventures with Caesar, Lisa-Lisa and Speedwagon when they all are dealing with the ancient vampire race known as the Pillar Men, along with having to deal with Japan’s Six Heroes and the monster known as Azrael.

The adventures of Giorno Giovanni in Italy who appeared and is determined to be a Gangstar to control every crime in Italy, as in his soon to be group called Passione are Bruno Bucciarati, Guido Mista, Leone Abbacchio, and Narancia Ghirga.

The adventures of Noel, Jin, Tsubaki, Makoto, Mai and Kajun in their lives and their growth together as friends, the meeting of Kagura and Bang as well as the Japanese Civil War known as the Ars Magus War.

Josefumi Kira's adventure in facing the Rock Men that plagued the Earth during the time of the Dinosaurs, this adventure will also have him deal with his memories as they are fractured and his connections to the Rock Men is soon discovered.


Jotaro along with his grandfather Joseph Joestar, Mohammed Avdol and Noriaki Kakyoin’s adventures in facing the Brando Cult who is trying to revive a god, their priest Enrico Pucci is the one leading the cult.
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I have these ideas that has been bugging me and I hope it sounds interesting.

For my Jojo's Bizarre Adventures and Bioshock Crossover story:
You see the events in 1st Bioshock game took place in 1960, and Joseph Joestar now an adult and married to Suzi Q since he married her at 1942. This is also set before Holy married Sadao Kujo in 1967, so at this time period between 1960 and 1967 Joseph would hear about some weird stories about an underwater city and was sent by the Speedwagon Foundation to check it out. Though what happens to Jack the main protag of Bioshock? Well sadly he was killed in the plane crash and knowing Joseph he would plan out a survival plan by using his Hamon and Purple Hermit Stand.

Now Joseph is set to figure out what was going on in Rapture and with his Stand and Hamon he must fight his way through the horde of Rapture.

Funny thing thanks to Bioshock Infinite where it has the infinite possibilities I can imagine in one universe its pretty bizarre, other than that Joseph fits well in being in the first Bioshock game because of the time period and that there is no problem to do with the whole time difference or different realities.

I mentioned that Joseph can end up in Rapture during the first Bioshock events since Bioshock happened somewhere just a couple years before Holy got married so Joseph is somewhat still young.

Though the problem is Stands but Joseph at this point in the timeline and now in fic probably just gained his stand so he will struggle to use it and rely on his Hamon most of the time.

Not only that this actually leads up to another few Bioshock crossovers that I am interested in doing:

BlazBlue x Bioshock crossover:

Where in this crossover Naoto Kurogane (BlazBlue) arrives in Columbia instead of Booker after the events of Central Fiction slightly altered from the credits instead of being found by Raquel he was found by the Twins who wanted him to save Elizabeth and of course since the events have changed due to unknown reasons. This would be interesting since Columbia is a racist place that Comstruck owned where they hate any race outside of whites and since Naoto is Japanese he would be hated so he would have to sneak around instead of the usual raft beginning. Naoto is 17 and Elizabeth is in her 20s so there won't be a ship between the two, well its more of a brother and sister relationship. There are twists to this fanfic as Es from the BlazBlue side series called the XBlaze series gets involved since she was also sent to protect Elizabeth by the Twins when they found her at the Boundary since this was AFTER Central Fiction. Es would alter the plot since she bring Elizabeth out of the tower a few minutes before Naoto would arrive as then it would be a massive chain of events to take place. Naoto and Es would soon meet up and talked about their realities and then focus on protecting Elizabeth so they could return to their universes.

To make sure this isn't just a massive stomp for the BlazBlue cast, Hazama and Relius gets involved and leveled up Columbia greatly. The idea of this is because Bioshock Infinite and BlazBlue have confusing time travel style plots and I feel like the various time shifts would create some interesting concepts. Then the series would include the idea of composing BlazBlue worlds to the Bioshock ones and that was the game plan of Relius and Hazama, though your wondering about Booker just to tell you he will play a part but in a different way since he will come into the story. Though not as Comstruck but as himself and this will be related to many time travel stuff.

Now you can ask why would the twins give Es and Naoto the same job? Sounds strange, since Naoto and Es know each other and giving two strong people the same objection without telling the other could bring terrifying results (e.g. A battle where Elizabeth is killed, both kill each other etc). The reason is that the Twins saw a crippling hole in their vision and saw that whatever Relius and Hazama did altered everything so much that they can no longer predict anything and they are too afraid that they can't go back as this version of Bioshock: Infinite is altered in a fundamental way since Brooker was never there to go to Columbia. Now Naoto was sent there since the twins could use someone like Ragna and plus they would use Raquel to motivate Naoto to push further and for Es well she was the Guardian of the Gate and she would be useful to assist Naoto also they promised to send her to her reality (Which is the XBlaze series). Since like I said the Twins can no longer see the future in a way they expect as everything has been altered so much. Plus Es and Naoto are on the same side that are motivated to protect Elizabeth due to fulfilling their goals.

Also since Terumi is dead, its just Hazama since in Central Fiction, Hazama fell into the Boundary while Terumi became Susano'o and was soon killed by Ragna. Now Hazama wanted to join in since he wants to know misery and despair since he wants to know emotions as that is his new goal since Central Fiction. However for Relius, well the guy loves science and seeing Bioshock Infinite's time travel and the whole Columbia city would be interesting for him to tinker with and plus Relius might have more tricks in a certain underwater city he might venture to in the future. Plus Relius wants to create science so he gives knowledge to Comstock and Comstock gave his knowledge to Relius about the Twins and everything.

Devil May Cry and Bioshock crossover:
This fic would be set a few years before Devil May Cry 3 since in the timeline of the series it goes like this: DMC 3, DMC 1, DMC 2, DMC 4 and DMC 5. So since this was before DMC 3 this means that Dante didn't face Arkham nor Vergil and this was before he gained Devil Trigger and he still has that necklace and of course doesn't have his shirt and still has his DMC 3 look. Now for to crossover to Bioshock, he gets a call about some under water city and decided to check it out since the call said it had demons running amok and now Dante is sent to Rapture but what happens to Jack? Well Jack sadly died in the plane crash but Dante survived due to his healing factor and found himself in Rapture where he now has to survive and kick ass looking good!

Also before anyone say anything yeah I agree that it won't give Dante much effort but at this point Dante is at his weakest since this is way before DMC 3 so he still has a long way to go, and you know how cockiness gets? Don't worry he still manages to look cool and wreck the place but at the same time slightly matures a bit better. Plus at this point Dante doesn't have his Devil Arms or much equipment. Dante being sent to Rapture due to some random case and since at this point he is a bounty hunter taking the name Anthony Redgrave (Yeah at some point before DMC 3 he took a fake name but then used his real name Dante after he got his iconic guns) as Dante or rather Anthony enters Rapture thinking he is just a normal human and end up learning about his Devil heritage there. Since Ryan also got hold on the Rebellion, which started his demon research. During his time in rapture Dante get more and more cocky thanks to his superior stats, which could also include stuff like every gun he finds breaking shortly after since he doesn't possess Ebony and Ivory at this point of his history yet due to not being made. Since before getting his Ebony and Ivory guns he thought himself to be human for some time and this would show Dante at his weakest and most vulnerable. Though Ryan getting Rebellion will be tricky to have but it can work where maybe Mundus stole the sword and gave it to Ryan due to some deal they had. Dante not knowing his demonic heritage but then finding out by it on who his father Sparda is would shock him and since he doesn't have his sword he would have to relay on random guns and of course him having a spare sword.

Dante would show some morality change and fighting development would grow into what he might be in DMC 3. I would think he would not be feeding on the Little Sisters due to his awakened demon blood since the Adam would probably not work well with his blood. Yeah with his starting weapons he would try to be cautious and use minor weapons since they would break and not handle his strength. Though when he gets Rebellion then Dante shows moves and began slowly becoming how he was in DMC 3 since it was the game that happened before DMC 1.
I was thinking of this Fairy Tail x Kingdom Hearts crossover. Where this was when Jellal, Erza, Simon, Sho, Wally and Millianna are still in the Tower of Heaven, but before Jellal gets tortured and mind controlled the Heartless attacked and this sent Jellal, Simon and Erza to different worlds.

Jellal gains a Keyblade and found himself in Tranverse Town and has to save the world from the Heartless and Ansem, Jellal soon has to go around and restore the keyholes in different worlds and soon has to stop Ansem and his army of Heartless.

Though Jellal has to deal with Ansem slowly manipulating his mind in his dreams while Simon is trained by Yin Sid, and Erza lost her heart since she is a Seven Princesses of Heart but for Sho, Wally and Millianna are remaining in Earthland worried for Jellal, Erza and Simon.

Here is the idea of the Fairy Tail/Kingdom Hearts fanfic crossover combo:

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Soul by Birth - This follows pretty much like in canon except Terra met Simon, Aqua met Erza and finally Ventus met Jellal at various points of their lives since this was sometime before they were in the Tower of Heaven.

Kingdom Hearts: Legendary Keyblader Mage - Jellal goes around as a kid being trained by Leon, Yuffie and Aerith on how to be a fighter and went to seal the Keyholes, Simon went along with Jellal so they both can save Erza not knowing Erza's heart is inside Jellal but when Simon found out he tried to attack Jellal thus causing a split between the two.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Tale of Jellal Fernandez and Simon Mikazuchi - This one is where Jellal is searching for his lost memories and finding Simon but has to deal with Organization XIII who is messing with his mind by using an Erza a look alike. With Simon's tale he is trying to find Jellal since he is worried for him, though he soon encounters different members of Organization XIII.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Fractured Nobody - Jellal's nobody replaces Roxas in this story when dealing with the Organization XIII's jobs of securing hearts for their plan for Kingdom Hearts but soon Jellal's Nobody has to deal with Xion and then was taken down by Simon who is using Ansem's power. Jellal's nobody was soon sent into a dream world to slumber until they could find a way to bring Jellal's heart back.

Kingdom Hearts II: War of Organization XIII - Many years have passed and now as teens (This was sometime after Tenrou Island arc but before the Grand Magic Games arc) Erza, Millianna, Sho and Wally are in Fairy Tail living their lives but is worried for Jellal and Simon but soon Erza was dragged into the mysterious conflict with Organization XIII. Erza soon encounters Jellal and Simon who are now changed and different as they three along with Fairy Tail had to deal with Organization XIII and Xemnas.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance: Fate of Dreams - Jellal and Simon has to soon face Xehanort and his evil plans.

Kingdom Hearts III: X-Blade War - Everything will come to an end as Jellal, Erza and Simon has to save the worlds from Xehanort and his own version of Organization XIII.

The thing is with this fanfic won't follow the generic OP main character, or Jellal gaining a harem and the boring crossover cliches you see in quite a lot of fanfics since THIS Jellal and Simon were before the event of Jellal being possessed and they are both very different.

Jellal in this age is prone to make mistakes and he is quite naive to listen to Ansem (Xehanort's heartless) in his head making him cause issues where Simon gets angry at Jellal. Also throughout the KH, Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days BOTH Jellal and Simon also Erza are still too young that is until KH II where Jellal is now a teen but he was asleep the entire time making him miss out his life (Which is ironic since he lost his childhood when he was possessed by Ultear) while Simon is working with Diz and his group to stop Xemnas and his plans. This means that Erza, Sho, Wally and Millianna are at Fairy Tail (along with Kagura who was found by Erza and the others) and their personalities are much different as Erza is a bit nicer since she never got traumatised by evil Jellal or that Kagura, Sho, Wally and Millianna never are filled with hatred at Jellal but they worry where Jellal and Simon are.
Kind of stupid idea, but it's better than nothing to be honest.

It's a weird Undertale and RWBY Crossover series, except...not really.

Instead it's more of an Undertale Multiverse and one RWBY Universe crossover.

