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Saber (Fate/Prototype) vs Brunhild Eiktobel (To Aru)

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Saber (Fate/Prototype)

Brunhild Eiktobel

I saw that a versus thread with Saber (Fate / Stay Night) and Brunhild was created a while ago. So I thought a fight between her male counterpart and Brunhild would also be interesting. Also because I love battles between Nasuverse and Toaruverse.

Equalized speed. No prep. Win by Death or K.O. The fighting place is a deserted island.
The both are at their High 6-C Version.

Would the outcome of the fight change?
Boy saber seems to have the edge here with his fate manipulation, which would save him from deadly blows, but is there anything impressive about Brunhild that would make this fight difficult for him?
Well, both have roughly equal skills. However, with Gungnir, Brunhild can control natural disasters and phenomena as well as all elements (water, fire, ice, magma, air, earth etc). She could also prevent his Regenerationn. She could also put him to sleep but I guess that is out of character.
I think she would have some problems with Precognition or with the invisibility of his sword, though.
Ok, well manipulating the elements isn't that impressive against someone with precognition. I'd say Saber will eventually outlast her with his huge luck, and precognition.
I mean, she can literally create tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, generate sharp winds etc... Arthur's precognition would obviously be very helpful in close combat, but being able to predict attacks doesn't necessarily mean that you can dodge them. That's why I don't think that precognition would really be useful against a weapon like Gungnir.

As for his supernatural luck ... I need more information. How good is his luck?

Moreover, according to her profile, Brunhild could survive Excalibur as well.
His luck is comparable to girl Saber, who survived Gae Bolg, which is a causality manipulating attack. The weather manipulation stuff, Saber can just release Excalibur to counter them.

Would he be able to spam Excalibur without getting tired? Because that's what he'll need to do to survive.
What about Gungnir's weapon destruction ability? Also, Saber is High 6-C only with excaliblast.

If Bru lands a hit on him, he is dead.
Anyway, here's the way I think the fight would go, feel free to correct me if you think my reasoning is wrong:

The fight would likely start with an ordinary sword duel, but Brunhild will quickly be at a disadvantage against Arthur because of Precognition and Invisible Air. She will quickly realize it, retreat and judging that Arthur is a dangerous opponent. So she would probably start using Gungnir.

So Arthur will have to deal with earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanics eruption, floods, pure white flames, lightning etc... He could counter them with Excalibur and somehow survive with his supernatural luck, but the question is whether he can spam Excalibur without being tired?

The only way I see that Arthur could win is if he gets close enough to Brunhild since he is advantaged in close combat for the reasons stated above.

Basically, I think the outcome of this fight will be decided by who will take the advantage over the other decisively.

@Knight : Voting for Brunhild ?
The second one. The version in which she can use Gungnir. Maybe restricting Gungnir would give Arthur a better chance to win?
The second key? As I said, she is above immensely above arthur in both AP and Dura now. He can't even harm her.

Arthur : 0

Brunhild : 2

@Theglassman12 : Are you talking about the version where she has mountain level durability?
She is still High 6-C (with her sword) in this version. But it means that she would not have access to Gungnir (I think ?) and that the fight would be essentially a sword duel.

I am wondering if she can thank Excalibur.
Brunhild hits Arthur once and he dies. His durability and AP are only Mountain level. He can only reach High 6-C by unlocking enough seals on Excalibur, which take time and requires him to stand still, and using it at that output is going to drain most of his mana, so he can't spam it. Stomp thread.
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