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Question about GotG 2: Is ego's avatar really moon lvl?

I have yet to see the movie but from discussing it with people, my understanding is the fight between amped Star-Lord and Ego's avatar is what gave Star-Lord his moon lvl rating. My question is: does Ego's avtar have moon lvl feats? The reason I ask is because in some cases, an avatar is weaker than the main body (think Darkseid).
No, in fact i don't remember Ego having any Moon level feats himself, but i do plan to rewatch the movie in case i missed something.
By gradually collecting matter and forming layers around his brain.A process that took an extreme amount of time.

So no that's not a Moon level feat.

Matthew said that he manipulated the planet to form a face on it but that would probably make him Multi Continent level and i don't remember something like that happening in the movie.
Gwynbleiddd does have a good point.
Alright then fair enough. Should we distinguish between ego and his avatar in both profiles (for ego and star-lord) and make tabs for their alternate forms?
No. Starlord is equal to Ego despite having no full-sized body.

Honestly, the MCU is ridiculously downplayed in this site, just like Supernatural used to be.
Quick question Matt.

Wasn't the fight between them more of a tie instead of a win for Starlord? They both fell on the ground at the same time, Starlord just stalled him until the bomb went off, he didn't beat him.
It's still a tie, so all that needs to be changed is "Equaled Ego in combat"

Now what to do with their speed.....
Jucaslucas said:
I remember him saying something along the lines of "it's still smaller than your planet's moon".
"No bigger than", which would denote comparable size. He used this to compare it to Earth's moon as opposed to a planet such as Earth itself.
You are remembering it wrong. It's the size of the moon.

Honestly, speed in the MCU in general is also ridiculously downplayed.

>Applying Combat and Travel speed distinction

>Ignoring feats

>Doing ridiculous things like saying that Mjolnir's throwing, flight and returning speeds are all different.

Also 9-C Starlord when he fights a giant squid monster and tanks attacks from it and 10-A Baby Groot because of comic-relief scene, and ignoring that he lifted a guy above his head casually and threw him.
Didn't the Guardians go from the core of a moon-sized planet to the surface in significantly under 5 minutes? Because I'm fairly certain that is well above their current speed rating.

They did.

And Rocket's ship entered a planet's orbit in seconds and he could fly it at full speed through a quantum-asteroid speed.

But "Muh Travel Speed".
@ Matt, I thought we always distinguished between combat/ travel speed? For example, the only reason MoS Superman was given MHS+ to his reactions was due to the BvS guidebook confirming his reactions were equal to his flight speed.

We are tending to agree more and more that such a distinction is pure bullshit. Moreover, the only verses where it is applied is western superhero stuff, which raises eyebrows and shows extreme bias.
Not to derail but didn't dbz have to go through the combat/flight speed debate for like a good two years? I still see it get thrown around occasionally.
As Matt would put it, they go over the exact opposite, claiming the combat speed is superior (probably how the distinction started tbh) because "muh fight scenes"
Anyway if they can maneuver with jet packs and dodge like a tree or something it should apply a fraction of it at least to reactions and such.
It's absolutely hilarious that in DBS, ALL the speed feats are Travel Speed, and no one complains, yet if any comicbook character crosses intergalactic distances you will have a bunch of people downplaying it because "Muh travel speed".
I believe the distinction for western superhero travel/combat speed comes from a quote from a Marvel comic book writer that specified that the Silver Surfer had different speeds for his travel time and combat time or something like that.
I couldn't care what the writers think.

Silver Surfer has cosmic senses that allow him to see what happens light-years away and he has some degree of cosmic awareness, and he can cross the universe in minutes and never shows need for acceleration.

All of his powers come from the Power Cosmic
Whats weird is that it went from a MARVEL writer to just about every comic book company, from DC to Image. Kinda weird when you think about the jump.
Also, people here tend to completely invert logic when it comes to comicbooks. Author statements and secondary canon guidebooks suddenly become more important than feats, and even when feats are shown people can always use the magic response of "Well, that's how strong the character is in that storyline, not all of them".

As if American Comics are the equivalent of Popoye and Looney Tunes and have negative continuity, and every story exists in a complete vacuum.

Even though there's a connected universe and stories and events happen as consequences of others.