Essentially, my OC, named Cloud, is an amnesiac who eventually finds out who he is after landing somewhere in the Emerald Forest. Shit ensues, he gets into Beacon, gets into a team, which is all OCs, I forget about the OCs until recently, some character development shit happens, most of the RWBY plot still happens. Shit changes in Volume 2, Cloud's team is sent to Atlas to do a mission, where Violet, Cloud's love interest, betrays him and then comes the truth. Turns out, he is an amalgamation of three souls of a human and two monsters. The human is Chara who completed the Genocide Route and Sans, the skeleton. In any case, it turns out that Cloud is a monster, but still has no idea of his past. Eventually, he escapes Atlas and returns back to Vale in optimal time, and helps out the main RWBY cast in beating back the horde of grimm. Fast forward to Volume 3, Cloud is found to be back at Beacon, where Ironwood promises to not use him as a test subject, and instead wants to bring him to Atlas Academy. So, Cloud's team represents Atlas Academy in the Tournament, not much shit happens until the Yang and Mercury fight, where shit still goes the same. Instead, this time, Cinder decides the right option to try and kill Cloud, which results in him beginning to remember his past. Again, shit gets wild and Cloud gets sent to the medical room in Amity Coliseum. This time Violet and Cloud actually manage to become a couple and put their past differences aside. The whole Yang shit still happens and Ruby faces Mercury in the hallways who isn't Mercury really. Flashback to a couple chapters back and Cinder is...not exactly herself, as in, her canon self. She has more powers such as the ability to give life, and other shit. With this in mind, Mercury is in fact Nightmare Sans from the Undertale Multiverse all along. And turns out again, woop dee doo, that Ruby actually became Dream Sans' successor in the past, which results in her Silver Eyes. Volume 3 shit still happens, Penny is still dead, Ruby becomes distraught, and shit gets w i l d. First off, unlike the threat warning that basically was like 'Large Amounts of Grimm' it was more or less 'Warning: You are all dead meat', and the crowd goes wild, except they all begin to die. Violet finds out that Cloud is still in his room, since he is still injured and shit, and goes to try and help him out. In the halls, she meets Bete Noire, who absolutely stomps her into oblivion before Geno Sans comes in and basically dies to give Violet a spirit bomb powerup. Spirit Bomb powerup now gained, Violet ubermegastomps Bete into oblivion and gg ez clap. While I could talk about spoilers for the series, I would rather not, as it is actually written and posted on the internet somewhere. If you want to know where the next chapters might lead, I will give the answer of, Cloud won't come back until Chapter 12, and the other chapters are to give team RWBY powerups and actually give them some character development.

Do keep in mind that this is an Alternate Universe of RWBY and not following the main canon one, for christ's sake, Ruby gained her silver eyes thanks to a magical, wish-orb look-alike skeleton. OCs are actually relevant to the plot, like what?

In any case, if you want feats, there isn't much until now, where Dream Ruby becomes Multi-Continent/Moon Level via pulling back the shattered parts of Remnant's moon, and gains SOL to FTL speeds. Violet gains Star-Multi-Star/Solar System Level with the Geno merge thing that happened, realigning entire stars in the fight against Bete. Shockwaves unleashed were capable of hitting Remnant's neighbouring stars, bringing in FTL to possibly Massively FTL feats.

Scaling is a bit weird as I am still working it out, will give Dream Ruby feats to scale above Geno Violet obvs.

This was all a condensed version of the story and there is so much more to the entire thing.
Not a bad idea, pretty original idea of an Undertale OC being the fused form of three characters being sent into the RWBY world. Your changes seem like an interesting idea and would love to read this story.

Oh and what do you think of my story ideas?
It’s on Wattpad if you want to read it, it’s called The Anomaly.

In any case, your fanfics have a lot of thought out into them and that is a good thing. You clearly thought a lot about the history of these differing worlds and universes. I don’t know much about Bazblue or Bioshock but they sound interesting from what I can see. Your crossover fanfics have a massive amount of potential
Ah thanks man! I will check it out on wattpad!

Thanks! I try my best to plan out amazing story ideas and I am glad to hear that my stories have massive amount of potential.
This idea honestly came to me in a was a confusing mess of a dream so I will break it down.

It is set in a Hero no Academia world, but it has quite a few interesting fusions from different series to it creating a very vastly different world:

Lelouch and Nunnally were exiled to Japan by their father the Emperor of Britannia where they still sorta grew up with Suzaku but they soon had to leave since they are still royal children and since due to political issues of the invasion of Britannia when they attacked Japan had failed causing great impact to the world since now Japan was not controlled by Britannia. Muriel now in Japan soon found the two and raised them since her husband Huston passed away and she along with Courage the Cowardly Dog is trying to take care of the young Britannian royal children. She also has Sayoko Shinozaki the ninja maid that helped Muriel and Courage as she also began taking care of Lelouch and Nunnally making sure they are all right. The concept of Courage the Cowardly Dog was a thought that seemed sweet since Muriel and Courage would be interesting since they are living with Lelouch, Nunnally, and Sayoko Shinozaki. The Code Geass characters exist in this verse but are different due to Japan having a force that repelled Britannia due to the fact that Charles Zi Britannia screwed up and began a Cold War with Japan. Also cast members of Code Geass are involved but they are now completely different due to the existence of quirks and the fact that Hero system was created and that Britannia never took over Japan. Somewhere in Japan, now free C.C is watching over Lelouch feeling interested to create a contract with him.

Somehow Jellal, Erza, Ultear, Millianna, Kagura, Gray, Juvia, Natsu, Lucy, Laxus, Mira, Gajeel, Levy, Wendy, Lyon, Sherria, Meredy, Lily Panther, Happy and Carla arrived to the present since Fairy Tail happened in the past about many centuries ago and they appeared in the MHA fusion world, which is the future. Jellal soon found out that he is the distant ancestor of the Robotnik Family making him the ancestor of Gerald Robotnik who passed away 50 years ago due to Britannia not the United Nations or G.U.N like in the Sonic canon attacking the Space Colony Ark. Jellal and the others are now going to try and adapt in a futuristic world on a space ship, and Jellal was given power over the Ark and by accident he released Shadow from his prison who was instead placed safely somewhere in the Ark by Azmuth the creator of the Omnitrix. The reason why Jellal was able to release Shadow was because Jellal is Gerald’s ancestor. Gerald Robotnik begged Azmuth to help him since he needs help to plan a way to stop the Black Arms and since it was from a friend’s request as Azmuth agreed and began various planning to help with Gerald’s plan to stop the Black Arms. Though Jellal would one day in the present thanks to Paradox sending him along with the others to the present for a reason to activate and release Shadow but after awhile Shadow realised that Jellal is a decent person and they both developed a kind bond with each other. The Fairy Tail cast have their magic like in canon since they are from the past and they cannot gain Quirks nor can their magic be stolen or depowered by Anti-Quirk weapons.

This verse has various Sonic the Hedgehog characters as such with the Gerald came into contact with both Black Doom and Azmuth at various points and they managed to create the Ultimate Life Form, however Azmuth was suspicious on how Gerald was acting since he doesn’t know about Gerald’s involvement with Black Doom. Gerald had used Black Doom, and his own DNA but the body had no form, as this was left unsure though Black Doom left and told him that in fifty years he will need Shadow’s help as he vanished. Azmuth however realised what happened and put his own DNA into Shadow and argued with Gerald but they managed to reach an agreement on how to stop Black Doom since he told Azmuth with his DNA he would be able to reject Black Doom’s control. Azmuth decided to inject his own DNA along with a mutated combination of Echidna and Chaos’ DNA to further power Shadow. Now with Shadow released his form a hedgehog since Gerald was inspired by a prophecy of a hedgehog saving the universe from a calamity he lived in peace with Maria and Gerald though Azmuth had to leave due to finishing creating a device that will bring the universe together and it was called the Omnitrix. Though sadly Britannia attacked and Maria helped Shadow hid in the capsule where at this time Azmuth arrived and helped her hide Shadow somewhere and he used a machine where an ancestor of Gerald or Azmuth himself can release Shadow thus making sure he is safe from Britannia. Of course that was 50 years ago and in the present of this fic, Julian Kintobor Robotnik or rather taking the name Eggman is a scientist of Britannia and he is fighting the Freedom Fighters, which have Sonic, Tails, Amy, Sally and many others who rebel against Britannia. Knuckles still remain alone on Angel Island after the whole Death Egg situation, this means he is without much contact due to him being more paranoid with the surface world and he built more traps using lost Echidna technology making sure Eggman and Sonic couldn’t trick him. Though Knuckles and Sonic did team up to stop Eggman but they remain tense allies and thankfully thanks to the Echidna technology found and hiding the Master Emerald inside a shrine this means it was not shattered so Chaos was never released. Rouge the Bat is working for Britannia as a spy and seems to be on another side. Sonic, Tails, Amy, The Chaotix, Sally and Knothole Freedom Fighters teamed up to stop Eggman from trying to destroy Green Hill Zone, gaining the Chaos Emeralds and finally trying to capture Angel Island. Sonic and the others live in South America where Britannia has less control over since most of South America is filled with the Mobians, the Mobians were genetically altered animals due to exposure of Chaos Energy from the Chaos Emeralds itself and the first ones were the Echidna and soon other races thus creating a whole new sub species.

Touma Kamijou from the light novel and anime series A Certain Magical Index appeared and saved Muriel from an assassin quirk user and he began helping her out where he grown a friendship with Lelouch and Courage where he too like them became an over protective big brother figure to Nunnally. He also has his Miracle Breaker and that various characters from his world exist in this mega crossover but in different circumstances. Esper Powers are an offshoot of Quirks and are in the same category as Quirks but are slightly different since they came a decade ago while Quirks came 200 years ago. While the magic in the series are remnants of the Fairy Tail world and BlazBlue magic that was used to create a very different form of magic in the 19th Century. Magical Index verse is fun to do since Touma, Index, Misaka and Accelerator are in this fusion world but are different due to various different circumstances. Accelerator is now just a vigilante fighting people to prove he is the strongest, Misaka is busy studying in a hero school hiding her Esper powers as a Quirk and Touma is considered quirkless due to the oddity of his ability (since in the canon series he was considered weak because of the fact no one knows about his Imagine Breaker). Index however is still being chased by various groups and ended up living with Touma.

For BlazBlue it is seems complicated but this story is going to have some characters from the alternative timeless to the main BlazBlue series such as having Bloodedge Experience and XBlaze series put into this fusion world. In the Bloodedge Experience world: Naoto Kurogane, Raquel Alucard, Hazama (Alternative version), Saya Terumi, Relius Clover (Alternative version), Valkenhayn (Alternative version) and Clavis Alucard (Alternative version). This combined with the XBlaze world from BlazBlue: Es, Tōuya Kagari, Sechs, Jubei (Alternative version), Nine the Phantom (Alternative version), and Celica (Alternative version). In this verse Naoto Kurogane decided to become a hero and he kept his mother's maiden name to distance himself from the name Terumi since his little sister Saya Terumi murdered the family and was sealed away by the magical Amanohokosaka Clan who was related by blood to the Terumi name. Naoto was still bitten by Raquel when he was nearly killed and made into a half vampire and still met with Clavis Alucard where in the main timeline Naoto didn’t get killed by Clavis nor did Saya get "consumed" by Naoto creating a way to create a Fifth Prime Field the mother of Ragna, Jin and Saya. Naoto now reaching sixteen years old wanted to be a hero he joined a hero school and he soon was dragged into the hero world. He soon encounters various people like the couple hero duo Es and Tōuya who are a well-known hero team in Japan that secretly uses magic from an old magical family such as the Amanohokosaka Clan. He soon finds and befriends Konoe aka Nine the Phantom a hero who uses magic where one knows and thought she is a Quirk user, and her husband Jubei the sword hero who is a Beastkin who existed in the mountains of Japan and her younger sister of Celica the healing hero who uses magic like her older sister. He soon encounters the mystery team Hazama, and Relius Clover, and finally the vigilante Sechs. Though sadly he soon has to face his evil little sister Saya Terumi who hunts for souls due to her drive Soul Eater.

