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Ok just doing some fixes and tweaks on Ikki's profile:

Trackless Step
Just gotta move this to Ikki's first key since he has it in the first key as well, but there is also something to add on it. Later on, showings from Momiji (another user of Trackless Step, although not a very good one) explain that her Trackless Step is just entering people's blind spots. So this would obviously mean that the top 3 can do this as well (the top 3 users being Torajirou Nangou, Ikki and Nene from statements). So in addition to what it already does, blind spots should be added too.

Edelweiss Sword Style
We all know the drill, using this style Ikki can remove all sounds from his attacks and lack the need to accelerate, this is already on the profile, but after re-reading a bit of volume 5, in his fight versus Yuudai Moroboshi an opponent who was superior to him in speed, gets completely blitzed after Ikki uses Edelweiss sword style, this is all due to negating acceleration, instead of getting faster. Anyway here is Ikki being called to slow to react to the spear's speed:


—steel flashed.

Tora-Ou bared its fangs, piercing the air. Ikki backpedaled out of range, trailing wisps of his hair as they scattered gently to the wind. Perhaps he had just been a little slow to react to the spear's speed.

Or here is narration stating that the only reason Ikki could dodge Sanrensei is because he has dealt with people like Kuraudo and could read the spear's trajectory:

He had not closed the distance without thinking. Sanrensei was an amazing technique. It could even be considered superhuman. But he knew of something that was faster and keener by far: the Sword Eater's Marginal Counter. Reflexes and speed so beyond human ken that they could create the illusion of eight simultaneous slashes at once. Compared to that, his eyes were more than sufficient to follow Sanrensei, which did not have the same pressure as a technique that could make you see eight simultaneous, illusory strikes. As long as he read the spear's trajectory with a calm mind, he could easily deal with it.

Yet once he uses Edelweiss' sword style:

The world's strongest swordsmanship. It was done like—


In that instant, his body became light as a feather. Like a rushing wind he weaved through the gaps between Sanrensei's spear strokes—and as he passed he cleaved deeply into Moroboshi's abdomen.

That crossing of swords happened in an instant, a flash. Without even being able to raise so much as a cry of pain, Moroboshi sank to the floor amid a mist of crimson blood.

Now, he was confident that he could fulfill that agreement.

"So as we agreed, I'll show it to you—Ikki Kurogane at his full strength!"

Having said this, he vanished from Moroboshi's sight.

He disappeared…!

He did not in fact disappear, of course, but having skipped the acceleration process and achieved maximum output upon stepping forward Ikki got off to a rocketing start that Moroboshi's motion perception simply couldn't follow.

Drawing a curved arc with his sprinting, Ikki went around to Moroboshi's left. Three times Ikki had been repelled by his spear, but now he bypassed its range with ease while stepping into the range of his own blade—


—and cut Moroboshi's right arm as he blasted by like a black gale.

"You lil' shit—!"

Whirling around, Moroboshi lashed out with Sanrensei, using the burning pain to read Ikki's location. But he could only cut thin air. Ikki was no longer there by the time he turned.

He's already gone…!

Moroboshi was momentarily rendered speechless by the speed. But he had no time to be surprised as another blow struck him, slicing into his back.


Something impossible was happening before Moroboshi's eyes.

He could hear them. The sounds of any number of slashes, and of footsteps moving at a dreadful pace. His opponent was unmistakably close to him, and yet—

What is this, what is going on!?

—no matter where he turned to look, there was no one there.

It was as if he were the only man in the ring.

Was such a thing even possible? Could it even happen in real life? The ring was a round platform a hundred meters across in diameter, and there was no shade or cover in that small space. Yet though his opponent was so close he could hear his breathing, Moroboshi could not see him at all.

Oh and this was after his speed as stated was constantly being reduced due to damage:

ÒÇîOh dear! Kurogane has finally taken a direct hit from the spear! And it's on his thigh to boot!ÒÇì

ÒÇîThat's not good. Like this, the Worst One's speed will only keep decreasing. It might be better for the referees to call a halt.ÒÇì

This effect is achieved no matter the distance, even being far away from Ikki still produces the same "blitz-like effect".


