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Seath the Scaleless (0) vs the Monster Hunter (7) (Grace)

Dude has Immortality negation? Sure, I guess he could, but he could also just break the Crystal. It's in the same stage as the fight is happening. Not that the Hunter knows that I guess.
The hunter has regen negation that works on dragons like the Fatalis (which has High-Mid regen compared to Seath's Mid regen). Also the Hunter can put the Fatalis to sleep and it has better regen than Seath (unless it's not combat applicable), I'm pretty sure Seath is knocked out due to sleep manipulation as soon as the fight starts. This probably isn't a stomp as being even slightly poked by a stray crystal instantly kills the Hunter due to him not resisting curses, but his sleep manipulation has better range and he passively dodges attacks due to one of his mantles.


Seath's petrification will absolutely put down the Monster Hunter as far as I know, and is smarter than your average Elder Dragon. That said...

Hunter has a very very very wide versatility advantage, and the means to bypass that. Stealthing into the crystal to destroy it + the ability to dodge his petrification crystals means Hunter could reasonably take this. A variety of other advantages (damaging more intelligent creatures a fuckton more, paralysis, drugs, etc) also make me lean more towards Hunter in this encounter.

For now, voting Hunter.
we are finished