For the Fate series it follows Fate/Stay Night but in a different way since Mage Craft still exists but less around since the development of quirks and Mages with Magic Circuits CANNOT have quirks thus making them seem quirkless to the world. Shirou Emiya exists in this fic, as this is he before the Holy Grail War where he is only good with Projection magic and is determined to be a hero. Fate/Zero happened but ended slightly different as the grail did destroy Fuyuki City but Kiritsugu Emiya managed to get enough force to destroy the Einzberns and take Illya away from the Einzbern House, he along with Zelretch managed to end the Holy Grail War permanently by dismantling it. He moved to Japan with Illya and takes Shirou in adoption and after many months Kiritsugu Emiya passed away leaving Shirou to take care of the house and protect Illya, he is an also good friends with Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou and Luviagelita Edelfelt. The Matou Family was destroyed when Clavis Alucard found out what Zouken is trying to do and ended up killing him and destroying the house leaving Shinji to be raised by his drunk father and for Sakura to remain living with Shirou but keeping the Matou name. Also the remains of the Holy Grail War of some sort might appear though slightly different since Gilgamesh is still around.

Verses used:

My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia

Fairy Tail

Sonic the Hedgehog

Ben 10


A Certain Magical Index

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Code Geass

Fate/Stay Night

And thats pretty much it, not sure how I am going to fit all of this but this dream is very interesting and complicated but a lot of fun!
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I have 2 fanfics but they are in Spanish and I am too lazy to bring them here.

I have been interested in Warhammer 40k, but because of how difficult it is to find digital books (because physical ones are impossible in the country where I live), I read on YouTube, stories and information summarized in Spanish (because in English it is very difficult to understand how it is the verse and most of them are very long) although I already have a base to work with.

I have thought about doing a kind of One-Shot of Kharn in Nanatsu no taizai, of how the traitor destroys everything by showing them that they are shit and that this could happen if a human obtained the Power of a great demon.

Also another from a group of space marines (Dark Angels because they are my favorites) in One punch man, basically time of the end of Freeblade (the phone game) In the final battle of the demon Felfurion vs the Imperial Knight, a portal would open later From the defeat of the demon that would absorb a handful of space marines and an average Psyker that was sent, due to the chaos trying to summon a demon (although it was unnecessary), the group of super soldiers and Psyker would be transported to the world of One punch man, where they would consider monsters as low-level Deamons and then join The Hero Association, where they would realize that tatsumaki is a low-level Psyker Alpha, while his sister is very weak but has potential Psyker Alpha plus level, in addition to that I will use the web comic for the personality and appearance of some characters such as fubuki
Those idea sound interesting ngl and its a shame they are in Spanish since I can't read it but hopefully they will get translated someday.

Also what did you think of my fanfic idea?
I like and special the one about Fairy Tail x Kingdom Hearts crossover, although I don't know many of the verses that you are proposing in the idea of MHA mega crossover.

Kharn's story will probably release the English version almost at the same time, and that of Space marine on OPM will release translated chapters every 2 or 3 chapters
I've been really inactive on this thread despite creating it, lol. Then again I've kind of been inactive since the forum move in general.

Just remembered this because I finally updated ARGW (Rewritten), after, like, seven months. Definitely liked Chapter 3.

Also yeah use Then Archive Of Our Own second to that, but pretty much every fanfiction website that isn't is bad, imo.
Oh nice to hear that! I am glad to hear that your fanfic has updated, I will check it out since I love reading the fanfic.

Also it happens to everyone once in awhile to become inactive due to personal stuff.

Also RinneItachi what do you think of my fanfic ideas that I posted so far? Also sorry if it seems rude to say that...
Pretty much what happened on the fandom version of this thread when you asked me that. Can't comment on pretty much any of them since they all involve verses and characters I don't know whatsoever, the only referenced verses I actually know are JoJo's and Gravity Falls. There's also one JoJo's related message that's pretty much a fanfiction chapter on it's own and I kind of wouldn't want to read through the message regardless, no offense. Just to clarify, I'd be fine with giving my thoughts on any ideas centered entirely around one or two verses I know well enough, but I can't give much if any relevant thoughts when there are so many things I don't understand. The most I can do is say how well I think a general idea would work. For example, if you were to write a crossover, I could probably comment on things like how smoothly written something seems to be, or if I think it'd feel forced in, if I have enough context, of course. I'll just list all the verses I'm very familiar with and would also read fanfictions about to make things clearer.




Dragon Ball


Bleach (kind of iffy on the if I would read part, would probably prefer it if the Bleach characters are entering another verse than anything else).

Hunter X Hunter

My Hero Academia

One Punch Man

JoJo's (again, kind of iffy on the if I would read part, and would probably prefer it if the JoJo characters involved are entering another verse than anything else).


The Seven Deadly Sins/Nanatsu No Taizai


DOOM (same as JoJo's and Bleach, but would probably only read one centered around Doomguy, obviously)

SCP Foundation Mythos
Although, for the record, I do plan on eventually adding Fairy Tale to that list. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
Ah alright sorry about that! Heh guess I do ramble on a bit, and again sorry for repeating again.

Also your story for the Undertale x RWBY fanfic is going great RinneItachi!
I got this stupid idea writing a parody-reaction "story" where characters from multiple franchies reacting to their rating in vsbattle wiki.

But I'm not drunk enough to do that.
Not gonna lie that idea might be funny to read to see various characters to see how they rank in Vs Battle wiki.

Also my fanfic idea that I dreamt which are the MHA Mega Crossover fanfic is insane but pretty interesting to write about. I am excited to write my 12 fanfic ideas that I wrote in this thread because I am excited due to my ideas.


VS Battles
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Who here is familiar with Ace Combat? I shared this story a while ago but I need to catch people up on what happens prior to the story to summarize it
Oh I am doing composite routes of Fate/Stay Night such as Fate Route, Unlimited Blade Works Route and Heaven's Feel Route rolled into one verse.

These are the main pointed out events:
Lancer nearly kills Shirou.

Rin revives Shirou with her gem.

Shirou gets Saber as his servant and holds off Lancer who escaped.

Meanwhile, in the worm-filled basement of the Matou household, Zouken contemplates remaining as an observer in the Holy Grail War, but notes that the "experiment" he has created to help reach the Holy Grail is unexpectedly well suited for the current War. His experiment appears, resolving to restrict themselves to observation in the War to avoid conflict. Zouken allows it, but to subtly motivate his experiment, he quietly plants a seed of negativity, making a casual comment that Rin Tohsaka will probably emerge victorious.

Shirou encounters Illya who gave him an ominous warning.

Shirou and Shinji had an argument when Shirou found out Shinji was beating Sakura.

Shirou, Rin and Saber met Kotomine.

Illya soon attacks Shirou, Rin, Saber and Archer EMIYA.

Shirou had visions of an graveyard like place with unlimited blades.

Shirou heads to the Matou household to check on Sakura. There, he unexpectedly meets Zouken Matou, Sakura's grandfather, for the first time. Zouken asks Shirou about the daughter of the Einzberns, but is shocked to find he is completely unaware of the Einzberns. Brushing it off, he treats Shirou warmly and asks him to remain friends with his grandchildren before leaving. Shirou notes that the sound of insects stopped as soon as Zouken left.

While exploring the school, Shirou introduces Saber to Taiga and Sakura Matou as a foreign acquaintance of Kiritsugu, which they reluctantly accept. Still suspicious of Saber, Taiga and Sakura stay the night at Shirou's house.

Shirou is suddenly curious about Illya, and is unable to make a decision for an alliance with Rin. Disappointed, Rin leaves, warning Shirou that they will be enemies when they next meet.

Meanwhile, Rin and Archer investigate a supposed gas leak incident in the Shinto district, deducing it to be the work of a Servant residing at the Ryuudou Temple: Caster, who is discreetly sapping magical energy from innocents from afar. Disgusted, Rin resolves to take down Caster. Archer questions her, believing Saber and Shirou to be a more immediate target, and Rin assures him that she will show no mercy to Shirou.

Shirou learns from friend Ryuudou Issei and teacher Souichirou Kuzuki that fellow classmate Ayako Mitsuzuri has gone missing, after being last seen with Shinji Matou, who is also absent. With his sister Sakura staying at Shirou's house the night before, she is unaware of her brother's whereabouts or actions. Concerned for Ayako's safety, Shirou remains at school to investigate.

Rin confronts Shirou, admonishing him for not bringing Saber. Rin attacks Shirou with her Gandr shots, who can barely defend himself with Reinforcement magic. Rin pursues him through the school in a one-sided battle, demanding that he surrender his Command Spells. However, they are suddenly interrupted when a student is attacked and drained of life energy. While they are tending to the student, Rin is attacked by the assailant, but is saved by Shirou, who is speared through the arm. Shirou heads out alone into the woods to confront the attacker, the Servant Rider. After catching a brief glimpse of Shinji, Shirou is quickly overpowered and strung up by Rider. Rin arrives and drives Rider away.

Shirou finds Saber, and they discuss the Holy Grail War further, with Saber explaining concepts that Rin and Kirei did not earlier, and warning Shirou of their imperfect connection limiting her abilities. Shirou mentions his curiosity of Illya, and Saber reveals she knows of the Einzbern family, and directs him to the Kotomine Church to learn more. Shirou is reluctant, distrustful of Kirei, and Saber agrees, revealing that Kirei was a Master in the last Holy Grail War, and the greatest enemy of Saber's previous Master - Kiritsugu Emiya, which shocks Shirou.

Asking about the Einzberns, Kirei also explains to Shirou the origins of the Holy Grail War, formed by the three families of Einzbern, Tohsaka and Makiri to obtain the Holy Grail. For centuries, the Einzberns had sought the Holy Grail, using whatever methods necessary to obtain it, even seeking the help of an outside magus in Kiritsugu. However, after his betrayal, the Einzberns came to resent Kiritsugu, explaining Illya's apparent fixation on Shirou.

That night, Caster mind controls Shirou and makes him walk to the Ryuudou Temple, intending to take away his Command Spell. Saber pursues but is obstructed by the temple guardian, Assassin. Suddenly, Archer intervenes and saves Shirou from Caster. Having gotten past Assassin, Archer deduces that they are cooperating, to which Caster reveals that she is in fact, the Master of Assassin, having broken the rules to summon an imperfect Servant. Archer fights Caster, and saves Shirou again after he falls into the line of fire of Caster's spells, to both Archer and Shirou's dismay. Trapped by Caster's spell, Archer outwits her with his swords Kanshou and Bakuya, and wins the duel, gravely injuring her with the same arrow he used against Berserker - Caladbolg II. However, Archer spares Caster, and allows her to go free, despite her threat to innocents. Caster proposes an alliance with them, noting Shirou and Archer are alike. Both refuse, with Archer hesitating before doing so, and Caster withdraws. Archer and Shirou get into a quarrel over Caster, with Archer willing to let Caster go free to defeat Berserker at the cost of innocents, and Shirou, unwilling to sacrifice innocent lives. Enraged, Shirou rejects Archer, after which Archer attempts to kill Shirou. Injured, Shirou escapes, interrupting Saber and Assassin, who both defend him against Archer, Assassin allowing Saber to take Shirou home while he holds off Archer. At home, Saber and Shirou discuss Archer's apparent betrayal, with Shirou showing surprising admiration for his swordsmanship.

Heading to the shopping district, Shirou unexpectedly encounters Illya, who shows no hostility towards him and only wishes to talk. They converse and bond in a nearby park, where Illya tells Shirou about herself and the castle she lives in on the outskirts of the city. Before Shirou can ask further, she suddenly leaves, claiming Berserker had woken up.

Shirou continues his training with Saber, and continues to bond and attempts to learn more about her past and motives. The day proceeds normally aside from a surprise visit from Issei and gifts from Taiga. Rin arrives, telling them that Shinji had confronted her and offered to form an alliance with her, while insulting and beckoning her to abandon Shirou. However, she rebuffed and punched him to drive him away, much to Shirou's horror.

