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  1. SamanPatou

    Darkstalkers Powers&Abilities + Lifting Strength CRT

    So, here's the long-awaited thread, to add and to remove (but especially to add) powers, abilities, hax etc... and something else to our monsters and to fix something about lifting strength I forgot in the previous CRT. This came out very long so let me know if it's better split it in more than...
  2. SamanPatou

    Darkstalkers CRT: The Night Revision

    So, the long awaited moment (at least for me) has finally come! Time to bring some order. This CRT has two purposes. The first is to adjust tiers and speed, and the second to get rid of all the material that is taken from the OVA and the comics (I will make profiles for them in the future...
  3. AwkguyDB

    Goku comes across an "Overrated Fire Alien" during his Grand Tour.

    Base GT Goku takes on Pyron. Deserted Planet outside of our Solar System. 3-C forms/abilities used here. Speed Equalized
  4. About Pyron

    He is made of pure energy so he can't really be harmed by physical attacks like ordinary punches or kicks. Can I add this?
  5. Han_Solo7

    Pyron in Capcom Fighting Eevolutionn

    There is a non-canon crossover game called Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution where Pyron used reality warping in order to merge 3 universes (Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and Red Earth) together. Should that be added to his profile? His non-canon version seems to be 2-C Multi-universe level.
  6. Schnee_One

    Darkstalkers revisions

    Anyway, the cast is realitivistic+ despite the fact that Pyro has an MFTL+ travel speed feat where he crosses stars. Problem, this is not just travel speed. The feat in question is Pyron who, on his own power, travels the Universe in his ending. This was not something specific that allows him...
  7. Elms_Trampos

    Asura's Wrath and Darkstalkers crossover question

    I've read that we shouldn't use crossovers to measure a character's tier because power levels are usually equalized but this is a sort of what if scenario. So, there's a cameo appearance in episode 19 of Asura's Wrath where Pyron from Darkstalkers shows up in the bottom right corner, here's the...
  8. SuperBearNeo_X

    Possible Low 2-C Upgrade for Pyron

    So after looking at Pyron's Ending for Night Warriors i begin to notice something that people don't tend to mention....In this ending it states that "In due time, he would have the whole of existence in his grasp, and his body and sould would come to be known as the universe". Now wouldn't...
  9. Beerus1000

    Pyron vs Gourmet God

    pyron takes on 1 of these galaxy size gourmet god http://static6.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11117/111171443/5537360-1323498477-55372.jpg who wins?
  10. SolBadgay300

    Darkstalkers Upgrade

    From ClassicGameGuys via Skype: "Pyron flies to Hellstorm: http://youtu.be/qdu1rKcIoyI?t=4 As you can see, Pyron launches himself through the earth and displaces a fuckton of the ocean, the water of which then gets vapourized. Should be a planet level bit feat for mortal Pyron, but I am more...
  11. Jiangshi1

    Watatsuki no Yorihime (Touhou Project) vs Mortal Pyron (Darkstalkers)

    Gods and Aliens, the Lunarian Commander and the cosmic being who devours all meet in combat with the Lunar Capital's fate hanging in the balance Yorihime's 4-C stat vs Mortal Pyron (also 4-C) Location - The Lunar Capital's ruins Victory through any means Bloodlusted Starting distance - 14...
  12. SomebodyData

    Samus Aran Vs Pyron

    Battle of Stellar threats Samus has her equipment from Metroid Prime and Echoes, inlcuding the Light Suit (Low 4-C rating) And Pryon has his Low 4-C rating Speed is equalized. Pyro Samus Ara
  13. MarvelFanatic119

    Pyron vs. Chakravatin

    Pyron is in his True Form Chakravartin is in his Golden Form In character Location: In space Distance: Several thousand light years away from each other Win via KO, Death, or Incapacitation Who wins and why? Pyro VS. Chakravarti
  14. AllFiction

    Goku SSG vs Pyron and Ashura

    Round 1.- Speed Equalized, Goku only uses its 50% power Round 2.- Speed unequalized. Goku Full Power vs
  15. Xenomorphios

    Eris (Dreamworks) vs Pyron (True Form)

    "Eris, the goddess of discord. You may have seen my likeness on the temple walls". VS
  16. Cropfist

    Asura vs Pyron

    A battle between two gods who become bigger and stronger with each form!
  17. DBZMLP12345

    Pyron vs SSJ4 Gogeta

    Who wins? The strongest character from GT and the Ultimate Fusion? Or the Galactus of DarkStalkers Pyron? Also, Speed is equalized
  18. TheMightyBiscuit

    Pyron vs Chakravartin & Asura

    All at full power. Who wins?
  19. Undylan

    Pyron vs SSG Goku

    The Red SSG Goku vs Pyron. Who would win this monster battle?