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Recalcing Geo Stelar's and Jenny Wakeman's speed values

I noticed these 2 had similar speeds at one point, and honestly they still should, AND they both fought eachother on this site so I guess I'll Calc them both here. Note that these upgrades, if accepted, do not change the outcome. even if one used the high-end for Jenny and low-end for Stelar, his hax and power would

Geo's Speed Calc

apparently Geo is 2.6 billion c for going from Earth to Saggitarrius A in a short timeframe. decided to look into this myself, so I did a few runs from there and back. I cannot show you these runs as I do not have a ds recorder nor an emulator. I can however, calc the distance with certain timeframes

The distance between Earth and Saggitarius A is 26,000 Lightyears, so we'll be using that for various multiples/whatever they are called

Part 1: Mid-End (1 minute)

This is the rough value one gets by walking through the fastest pathway to the Black Hole Server (Saggitarius A), discounting the time it takes to dispatch viruses. I got 56 seconds, but let's round it up to 1 for the sake of lowballing and just making things simple.

26,000*365*24*60 = 13,665,600,000c or 13.665,6 Billion C

Part 2: Low-End

This assumes you take the same pathway but also count the viruses you encounter. This takes about 5 minutes or so

26,000*365*24*60/5 = 2,733,120,000 or 2.7 Billion C.

This is basically the same as we have now, just slightly higher

Part 3: High-End

Geo is also able to pulse out to nigh-instantly get back to Earth. This is not teleportation as pulsing out makes him go in one direction, rather than phasing or warping as he does with Mega Attacks (think instant transmission). Therefore it should be allowed to use for finding his speed. It takes about 1 second so

26,000*365*24*60*60 = 819,936,000,000 or just under 820 billion c

Jenny Wakeman Calc

her value, assuming this took an hour, was 219,000,000c. Assuming it took an hour is a bit odd since she was already a pretty good distance between the galaxies in a matter of seconds

Mid-End (Assuming it took 1 minute)

219,000,000*60 = 13,140,000,000c or about 13.1 billion c. Hmmmm why does that sound familiar?

Low End (Assuming it took 5 minutes)

219,000,000*60/5 = 2,628,000,000 OR just over 2.6 billion c. HMMMMMM this seems very familiar....

High-End (assuming it took 20 seconds (one cannot assume 1 second since the scene is a few seconds, but IMO this seems usable)

219,000,000*60*3 = 39,420,000,000 or about 39.5 billion c

So yeah, reasonably large speed upgrades.
You need to post this as a blog, and then ask for input in the calculation evaluations thread.