The pair continue their search, and soon Saber senses Rider on a nearby skyscraper. Rider attacks Shirou, but is parried by Saber, who begins to pursue Rider up the skyscraper. While Saber and Rider clash up along the side of the skyscraper, Shirou, thinking Shinji is there as well, heads to the building's rooftop. Reaching the rooftop first, Saber continues her fight with Rider, who reveals and attacks with her mount, Pegasus, forcing Saber to a standstill. Shirou arrives to confront Shinji, and Rider unleashes her Noble Phantasm, Bellerophon, as her final blow. To save Shirou, Saber is forced to reveal her own Noble Phantasm, and annihilates Rider with a single blow with the golden sword Excalibur, revealing her true identity as King Arthur. Rider's defeat causes Shinji's Command Spell, in the form of a Book of False Attendant, to burn away, ending his status as a Master. He flees while Saber collapses after using Excalibur.

After discussing with the now-healed Archer about Saber, Shirou heads to a park to think, only to meet Illya again. However, as opposed to their prior friendly rapport, Illya becomes hostile, and reveals she was present with Berserker during the fight with Rider. She immobilises Shirou with her Mystic Eyes, before capturing him. Shirou awakens to find himself bound in Illya's room in the Einzbern Castle. Illya intends to preserve and make Shirou her Servant, keeping his soul for her own, but he refuses. Feeling betrayed, Illya leaves to kill Saber and Rin, admitting she had killed Shinji as he tried to flee the day before. Managing to free himself from Illya's restraints, Shirou is fortunately met with Saber, Rin and Archer, who had come to his rescue, sneaking into the castle without resistance. However, during their escape, they are confronted by Berserker and Illya, who had never left the castle. Archer, at Rin's reluctant behest, remains behind to hold off Berserker while they escape, and gives Shirou a final piece of advice before they leave. Archer manages to escape without dying.

Training in the morning with Saber, Shirou's technique has surprisingly improved, with Saber realising he is copying Archer's technique to great success.

However, there, they find Rider already dead from a single blow by a unknown assailant, and a terrified Shinji, who flees as the bounded field falls. Saber reveals that Caster had summoned the Warriors, and was also present, revealing Caster's Master as the fourth Master at the school. Meeting with Archer as Kirei handles the school cleanup, Archer callously insults Rider's defeat, irritating Saber. He deduces that Caster's Master is a mere puppet being controlled, and they resolve to search for Caster's Master at school the following day.

Suspecting Issei, who lives at the Ryuudou Temple as its heir, Shirou forcibly searches him at lunch for a Command Spell, and is relieved to find none, proving Issei's innocence. Issei notes that an unusual woman has been living at the Temple, and that both Shinji and Sakura are absent from school. Meanwhile, a still terrified Shinji runs off to the Kotomine Church, seeking shelter. However, seeing that Shinji still has the will to fight, Kirei grants him the use of Gilgamesh as a new Servant. Shirou either meets with or calls (with her initially mistaking his voice for Archer) Rin, who is spying on Gilgamesh loitering near the Matou household, informing her of Issei's innocence, or runs into Leysritt, one of Illya's maids, at the shopping district. If running into Rin at the Matou house, Shirou learns that Rin knows about Sakura's visits, and she asks him an odd question about his opinion on being adopted. At home, Saber learns of Shirou's dream of becoming a Hero of Justice from Taiga. When Saber asks why he admires said heroes, Shirou finds himself unable to answer, realising he merely adopted his dream from Kiritsugu, wishing to become like him. He struggles with his dream, plagued by Archer's words deconstructing his ideals.

Rin wakes, realising that she had seen Archer's memories - and his history. Meanwhile, Shirou continues to dream of Kanshou and Bakuya, discovering he has a preference for Archer's weapons. Meeting with Issei at school, Shirou learns from him that teacher Souichirou Kuzuki also lives at the Ryuudou Temple, and that the woman at the Ryuudou Temple is Kuzuki's fiancee. Deciding it is enough evidence to suspect Kuzuki, Rin and Shirou plan to ambush him on his way to the Temple.

Rin, Shirou and Saber attack Kuzuki at night, and Caster herself defends him, revealing him as her Master. Despite not being a magus, and being unaware of Caster's actions as her puppet, he accepts her actions and takes a stance against his students. A former killer, Kuzuki surprises them with his innate fighting abilities, easily defeating Saber in one-on-one combat with his Snake techniques and his fists enhanced by Caster's magic. Kuzuki attacks Rin and Shirou, nearly killing them. However, Shirou manages to forcibly use Projection and his dreams to create copies of Kanshou and Bakuya, briefly holding his own against Kuzuki to protect Rin. Saber manages to recover with Caster distracted, and forces Kuzuki and Caster to withdraw to the Temple. Shirou reveals that he had also practiced in Projection as well as Reinforcement. However, on returning home, Shirou's Projection, having overloaded his Magic Circuit, causes him extreme pain and his left side to go numb. Meanwhile, Gilgamesh and Shinji investigate the Matou basement, with Gilgamesh explaining his belief that modern humanity is ugly and dispensible. With Kotomine turning a blind eye to their actions, they head off to retrieve the current vessel of the Holy Grail.

Shirou wakes to discover his left side has become completely numb, impairing his daily functions. He misses Rin's strategy meeting at school, and as a result, she comes to his house to host the meeting instead. Taiga is surprised to see her, but reluctantly allows the "study session" to continue. Forming a strategy to deal with Caster, Rin decides to set a trap to lure Caster out of the Temple. In the meantime, Rin and Shirou bond over their histories as magi, but Rin is irritated after learning about Shirou's dream and lack of self-worth, pointing out that him and Archer are very alike. Rin comes over to stay at Shirou's house, preparing to execute her plan tomorrow. While training his magic in his shed with Saber, Archer arrives, explaining that Shirou's numbness is due to overloading his underused Magic Circuits. He helps heal him to ease the numbness and improve his Circuits, explaining that he went through something similar. Before leaving, he continues to deconstruct Shirou's ideals, warning him that his ideals are only borrowed and not his own and denouncing it as a false life.

In his sleep, haunted by Archer's words, Shirou is conflicted on the true origin of his ideal - whether it is merely a borrowed ideal, taken from Kiritsugu in admiration for his being saved by him. Rin announces that she is taking Shirou on a date, bringing Saber along. They head to Shinto to explore the city and enjoy themselves on their date. However, Shirou is unable to have fun, believing himself unworthy of such a happy life due to his trauma and lack of self-worth, which irritates Rin.

Returning home, Shirou and Taiga manage to allow Sakura to stay over at his house. Sakura seems to come down with a strange fever, and Shirou cares for her during the night. After Sakura sleeps, Saber and Shirou head out to investigate the Ryuudou Temple. Meanwhile, at the Temple, Servant Assassin is defeated by an unknown assailant, and his body used as a catalyst to summon the True Assassin. The True Assassin devours the false Assassin's body, before escaping into the night with the sound of insects. When Shirou and Saber arrive at the Ryuudou Temple, they find it unusually quiet, the monks all strangely asleep. Investigating further, they find a shocked, bloody Caster standing over the corpse of her master Souichirou Kuzuki, her Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker drawn. Caster denies having killed her own Master, but attacks Saber in her madness without revealing their assailant. Saber finishes off the crazed Caster, and they leave to get Kirei's assistance tending to the innocent monks, but not before Shirou notices a strange presence watching them. Unknown to them, a mysterious shadow arrives after they leave, consuming Caster and Kuzuki's bodies.

Meanwhile, as night falls, Rin ponders Archer's past, seeing that he had grown weary after being shown the ugliness of humanity for eternity, and began loathing the ideal he once protected to his death.

Archer EMIYA soon uses Caster's Rule Breaker and made himself no longer Rin's servant and hits Saber by accident and made her his servant, as he planned to kill Shirou and left with Saber.

Rin confesses her regrets and many mistakes, but Shirou reassures her to keep her resolve, and confesses his feelings for her, and although she is reluctant and embarrassed, she eventually thanks him and accepts his help again. He returns her pendant, and she is astonished to discover that there are two identical pendants.

They return to Shirou's house to heal, prepare and plan. Realising they need allies to stand against Archer and Saber, they decide to ask Illya and Berserker for their assistance.

Shirou dreams of the Fuyuki fire ten years ago, recalling how he had believed that the ideal to save everyone was beautiful. Admiring such an existence, he swears to never regret his path even if he is proven wrong. Waking up, Rin and Shirou set out to the Einzbern Castle to meet Illya. Unfortunately, they have arrived too late: Shinji and Gilgamesh have gotten there first. Entering the ruined castle, they witness Gilgamesh and Berserker locked in battle. Berserker, burdening himself with protecting Illya, is unable to press the advantage, and is slowly defeated again and again by Gilgamesh. At Berserker's tenth death, Gilgamesh binds the Servant with the Chain of Heaven, before executing him. Berserker returns a final time, breaking free from the Chains, but is killed by Gilgamesh with Gae Bolg. Angered, Shirou emerges from hiding to confront Gilgamesh. Illya was saved by Lancer thankfully much to Gilgamesh's annoyance also Rin and Shirou escaped along with Lancer and Illya.

With no plan and a new foe in Gilgamesh, the two remain at the castle into sunset. However, Lancer suddenly emerges, and offers his help to defeat him. Explaining that his Master intends to cooperate, and distrustful of Gilgamesh, Lancer had chosen Illya, Rin and Shirou as allies out of personal preference. They accept.

They planned their attack and soon Illya managed to use the Rule Breaker to make Saber no longer Archer's servant. With Saber freed, Archer reveals that he was only faking his villain attitude and allow him to do what he has planned since the beginning kill Shirou. Saber attempts to defend Shirou, but both are easily beaten by Archer, who prepares to kill Shirou after restraining Rin. However, Rin makes a new contract with Saber, restoring her powers. Newly empowered, Saber continues to defend Shirou, asking Archer why he wishes to kill him. Archer counters by pointing out Saber's own foolish wish, and that someone will eventually save her. With that, Archer reveals his true Noble Phantasm to the group: the Reality Marble, Unlimited Blade Works, a world filled with copies of the infinite swords Archer has seen in his lifetime. He attempts to kill them with his swords, but Shirou counters them by projecting exact copies of Archer's barrage. Running low on magical energy and without a Master, Archer exits his Reality Marble, and kidnaps Rin as his hostage. Shirou and Archer agree to meet the day after at the Einzbern Castle to settle their battle, after which he leaves with Rin. Shirou and Saber leave, and explain the situation to Lancer outside. Lancer, disgusted with Archer, decides to continue their alliance to rescue Rin.

As night falls, Shirou, Illya, Saber and Lancer head for the Einzbern Castle, with Saber swearing to be Shirou's shield to the end.

The next day, Archer is met by Shinji and Gilgamesh, who arrive to retrieve Rin. Unable to fight Gilgamesh due to his deteriorating state, he strikes a deal to hand Rin over to them after killing Shirou. Leaving to confront Shirou, Gilgamesh insults Archer, calling him out as a "Faker".

Shirou, Saber and Lancer arrive at the Einzbern Castle, confronting Archer, revealed to be the Heroic Spirit EMIYA: Shirou Emiya from an alternate future, the hero who was betrayed by the ideals he once fought for. Lancer goes to rescue Rin, while Saber stays to observe Shirou and Archer's battle. Archer explains how he was left with nothing but regrets after becoming a Guardian, summoned only to fight and kill, again and again, to save the greater good. Forced time and time again to only see the disasters and horrors humanity can wreak on themselves, he grew to despise his own ideal, for rendering him nothing more than a janitor that could not save, but only cleaned up after the damage was already done. Now seeking to escape his fate as a Heroic Spirit, his final wish is to be summoned to his own time, where he can kill his past self and disappear. He considers this an act of mercy, sparing Shirou from his eventual fate of seeing his ideals betray and crush him. However, Shirou continues to reject Archer, swearing that he will not regret his choice as he did. They duel in single combat in the castle hall with their projected swords as Saber observes. The two fought and finally Shirou got through to Archer EMIYA and the two reconcile.