ÒÇîAah! He's been hit again! Moroboshi is letting Kurogane get into range too easily! He's completely unable to follow his movements! Once again, Sanrensei has struck the empty air!ÒÇì

ÒÇîIt can't be helped…! Kurogane's extreme highs and lows in acceleration and overwhelming speed is something that even we cannot catch from long range, what more when it happens in front of one's eyes! It's more than likely that the Seven Stars Sword King can no longer see the form of the Worst One!ÒÇì

He had hit the nail on the head.

And the explanation for this, is as i stated, purely due to lacking acceleration:

He remembered. No human eye could perceive her overwhelming speed—and the secret to that was that she did not accelerate. Usually, when a blade was swung, it would start out slow. One needed to accelerate the movement in order for it to reach maximum speed. But there was no such thing in any of Edelweiss's movements. The moment she made to step forward, she was already at top speed. As she began to slash, she was already at her maximum. An extreme stop-and-go, racing from zero to a hundred in a flash. But this technique was extremely strong. The extremities of its swiftness and slowness made the blade strokes seem many times faster than they were. It was also incredibly hard to keep an eye on the blade itself, since it had no slow initial speed.

So what this means is that, Ikki can produce blitz like effects due to lacking acceleration, allowing him to be FTE to people faster than him. Im not sure whether i should just add this part to Edelweiss' Sword Style ability explanation or add in the Speed section "seems many times faster than he actually is due to lacking the need to accelerate".

Low 7-C Base Ikki is back
The sword flash of pure white and darkness intersected.

They collided, and sparks immediately scattered as the gales of steel clashed.

That's right. Ikki clashed with her.

He had to rely on Ittou Shura in the past, but he could finally keep up with Twin-Wings's swords!

ÔöÇÔöÇThat was because of the performance of the fake was lower after all.


Ikki could tell as he clashed swords with her.

At least, fake Edelweiss could not be weaker than the time he fought against her at Akatsuki Academy in the past.

The clarity of her swords, power, presence, they were all the same.

Even so, to be able to match up without Ittou Shura...

(That's just how much stronger I have become!)

He had obtained Edelweiss's sword technique from Blade Steal.

And the brain signals for battle that he switched in order to execute it.

He obtained a large amount of experience from that one fight.

Thanks to that, Ikki's basic battle strength had increased tremendously compared to that time.

Even without relying on Ittou Shura, he could already keep up with the battle in that territory!

Pretty self explanatory, as the text says in terms of strength Ikki could do what he previously needed Ittou Shura for. Which means SSSAF Ikki in Base should scale to Ittou Shura Ikki during Selection Battles Arc. So Low 7-C Base Ikki.

I believe that's all for now. A CRT to scale Stella in terms of AP is coming up, so look forward to that.
High 7-A Ikki? Nah, that was only due to summaries stuff. When the summaries either get accepted as a source or the volumes get translated, then while maybe not High 7-A, still likely in the 7-A's.
Aw, was going to do you (And me in a roundabout way) a favor but guess not.

This looks fine for me too
A good Ikki match that isnt just going "Lol skillstomp" while still being a fair skill based match (Witch Ikki obviously will win but it would still good)
The edelweiss one is actually pretty important cus it means a lot of fucky shit. But then again it is pretty straight forward. Imma just wait for a few more just in case.
Oh, something i forgot to add to the CRT:

That was why Ikki's next course of action took everyone aback. He neither ran nor leaped, but merely walked as if strolling, closing the distance between himself and Moroboshi. His movements devoid of all killing intent, he stopped about one and a half metres away from the latter. Not close enough to reach him with his sword, but close enough for Moroboshi to reach him with his spear!

Ikki can erase his killing intent in a fight.
It's because they transcend the cause and effect of the world. And we know from Kurono Shinguuji that even her time hax (including time stop, speed, reversal etc) fall under the Causation system.
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