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Samus Aran Vs Pyron


El SiD
VS Battles
Joke Battles
Battle of Stellar threats

Samus has her equipment from Metroid Prime and Echoes, inlcuding the Light Suit (Low 4-C rating)

And Pryon has his Low 4-C rating

Speed is equalized.


Samus Ara
Pyron wins. Most of their abilities cancel each other out but his experience dwarfs Samus' and precog along with energy absorbtion ultimately win the match.
Pyron hax is too much for Samus to handle and he can pressure her with teleportation and gravity manipulation.
Uhh, I don't mean to vote for anyone (being the creator of this thread)

But I would like to point out to Crop that Samus also has precog and energy absorbation and to Dark, Samus is immune to gravity manipulation with the equipment from Prime and Echoes.
It'll be more useful on Pyron's end unless fire counts as energy and when has she displayed precog?
Fire won't be anywhere near useful compared to absolute zero ice. Also, the Varia Suit will help with fire in general.
It's called Sensemove and it appeared in Other M. And just wanna point out that the Varia feature gives her a massive resistance to heat and fire.
The only other way he can hurt Samus is with transmutation, which one-shots and doesn't prevent this from being a stomp.
"which one-shots and doesn't prevent this from being a stomp."

Kinda does tho.
"If one character can do almost nothing but one-shot their opponent then how is this fair?"

Uh... just... gonna let you ponder on that one
Is Pyron allowed to get stronger during the fight? If so then he just zooms off and noms several solar systems and gets boosted to 4-A before hitting her with his strongest attack.
Nah the feat is taken in context.

Though, as I've mentioned time and time again.... the feat is an outlier.

That said, the Judicator Beam is near absolute zero, and since the Ice Spreader and Dark Beam should be to some degree, higher or equal, its safe to that the Ice Spreader should be on this level

Also, fire... is not very effective against the Varia Suit...