Gilgamesh confronts them, having watched the battle, and attempts to kill Shirou. Archer defends Shirou, taking the mortal attack. Thus the entire mansion was destroyed at this point Illya saved Rin not before beating Shinji to a pulp. Now that Illya, Saber and Rin found a near dead Shirou missing an arm and Archer EMIYA wounded they all looked in horror. Archer EMIYA soon cut his own arm off and told Rin and Illya to find someone to attach his arm to Shirou so he would survive and change his fate. Kotomine alive went and helped them to reattach the arm and thus Shirou was saved, as an arm of a Heroic Spirit, it is unable to be handled by a human, and is covered by the Shroud of Martin to prevent it consuming Shirou. Shirou is warned that he will break down and die if he uses Archer's arm even once.

Shirou spent days healing but one day Shirou has a nightmare of the Fuyuki fire. However, he sees further than he normally does, seeing his original parents, and the cause of the fire: a black sun, from which shadow poured onto the land. Upon waking up, Shirou finds that he is unusually sick with an apparent cold, skipping school to recover. Sakura, now recovered, also stays home to take care of Shirou. They get closer, with Shirou beginning to accept that Sakura is becoming like family to him. Despite being sick, Shirou sneaks out to go shopping and meet Illya again. They continue to talk and bond, with Illya showing Shirou the Einzbern Castle and her maids Sella and Leysritt by transferring his vision. Shirou promises to continue meeting Illya, to her delight. Shirou returns home to find Saber and Sakura angered by his absence, and is made to train with Saber as punishment. Rin calls Shirou, also angered by Shirou's absence from school, and tells him to come to school tomorrow. Sakura is disheartened by Shirou's apparent elation while talking to Rin. Later, Shinji unexpectedly arrives at Shirou's house, striking Sakura for not returning home and staying away without his knowledge. Shirou is angered, but Sakura stops them coming to blows, promising to obey Shinji. Satisfied with her promise, Shinji leaves, allowing her to stay. Soon after, Sakura has another sudden fever. Deciding to forgo patrolling that night, Shirou stays the night to take care of Sakura. In the shed, Shirou and Sakura talk and bond over their pasts, her asking him an odd question about his opinion on being adopted. Sakura also asks if Shirou can forgive her if she becomes a bad person, and Shirou replies that he would not, and would punish her for doing so, to her relief. Shirou reminisces on the first time Sakura came to help after his injury a year and a half ago, and obstinately continued to return until he relented and finally gave her a key - the second gift from someone dear to Sakura.

Lancer arrives on a scouting mission at the Ryuudou Temple to investigate, and encounters the True Assassin. They fight, with Lancer chasing True Assassin to the temple lake, holding the upper hand. However, Lancer is lured into an ambush, and is attacked by a mysterious Shadow hiding in the lake. Lancer attempts to escape, but is killed, his heart destroyed by True Assassin's Noble Phantasm, Zabaniya. The Shadow consumes Lancer while True Assassin consumes Lancer's heart.

Kirei Kotomine informs Shirou that the True Assassin was present the night they defeated Caster, and openly reveals himself as the late Lancer's Master. In return, Shirou tells Kirei of the past events, and of Zouken's involvement, which interests the priest. Hateful of Zouken, Kirei explains that Zouken is in fact an old magus, hundreds of years old, who uses insects as familiars to transfigure his body and sucks blood to maintain his youth. However, in the present day, he is on the verge of death, unable to walk in open daylight. Kirei believes that Zouken is the source of the abnormalities in the current War, and aims to suppress the damage caused as the War's supervisor. Shirou is distrustful, but Kirei assures him that, like Shirou, he has no wish, and would prefer if either Shirou or Rin obtained the Grail. At the Matou household, Shinji throws an unknown person into the Matou basement to the mercy of Zouken's worms. He threatens them to create another Command Spell, a Book of the False Attendant, in order to leave. On the way home, Shirou meets Illya again, annoyed that he did not notice her and forgot their promise. Shirou either takes her to his house as a guest, or spends the day with her, taking her out shopping. Shirou sees that despite her outward happiness being with Shirou, Illya is still inwardly conflicted and pained by her mission to take vengeance on the Emiya family as a Master. Shirou realises that Illya is Kiritsugu's true daughter and his sister, but keeps this silent. Illya bids him farewell, reminding him that they will be enemies after nightfall. Shirou returns home, finding Sakura asleep. She embraces Shirou while half-asleep, flustering him. After training with Saber, they make Sakura rest early, noting her apparent fatigue.

Saber and Shirou head out on another patrol. Detecting a Servant, they head to the Fuyuki bridge, and encounter Rin and Illya facing off with Zouken. Zouken summons Caster, her corpse reanimated by his worms, to defend himself. Saber easily dispatches her, while Illya attacks Zouken. However, a mysterious Shadow appears, and Zouken flees in fear. The Shadow attacks Rin, but Shirou pushes her out of its path. Touching the Shadow's attack, Shirou suffers crippling visions of evil curses, passing out. He wakes seconds later to find the Shadow gone. They determine that the Shadow is the cause of the coma incidents in the city, draining life from the civilians since Caster's death. Shirou resolves to destroy the Shadow. Shirou, Ilya and Saber return home to find Sakura awake. Realising Shirou is injured, Sakura blames Saber, who regretfully apologizes to the sleeping Shirou for not being able to protect him. Zouken attacks an innocent woman with his worms, devouring and assimilating her body to regain his own. True Assassin appears, revealing Zouken as his Master. Zouken reveals his wish to use the Grail's power to become truly immortal.

Shirou continues to see the effects of the Shadow on his everyday life: more students are absent, and Taiga is unable to visit, having to work overtime. Discussing strategy with Rin, Shirou agrees to patrol and search for the Shadow with Saber, while Rin investigates the Matou household for Zouken.

After school ends, Rin and Archer enter the Matou household. While Zouken is not present, they discover its basement - Zouken's "training room", a rotten breeding nest for his worms, intended to train the Matou successor through torture and violation, which greatly disgusts Rin. Leaving the basement, she confronts Shinji, berating him for his selfish and entitled desire to become a Master, making him inferior to Shirou. After leaving, Shinji resolves to kill Shirou as payback.

After night falls, Shirou and Saber decide to investigate the Ryuudou Temple further. However, they are attacked by True Assassin, and Saber separates Shirou from her to protect him. As Saber fights the True Assassin alone, Shirou is confronted by Zouken. As Saber and True Assassin fight, True Assassin exhausts his supply of Dirks. However, sensing a trap, Saber does not close in, and instead attacks True Assassin from afar by releasing Invisible Air. True Assassin counters it with Protection from Wind, and Saber is suddenly ensnared by the Shadow, having been lured into its territory as the true trap. True Assassin reveals his Cursed Arm, and attempts to use Zabaniya on Saber, but Saber severs his arm with the last of her energy. Apologising to Shirou, Saber is consumed by the Shadow. Shirou attempts to summon Saber, only for his Command Spell to disappear, revealing Saber's defeat. Enraged, Shirou tries to attack Zouken, only to be repelled by the True Assassin. Before the True Assassin can kill him, however, Illya unexpectedly appears and defends Shirou. Displaying an enhanced level of strength and ability that surprises Shirou, Illya easily defeats True Assassin, and both he and Zouken flee. When Shirou asks her about her motives, Rider only reveals that she was ordered to keep Shirou alive. Mourning the loss of Saber, Shirou thanks Ilya before leaving for home. He finds Sakura awake, waiting for him. She helps treat his injuries, and Shirou informs her that Saber has left. While saddened, Sakura is initially relieved, believing Shirou will no longer have to go out at night. However, Shirou corrects her, saying he will continue to do so more often, to her dismay. He resolves to continue the War, for his ideal and for Saber's sake. Alone in her room, Sakura begins to lust after Shirou, her fever unknowingly stirred by her feelings of hatred. She plans to find a way to prevent him going outside for his own protection. Meanwhile, Kirei and his Servant, Gilgamesh, discuss the growing damage caused by the Shadow. Concerned that the Shadow's power will soon consume the entire city, Gilgamesh prepares to take independent action against it.

Gilgamesh was eaten by the shadows and was left presumed dead.

After school, Rin takes Shirou to the Tohsaka household to train him in magic. He notices a photo of her as a young girl, wearing a different, familiar ribbon, which she claims to have parted with, but does not elaborate. Rin prepares to train Shirou's Magic Circuit, but halts after learning Sakura is sick at Shirou's house. They hurry, but not before Rin reveals that Shirou's specialty is in Projection magic and not Reinforcement.

Rin, Illya and Shirou soon found out that Sakura was at the Church as they went there where Kirei is attempting to heal Sakura. Rin reveals to Shirou that Sakura is in fact her younger sister, who was sent to the Matou family eleven years before to become the Matou successor, while Rin became Tohsaka's. Despite their connection, Rin is prepared to kill Sakura if she continues to be a threat. Kirei arrives, explaining that Zouken had implanted a Crest Worm into Sakura to control her, entangling with her Magic Circuits. When activated by Shinji's poison or by abandoning her duties as a Master, the Worm voraciously consumes Sakura's magical energy, eventually killing Sakura from the inside. Due to this, Sakura cannot be healed without a miracle, and is in danger of becoming a puppet for Zouken, sent on a rampage worse than Shinji's. Kirei prepares to perform surgery to attempt to remove the Crest Worm.

While ruminating at a park, Shirou is torn between saving Sakura and his ideal: killing her to prevent her from causing harm to others. He is found again by Illya, unwilling to fight due to Shirou no longer being a Master. Seeing Shirou in distress, Illya vows to be Shirou's ally, telling him it is natural to want to protect the ones you love. Motivated by Illya's words, Shirou decides that he wants to protect Sakura, thanking Illya for helping him. Sakura recalls the first day of the War, where she met with Zouken. Unwilling to fight, she wished to give Rider to Shinji and to remain passive. Zouken had allowed her, but lamented that Rin would most likely emerge the victor in a passing comment, with Sakura finding herself filled with jealousy towards her sister, a seed of negativity planted within her. She wakes in the church, with Kirei deliberately allowing her to overhear Rin and Shirou's decision.

Sakura vanished leaving Shirou and Rin worried.

Shirou, Rin and Illya went in the forest and encountered Saber Alter and True Assassin where they fought and Shirou unleashed Archer's arm and killed True Assassin not before Saber Alter leaving.

With the Holy Grail War a failure, Rin and Shirou decide to continue to fight and cooperate in order to stop Zouken, which Kirei allows. Illya decides to stay at Shirou's house, though reluctant due to Sakura's presence. Kirei leaves Shirou a final warning that fighting to save Sakura would mean his own eventual death. Needing a weapon against Zouken, Rin and Illya head to the Tohsaka household to open the keepsake of the Tohsaka family's mentor, Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, intending to use the Emiya household as their base.

Shirou returns home to a concerned Sakura, followed soon after by Rin and Illya. Resentful, Sakura is opposed to their staying, but eventually relents. Both Sakura and Illya are unusually aversive of each other, confusing Shirou. Sakura heads to bed, but not before nearly collapsing again, and Shirou noticing she does not acknowledge Rin as her sister in front of her. Archer's arm still causing Shirou pain, and he believes that he might be the only one that gives Sakura hope and happiness, and wonders if he will always be on her side, no matter what.

Shirou is nearly overwhelmed by Archer's arm in his sleep, nearly taking off the Shroud, but is woken and saved by Illya. Illya explains that Archer's knowledge, Noble Phantasm, and his abilities of Projection are beginning to flow into Shirou, but continues to warn him to never remove the Shroud. Shirou asks Sakura to let Illya to stay after the War's end, despite Illya's resentment of Sakura, which Sakura allows.

Watching the news, the group hear of the slaughter of four people in Shinto, and Rin deduces it to be the work of the Shadow, now attacking indiscriminately. They decide to take a defensive strategy, with Rin and Shirou patrolling nightly while Sakura and Illya remain home. Sakura is opposed, but relents after Shirou reminds her that it is for her sake. Rin transplants part of her Magic Crest onto Shirou to help suppress Archer's arm.

At Shirou's urging, Sakura and Rin begin to acknowledge each other as sisters again, slowly beginning to bond. While Rin and Illya prepare their plan, Shirou spends more time with Sakura. At the Matou household, Shinji, increasingly unstable, swears to make Sakura pay for staying with Shirou. He remembers his past, finding Zouken's basement and discovering Sakura as the true Matou successor, coming to resent and abuse her because of it.

Sakura ran off in pain and Shinji found her and he tried to force himself on her but Sakura sliced Shinji's throat killing him.

Shirou begins having sudden gaps in his memory, forgetting entire chunks of the day, hours seeming to pass instantly at times. They hear about another incident in the night, with hundreds of people and multiple buildings affected - and fourteen people missing. Rin and Illya explain their plan to Shirou to use Archer's Noble Phantasm to project the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch as a weapon to match the enemy Servants. Shirou is ready to remove the Shroud, but Rin will not allow him, only loosening it to slowly gain Archer's experience and projecting onto a blueprint. Illya, aware of Shirou and Archer's true relationship, prepares her own plan without Rin's knowledge.

Rin leaves, coming into conflict with Sakura, who is concerned about their intentions for Shirou. She begins to resent Rin further, believing her to be taking Shirou from her. As Shirou trains with the Shroud loosened, he continues to gain Archer's knowledge at the cost of forgetting segments of time, skipping entire sections of the day. He heads out shopping with Illya, spending time with her as she sings Die Lorelei. Shirou asks Illya to live with him after the War, but she laments that she has not long to live. She regretfully reveals that he can only save either herself or Sakura, but not both. She further explains that Rin's plan will fail due to her misunderstanding of Archer's magic: he will have to use Archer's arm to create the Jeweled Sword from scratch, dooming him to lose himself.

Shirou, Rin and Illya soon found out that Sakura is The Shadow and they struggled to find a way to kill her.

Zouken meets Shirou late at night at the Emiya Household and he reveals that Sakura is an artificial Holy Grail vessel, created by Zouken in imitation of the Einzbern's Holy Grail - Illya. By implanting shards of the destroyed Grail from the previous War into Sakura's body, Sakura was made a Grail vessel as Zouken's experiment, meant to be cultivated and used in a later War. However, due to the current War proving unexpectedly ideal, Zouken decided to go forward with his plans early. Zouken reveals that he is not the master of the Shadow, merely using it to his advantage. However, he claims he is now unable to control it or Sakura due to its sudden growth. He explains that the Shadow is the contents of the Holy Grail that have leaked into the physical world, due to Sakura being an imperfect vessel and unable to completely shut the gate of the Grail. Given a body and driven wild by Sakura's unconscious emotions, it is indiscriminately consuming innocents to survive, becoming stronger by the day. Knowing that Shirou is the only one Sakura trusts, Zouken asks his help in stopping the Shadow: by killing Sakura, to prevent more people from dying if she is allowed to live. Shirou is once again confronted with a critical decision: to hold to Kiritsugu's ideals, saving the lives of many by killing the person he loves, or to betray his ideals, saving his beloved while letting innocent people die. Unable to make a decision, he returns home. He asks Illya about the Einzbern Holy Grail, and she reveals that she is a homunculus, raised to be both the vessel of the Holy Grail and a Master - a container for the souls of the Heroic Spirits that die in the War, using their energy to fuel the Grail's purpose. The vessel will collect the souls of the seven Servants, sacrificing their human function as they do. Sakura, as a Black Grail, has consumed four of the Servants, leaving Illya with only Archer's soul.

Shirou decides to talk to Sakura casually for the final time, and asks her what she would like to do after the War. She expresses her wish to go see cherry blossoms in the spring with Shirou, and he promises to do so. As night falls, he makes his decision, and goes to mercifully kill Sakura in her sleep. However, Shirou cannot bring himself to kill her, and decides to fully betray his own ideals of becoming a Hero of Justice. Despite Sakura, now awake, wishing for Shirou to kill her to prevent further suffering, he refuses, swearing to protect her as her Hero of Justice.

Shirou and Rin plan to project the Jeweled Sword and defeat Zouken when night comes. Realising that Kirei would know about Sakura's true condition, he hurries to the church to consult him. Rin finds Sakura gone, with Rider pretending to sleep in her place. With Rider ordered to not let Rin leave, all Rin can do is wait, and expect the worst. Meanwhile, Sakura returns to the Matou household to confront Zouken, but finds him gone. Realising too late she has fallen into a trap, she is confronted by Shinji.

At the church, Kirei reveals to Shirou that he had known that Sakura was a Black Grail created by Zouken. However, knowing this, he still saved her life, wishing to protect the darkness within her for his own motives. Kirei explains that Zouken had not told Shirou the whole truth: he reveals that the Holy Grail was corrupted by an outside force, tainting its contents. No longer a colorless wish-granting relic, it is filled with curses and can only grant wishes by destruction and slaughter the true cause of the Fuyuki fire in the previous War.

Kirei elaborates that the corruption was introduced to the Grail during the Third Holy Grail War, by an entity of evil summoned by the Einzberns. Trapped within the Holy Grail as a malevolent impurity, the entity waits to be born again from the corrupted Grail into the outside world, to wreak destruction upon humanity. Kiritsugu, having seen it living within the Grail, chose to cast aside his wish and destroy it to prevent its birth. It is this entity that is corrupting Sakura, trying to bring itself into the world by permeating her, something that would not have occurred with a complete Holy Grail. As long as Sakura retains her sanity, the Shadow will remain separate from her.

Kirei reveals his wish to have Sakura become the Holy Grail, and to allow the entity within to be born into the outside world. Aware that they are enemies, Shirou still thanks Kirei for saving Sakura's life. Kirei tells Shirou that defeating Zouken and using the power of the Holy Grail is the only way to save Sakura. While disappointed that Shirou had abandoned his ideals to protect Sakura, Kirei encourages him to save her, no matter what. Shirou returns home, but learns what has happened from Rin. He hurries to the Matou household, chasing after Sakura, only to find Shinji dead.

The hidden Zouken taunts Shirou, revealing his plan was to have Shirou or Shinji bring Sakura to despair in order to merge with the Shadow. Shirou hurries home, realising Zouken intends to have Sakura take Illya to consume Archer's soul. Sakura, already attacking the house, overpowers and drains Rin's energy with her enhanced shadows while sending Saber Alter to capture Illya. Before she can kill Rin, Shirou arrives, attempting to appeal to Sakura, but fails. Sakura attacks Shirou, but Illya, however, agrees to come along with Sakura in exchange for her allowing the others to go free, on the condition that they be allowed to stop at the Einzbern Castle first to retrieve the Dress of Heaven required for the ritual. Sakura, Illya and Saber Alter leave, and Shirou passes out.

Shirou wakes in the Kotomine Church, learning that Rider had taken him and Rin to Kirei's care, with Rin now recovering at her house. After Shirou explains what happened to Kirei, he starts out for the Einzbern castle alone to save Sakura and Illya. Unexpectedly, Kirei offers his assistance, wishing to ally temporarily in order to rescue Illya. With a common enemy in Zouken, Shirou reluctantly accepts his help.

Shirou and Kirei enter the Einzbern forest together, Shirou armed with one of Kirei's Black Keys. Kirei warns Shirou to concentrate on saving Illya, with them unable to do anything for Sakura without a force that can match her Shadow. They continue to discuss the Shadow's nature, and Shirou considers destroying the Shadow before it is born. Kirei refuses to allow him, his goal being to allow the ritual to finish, and for Sakura to birth the Shadow's true body into the world, blessing its birth and allowing hell to be unleashed onto the world. Despite their final motives being at cross purposes, Shirou and Kirei choose to trust each other, sharing a common goal of saving Illya and freeing Sakura from Zouken.

At the Einzbern Castle, while Illya prepares the Dress of Heaven, Sakura continues her painful transfiguration, devastating the castle in her outbursts. Zouken is ecstatic, wishing to let her continue to deteriorate. True Assassin is skeptical of Zouken's passive approach, but Zouken assures him that Illya will be able to grant his wish of becoming eternal. Suddenly, True Assassin detects intruders leaving the castle, and gives chase. Under Zouken's orders, Sakura releases Saber Alter and unleashes Berserker, now blackened and blinded, to pursue them.

At the same time, Kirei and Shirou reach and infiltrate the castle, finding Illya. Despite her objections, Shirou convinces her to return home, and they flee with her in tow, True Assassin and the black Berserker in hot pursuit. Initially carrying Illya, Kirei remains behind to fight Zouken, leaving Illya to Shirou. Kirei is overpowered by True Assassin Alter, who uses Zabaniya to finish him off. Unexpectedly, however, Zabaniya has no effect on Kirei, revealing it to be a trap by Kirei. Kirei pins True Assassin with his Black Keys, and purifies Zouken's soul with a baptismal chant, completely destroying his body and seizing victory.

The blackened Berserker soon catches up to Shirou and Illya, and they are forced to defend themselves as they flee. Blinded, Berserker does not recognise Illya in his rage. Shirou is forced to use projection more and more, Archer's arm slowly beginning to consume his mind. Eventually, with no way to run, and out of options, Shirou decides to use Archer's arm, willing to accept the consequences to save Illya and Sakura, and as judgment for betraying his ideals. Despite Illya's pleading, Shirou confronts Berserker, and removes the Shroud of Martin, and his mind is quickly consumed by Archer's arm. He sees a vision of Archer standing ahead of him, as he is engulfed by the wind. However, his resolve emboldened, Shirou overcomes the wind on his mind and overtakes Archer, gaining control over the arm's power.

Accessing Archer's Unlimited Blade Works, Shirou uses the arm to project Berserker's Noble Phantasm, Nine Lives. As Berserker attacks, Shirou executes Nine Lives Blade Works, destroying Berserker's body. Finally catching sight of Illya, Berserker hesitates before he can attack, allowing Shirou to deliver the final blow, killing Berserker. He is victorious, but at the cost of passing the point of no return. Saber Alter arrives, confronting them, but immediately leaves to answer Sakura's call for assistance. Kirei reveals to True Assassin, one of the Hassan-i-Sabbah, that his heart is a black heart made from curses, granted to him by the Holy Grail's mud during the last War to resurrect him after his death at Kiritsugu's hands. As such, Zabaniya is unable to affect it, Kirei being aware of its effects from observing Lancer's defeat. Kirei soon kills True Assassin Alter ending the servant's life.

Kirei is confronted by Sakura, now merged with her Shadow to become Dark Sakura. Kirei admits he had kept Sakura alive to become the Master of the entity in the Grail, Avenger Angra Mainyu. In response, Sakura uses her powers to destroy Kirei's black heart, but is stopped from killing him by Berserker's defeat, suffering pain from absorbing his soul. Kirei escapes, with only hours to live.

Kirei Kotomine soon began to think back when he was at the Church few months after the Fourth Holy Grail War, as he read a book in the Church detailing a few aspects in the previous Holy Grail Wars in Fuyuki and the various servants as well as masters were known in the war. He laughs knowing that this war will be the last and the most interesting since the First Holy Grail War where actual gods were summoned.

Arriving home, Shirou's mind begins to irreparably break down, forgetting events if he loses concentration, and Archer's Reality Marble begins to invade his body. He attempts to use Rin's pendant to keep his mind focused using pain. Illya explains the true nature and history of the Holy Grail War and the Grail system: the Greater Grail, a great magic circle built into the land of Fuyuki under the Ryuudou Temple, by the three founding families, that governs the Holy Grail War ritual - and the Lesser Grail, the vessel built to contain the souls of the seven Heroic Spirits, using them as fuel to activate the Greater Grail and open a hole to the Root. The War itself is only a front, with its true nature being a ritual to attain Heaven's Feel, the Third Magic. She explains the origins of the Servant within it, Avenger: the evil Anti-Hero Servant summoned by the Einzberns during the Third Holy Grail War - with the identity of Angra Mainyu, the devil of Zoroastrianism, waiting years within the Greater Grail to be born. Zouken made Sakura form a contract with Avenger, aiming to gain control of it by eventually taking over Sakura's body, and becoming immortal.

An image of Dark Sakura appears at the house, pleading them to take Shirou away before she consumes the town with Avenger. Rin promises to kill Sakura herself before Sakura's image disappears. Shirou is adamant about saving her life, and Rin relents, promising to not kill her as long as he tries to save her. Rin and Illya help him to prepare to project the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch, a weapon that can utilize the Second Magic to stand against Zouken. Unaware of Shirou's use of Archer's arm, Rin gives Shirou her Azoth Sword as a blueprint. However, Illya and Shirou decide to project it alone. Illya shows Shirou memories of the original creation of the Greater Grail by Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern. Seeing Zelretch himself observing the ritual with his Jeweled Sword, Shirou uses Archer's arm to finally project the Jeweled Sword successfully, causing his mind to break down further.

Shortly after, saying his goodbyes to Illya and his fading memories of spending time with Sakura, Shirou, Rin and Rider leave for the final battle.

In the cavern of the Greater Grail, under the Ryuudou Temple, the ritual to materialize the Holy Grail has begun. Zouken, still alive in worm form, reunite in the Greater Grail with Sakura. Unable to supply magical energy, Zouken orders Sakura to form a contract with him. When she does not answer, he believes her mind has finally disappeared, and attempts to take her body. However, she suddenly wakes, and tiring of Zouken's abuses, betrays her grandfather. She consumes and rips out Zouken's core worm containing his soul, revealed to be hidden within her own body, and destroys it.

On the final night, Shirou, Rin and Rider find and enter the hidden cavern leading beneath the Ryuudou Temple. Inside, they are blocked by Saber Alter, who is guarding the path to the Greater Grail. Saber Alter only lets Rin pass at Sakura's request, and prepares to fight Shirou. Rin confronts Sakura, now consumed by Angra Mainyu, in the Greater Grail cavern. Rin draws the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch, and prepares to fight Sakura's army of Shadow Giants.

Shirou and Saber Alter clash, as Shirou prepares to use Archer's arm, losing his memories of Kiritsugu's last days in the process. However, Shirou uses Archer's arm to project a four-petaled Rho Aias as the two Noble Phantasms clash. Bellerophon manages to break through, and knocks down Saber Alter. Shirou runs to the fallen Saber, and kills her with the Azoth Sword. Knowing he has sacrificed a friend who had protected him in order to save the one he loves, he thanks her for saving him in the past as she disappears. He moves further into the cave.

Rin battles Sakura and her army of Shadow Giants using the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch. Using the Sword's endless energy, taken from parallel worlds using the Second Magic, Rin is able to continuously destroy the Shadow Giants Sakura summons. She slowly advances towards Sakura, with Sakura unable to outmatch the Jeweled Sword's output.

During the course of the battle, Sakura continuously curses Rin, telling her of the suffering she endured while everyone, even her own sister, turned a blind eye to her. She admits to being jealous of Rin, hateful that she had seen more success than herself, despite Sakura suffering more. Rin expresses indifference to Sakura's misery, enraging Sakura. Getting close, Rin detonates the Jeweled Sword to destroy all of Sakura's Shadows, and prepares to kill her. However, moments before she does, Rin hugs Sakura instead, unable to go through with killing her. Gravely wounded by Sakura's desperate counterattack, Rin admits she truly loves Sakura, and collapses.

Realizing that her weakness allowed her to be consumed by her own darkness and hurt the ones who truly loved her, Sakura loses control of her powers, cursing herself. Shirou arrives in the cavern, his body slowly being healed and filled with swords as Archer's Reality Marble invades him further. He finds Sakura, her sanity returned, unable to suppress her Shadows as she attempts to stop herself.

Despite Sakura's pleas to run and let her die, and her Shadows lashing out at him without her control, Shirou approaches her, projects and stabs Sakura with Caster's Rule Breaker, severing Sakura's contract with the unborn Avenger, freeing her at last. However, the embryonic Avenger does not vanish, having already grown too large, and the cavern begins to collapse on itself. Somehow a revived Saber escorts Rin and Sakura to safety at Shirou's request, as he prepares to destroy the Greater Grail with Excalibur to kill Avenger.

However, his way is barred by his final enemy: Kirei Kotomine, with mere minutes to live after the destruction of his heart. Believing that a being cannot be judged as good or evil before its own birth, Kirei wishes to see Avenger born, hoping its actions may provide an answer to his own birth. With his actions in the War all geared towards this end, Kirei intends to stop Shirou from destroying that which he has long desired to witness: a being of destruction that could validate his own existence. They admit that they are opposite extremes of each other, two sinners with no wishes for themselves, yet seeking to free themselves, one finding bliss in the happiness of others, and the other in their unhappiness.

The two men clash in a brutal fistfight to the death. Kirei holds the upper hand using his training in Bajiquan, but in return, injures himself with every strike due to Shirou's sword-covered body. Meanwhile, Zouken, still alive, barely clings to life as a mound of flesh, unwilling to die. He is met by Illya, wearing the Dress of Heaven. Speaking to him as Justeaze, she reminds Zouken of their original dream for the Holy Grail, which he had forgotten. Realizing his folly, Zouken accepts that he had lost his way, and willingly passes away.

Kirei overpowers Shirou, and prepares to kill him by crushing his head. However, Shirou, recalling his goal and promise to Sakura, remembers what he is fighting for, and has a second wind, surprising Kirei. Shirou relentlessly attacks Kirei, but is beaten back again. Before Kirei can deliver the killing blow, he finally succumbs to the destruction of his heart, and declares Shirou to be the victor before dying.

Shirou thought he would kill Avenger but instead emerged...Gilgamesh who absorbed Avenger and become a perfect being. He left and told Shirou in one day he will end the world and bring what he wants, a world of his treasure contained in his control.

Ilya soon heals Shirou while resting at the Emiya household. Illya, Saber, Rin, and Shirou soon began planning a way to stop the evil Gilgamesh who is fused with Avenger while Sakura was healing back at Emiya Household.

After one day has passed, they (Rin, Saber, Illya and Shirou) went to stop Gilgamesh who planted a seed of the Holy Grail and began amassing a massive monster to consume the entire city. Saber and Rin went to destroy the monster while Illya and Shirou went to defeat Gilgamesh.

Shirou and Gilgamesh fought in a fierce and destructive battle. Shirou fights Gilgamesh to a standstill, the swords in Unlimited Blade Works easily and perfectly countering the swords of Gate of Babylon. Despite Gilgamesh owning countless Noble Phantasms, having not mastered any of them due to their sheer number, he is unable to best Shirou in skill - a fatal flaw that a lesser Servant who has mastered a single Noble Phantasm would not possess. With the contest now a matter of brute force and output, Shirou is able to instantly match all of Gilgamesh's attacks with a projected copy from Unlimited Blade Works, thus always holding the advantage and being a step ahead.

Gilgamesh soon began to fuse with the monster and become a demonic entity capable of destroying the world as Shirou was given energy by Saber who sacrificed herself and gave Shirou her full power as Shirou has the power of two servants. Shirou along with Illya combined their attacks and unleashed a fury of destruction which eradicated Gilgamesh ending the war and the Holy Grail forever.

A month after the War, the school year ends. The aftermath of the War is handled by Kirei's new successor, with Kuzuki officially considered missing. Illya now a normal girl thanks to the Dress of Heaven granting her wish to be a normal girl (though with Magic Circuits) she goes to school and is glad to have Shirou as her big brother. Rin and Sakura both is officially in a romantic relationship with Shirou, who has been training in magic under Rin as an apprentice, planning to become a proper magus to follow in Kiritsugu's ideals. Sakura took over the Emiya Household and was pregnant with Shirou's child not wanting to tell at the moment. Rin also pregnant with SHirou's child plans to head off to the Clock Tower after her graduation, having received admission as the Tohsaka successor. She offers Shirou a place as her apprentice, to train him as a proper magus and help him lead a happy life. Shirou accepts, still recalling his duel with Archer. He vows to catch up with Archer with Rin's help, and find an answer at the end of his path.

Two years later, Rin, and Shirou with their son returns to Fuyuki from London for her yearly homecoming. They visited the Emiya household, where Taiga, Illya, Sakura and an unknown daughter of Shirou and Sakura are living peacefully. They remained in peace for a few months.

Rin mentioned she underwent a trial at the London Clock Tower for the opening and sudden closing of a gate to the Root. However, Zelretch himself appeared, nullifying all charges against Rin and congratulating her for recreating the Jeweled Sword. Sakura was named the new supervisor of Fuyuki. Still having remnants of being a Lesser Grail, Sakura continues to accumulate a surplus of magical energy that she must periodically release. Finally, Rin asks if Sakura is happy, to which she answers yes with a full smile. With spring just beginning, Shirou, Rin, Sakura, Illya and the two kids head out to watch the cherry blossoms bloom.


Or is it?

There is also a sequel and a prequel (Not Fate/Zero since that remains the same but there will be a prequel of the Third Holy Grail War which also will reference the previous two Holy Grail Wars)
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Fate/Fake: Apocalypse is the sequel to my composite route Fate/Stay Night fanfic.

In it many 1000 years have passed and the Emiya bloodline passed down since now Shirou, Rin, Sakura and Illya's children (Shirou had kids with three of them) have melded well into its own clan within Japan. Soon they became the most well known powerful Japanese magical clan that is fused with the Emiya, Tohsaka, Matou, and Einzbern clans and are highly powerful given what their magical origin is coming from the legendary Shirou, the wise Rin, the mystical Illya and the Heaven's Feel Sakura. The reason the Matou family was in the descendants is because Shinji had a child with someone else in illegal manner as the child of Shinji was married into the Emiya bloodline and soon the three main houses are now one.

Now after many years of peace, Shirou still an old man but looks like he is 60 years old lived alone since he acts as a hermit while rest of his descendants live in peace. Though sadly one day he and a surprising still alive Waver Velvet now as Lord El-Melloi II found out that America created their own Holy Grail War causing a massive magical outbreak and a disaster in America. Now annoyed both Shirou and Waver went to stop this new issue.

The sequel is an adaption of Fate/Fake novel.
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Also the prequel I am doing for my Fate fanfic that this prequel is based on the Third Holy Grail War and since not much has been explained I can make my own events to fill in the blanks and follow canon, also this prequel will also references the first and second Holy Grail Wars and also mention the servants in those ones.

Also in the Third Holy Grail War I will use some Servants from Fate/Apocrypha and some from Fate/EXTRA to use as ideas. Though for reference in the second and first Holy Grail War I would use servants from the rest of Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/EXTRA along with some Fate/Grand Order since I would have to balance each of the servants. Also in the Third Holy Grail War the Einzberns summoned Avengers and Saber class was lost so Saber class will not be used in the Third Holy Grail War.
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Well, I am working on a fanfic/verse called The Alignment of Stars on FC/OC, but a lot of my fanfics have been held off because of how much shit has been going on in this week.
Oh damn that sounds interesting man, but sorry to hear about your issues that you had this week hope everything turns out alright.
Well, everything is finally cooling down for me this week now, so I'll get some time on my hands to actually write the damn story. The first three chapters and a side story is on the page for it on FC/OC.
Thanks, all I really gotta do now is just finish up The Anomaly's (hopefully) last chapter and then I can pull most of my attention back into The Alignment of Stars. Honestly, the little bit of spoiler I can give for this last chapter is that the power-scaling and battles are gonna sky-rocket.
Oh hey guys what do you think of my Fate/Stay Night idea where I fused the three routes together?

Also to add on that Fate/Zero happened the same in canon so no differences are really there.

The sequel that adapts Fate/Fake novel is based on where America tried to create their own Holy Grail War and screwed up so badly that it just caused so much chaos and I am taking that idea and making an old Shirou and Waver go to America to solve the issue. Also the servants that appeared in Fate/Fake novel will appear as well and it will be interesting to see how they will interact with Shirou and Waver.
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I am planning to do a Fate fanfic as well.
Title is : Fate: Celestial Chronicles
Basically, it is my own variation of the moon cell holy grail war.
The main character is someone with mystic eyes of death perception. Originally a bounty hunter like kiritsugu, he hated mages because they killed his parents because with sealing designation, and when he got fatally wounded, solomon alter , the altered king of mages, saved him by giving him his heart similarly how seigfried saved seig.
There are three routes and three heroines, and a fourth route with everyone.
1. Ishtar route
2.Ereshkigal route
3.Bride nero route
4. Everyone.
Also, the holy grail war would be a mix of apocrypha and false and true holy grailw ars.
There will be a false apocrypha and a true apocrypha.
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IDK much to share with mines, since they're all so far just harem OC stories. Granted these aren't the kinds that are OP ish...well in a certain angle and contextual relation to the setting they're in, maybe. But they aren't really as wacky or crazy as the many stories there on Wattpad for me.
IDK much to share with mines, since they're all so far just harem OC stories. Granted these aren't the kinds that are OP ish...well in a certain angle and contextual relation to the setting they're in, maybe. But they aren't really as wacky or crazy as the many stories there on Wattpad for me.
Alright then, let us write good stories...we don't want to end up in the worst fanfictions ever thread.
Have a couple of Re:Zero crossover ideas going on. First one was pretty much the idea for A Reset Gone Wrong (Rewritten), except Sans goes into the world of Re:Zero rather than RWBY. Not long after I also thought of Itachi going to the Re:Zero fantasy world. I was debating with myself over which one I should go for, but I just chose to try both and see how it goes. Also thought about Trunks in RWBY for a bit, but discarded the idea, as RWBY relies on conflict for a proper story to exist, and with Trunks there, the main conflict would end the moment he learns what's going on.

To elaborate on the two Re:Zero stories, it wouldn't be another unoriginal "MC is now in Subaru's position but does everything right", because that's boring af. I'd rather have my MC's actually out and doing their own things rather than feeling like an additional character that adds nothing to the story.
I also took a break from ARGW(R) but just recently began getting right back into it, and I've already made significant progress. I'm still putting a big hold on Dragon Ball: Remnant, but I'll get it out eventually. Actually wait, I know I've talked about ARGW(R) here before, but have I mentioned Dragon Ball: Remnant? If not, I'll explain real quick.

Basically, I decided to borrow an idea from Transposition F, although I am crediting the person who wrote that story, of course. The idea is that Aura from RWBY is actually just Shoki, which is one of the three aspects of Ki, from Dragon Ball. I pretty much devised a way to almost if not perfectly modify Aura so that it genuinely seems like Ki, without changing it so much that it isn't Aura from RWBY anymore. I'll go ahead and paste a copy of explanations I made for both, and what's different about them in the fanfiction, also including Magic from both series.

Ki: A person’s life energy, which can be manipulated to enhance physical strength, fly, be concentrated in the form of an energy blast, enhance the durability and potency of objects, and more.

It has three aspects; Genki (Vigor), Yuki (Courage), and Shoki (Mind).

Genki is, in its most simplistic terms, raw life energy, it is the most commonly known and used aspect of Ki, which is used for Ki’s most common abilities, it can be used naturally, which is in a way that draws out normal concentrations of energy, and can be recovered overtime without consequence, or used to draw from someone’s vitality, which will shorten their life-span. However, when used in such a way, it is exponentially more powerful than normal uses of Genki.

Yuki is an aspect of Ki based on emotions. When someone holds strong emotions, sometimes they can be used to strengthen a person's Yuki, which will allow them to gain substantial increases in power. However, if someone feels an emotion that may hold them back, such as, and most commonly being fear, they may be considerably weakened.

Shoki is an aspect of Ki centered around a person’s mind. A Ki user’s mental fortitude, especially when balanced with their physical strength properly, can give significant boosts in power. Shoki also allows for unique abilities such as telekensis, mind reading, and feeling other people’s emotions, among other things.

Aura: Aura is described as the manifestation of one's soul by the people of Remnant, however the actual legitimacy of this is unknown.

Aura users seemingly must have their Aura unlocked via another person ejecting their Aura into them, however it is unknown how the first Aura user came about unlocking their own without this method. It is known, however, that only living beings with souls, such as humans, faunus, and animals, are capable of using it.

Each person has an innate amount of Aura, one can have an abnormally high amount of it, even if they don’t know it exists, and it is unknown if Aura is capable of increasing in quantity through training.

Typically, experienced Aura users can be using it subconciously, and are also capable of manipulating it in the form of barriers, or surrounding weapons with it, to reinforce said weapons, making them more powerful in an offensive and defensive sense. It is typically used as a shield completely enveloping one's own body, and can be used for very limited regenerative capabilities.

Its other known abilities include high temperature protection, Aura sensing/extrasensory perception, and recognizing someone's Aura. However these capabilities are only available to highly skilled Aura users.

Magic (Dragon Ball): In Dragon Ball, magic is a type of power used by a very small number of people, and is completely seperate from Ki.

The number of abilities possible through magic are numerous, and all vary in effectiveness for combat. In its essence, magic is simply supernatural forces that go against normal, more logical powers, and can seemingly only be used either by those who are naturally born with it, or those who train extensively to use it.

Known abilities used via magic include materialization/creation, clairvoyance, transmutation, sealing, teleportation, mind manipulation, telekenesis, mind reading, telepathy, extrasensory perception awareness, energy/life force absorpstion, longevity (via absorbing life force), energy/life force manipulation (can manipulate the energy of inanimate objects, including entire planets), electricity manipulation, scanning (to the extent of even observing an entire galaxy), extrasensory perception (a magic user could sense the magic power coming from the Dragon Balls), illusions, and forcefield creation.

Magic (RWBY): In RWBY, magic is a special, ancient power, one used and gifted by the God Brothers, who created Remnant.

Magic is typically used in the form of energy beams, or elemental manipulation. However it can also be used for telekenesis, clairvoyance, eternal youth, transformation (likely limited to animals), forcefield creation, and limited flight.

Changes: Aura is simply an aspect of Ki. Shoki.

Originally, some humans had knowledge of all three aspects of Ki, and certain styles of martial arts even began to form around it. However, when humanity was destroyed and restored, every human on Remnant forgot about Ki’s true power and nature.

In modern day, humans only know how to access a small portion of their Genki, occasionally naturally use Yuki, and have masterful use of their Shoki. Overtime, humans had become so attuned to Shoki, that they began to naturally develop unique powers based on a person’s mind, or rather, personality.

Aura is not unlocked through a method of allowing one’s own Aura to enter anothers, and can only be accessed through training. However, one experiencing anothers Aura usually allows them to access their own with less difficulty, and Remnant’s humans are capable of learning how to use their Aura/Ki more naturally than the humans in canon Dragon Ball, due to their profeciency with Shoki.

Only the humans of Remnant are capable of healing via Aura/Ki. All forms of sensing outward things via Aura are simply forms of Ki sensing that few Remnant inhabitants have naturally accessed via intense training. Rather than Aura/Ki normally being used as a literal shield, although it can be used as a shield, it simply enhances one's body.

Magic from both series are now the same thing. RWBY’s magic is capable of far more than what the humans of Remnant actually use, however they are not fully aware of its capabilities yet.
Hope everyone is enjoying this and the other thread! Always love reading your stories since your ideas are so interesting!

(I also recently updated some of my stories since they kinda needed to be explained more)
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Thanks, and I'll check out that other thread. By the way, I literally just posted the new chapter to ARGW(R). So recently that I keep refreshing the site every couple minutes and it hasn't updated the chapter being posted yet.
ngl I was genuinely thinking about making a fanfic where the characters move up really fast through the tiers and ending at a ridiculously high 2-C rating. It was just going to be a bunch of chaos and a bunch of people fighting to the point where the main bad just appears in the fourth dimension and exploding 1000 universes, and the good bois would have to fight him. Honestly, I might try to revisit this idea and change it up a bit, sounds like a good idea if there was actual substance and story-telling along the way.
Oh I forgot about this thread.

I finally dropped the news on my followers that I'm not planning to continue my old fanfic.

Might go back and write some short stories every once in a while.
I have gotten more than one out but main put a lot of focus on one so far.

Currently now Just trying to juggle each of them. Seeing a few I follow on Wattpad gives me the idea that I can update one and then go to another after.
Since I mentioned in the other fanfiction thread that the Itachi in Re:Zero fanfiction changes it so that Itachi now works under the power system of Re:Zero, and doesn't use Chakra anymore, I'll explain it in a bit more detail, because why not I'm also assuming everyone here has watched Naruto and Re:Zero, and doesn't care about spoilers, of course.

In Re:Zero, there are several types of powers, but the main power system is magic, which is based around mana. In Re:Zero, the mana system is kind of complicated, but to summarize it: Mana exists pretty much everywhere, even in the atmosphere, meanwhile people can channel mana through their Gate, which is a sort of portal type thing within every living being. They alter this mana then use it for a spell. There's also Od, which is pretty much raw life energy, but using it will shorten a person's life span, so it's not typically used. All mana comes from Od Laguna, which is basically the world itself, and all of the residual mana left over from people casting spells and such will eventually be recycled through Od Laguna and returned to the world for use again, so it is a never ending cycle. Over use of magic can also lead to damaging one's own Gate, which Subaru does to himself by overusing Shamac. This is pretty much all a massive summary though because Re:Zero really goes super in depth about the magic system.

In the fanfiction, all of Itachi's Jutsu are altered to fit the Re:Zero power system. Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu is now a magical spell that concentrates high amounts of mana to one point, alters its temperature, shape and color, then fires it out at an opponent. As for Itachi's unique abilities, Sharingan is the same as usual, except it now sees mana (which is normally invisible unless highly concentrated, similarly to Chakra) like how the Sharingan can view Chakra. The Amatarasu is obviously now just a spell, Genjutsu is probably going to be treated as something outside of magic and unrelated to mana, and the Susano'o is going to be something that concentrates all of the nearby mana in the atmosphere towards Itachi, collecting as much as necessary depending on what stage of Susano'o he's trying to use. This is actually something characters occasionally do in Re:Zero. Reinhard draws the mana around himself to launch an attack at Elsa in one of the first episodes, and I believe Puck's true form is sustained via drawing mana out of everything nearby.
I have a nasuverse x Masadaverse crossover idea.
Akasha, or the root, is described as the throne of god.
The throne is similar to akasha in masadaverse.
So what is Throne=Akasha?
Also, taiji in shinza banshou is he beginning of all things, the root, original/first beginning, or beginning of all beginnings. Taikyoku is even the source of yin and yang. Taikyoku is the "Supreme Ultimate" state of limitless potential, the oneness before duality, all who have reached Atziluth have taikyoku. Atziluth is the emanation of the spirit/soul (Atman), which is beyond the dimensional framework, representing a cosmic law which repaints all of reality for themselves, in accordance with the desire of the god itself, bypassing any obstacles because taikyoku is primary in relation to any form of existence. Beings who reached taikyoku are transcendent in relation to any form of existence, any form of information, any form of duality, any form of time-space, regardless of its complexity, or its size. Taikyoku is the root of all things and phenomena, therefore, regardless if an impact is tangible, intangible, spiritual, mental, logical, verbal, nothing can affect them. To oppose the law, you are required to possess an equivalent or greater Taikyoku value to compete on a similar playing field as the Atziluth user. This is similar to the root in nasuverse!
In other words, Root=Throne!!
This must be a fanfiction.
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