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Profile image additions or replacements requests (New forum)


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VS Battles
This thread is for requesting that a certain profile image is replaced, or a new one is added (through a tabber, or othervise), especially to locked wiki pages.

Content moderators should preferably subscribe to this thread.

You can click here to see how to link pages and images properly in this forum.
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Two more relaxed and official renders for Cell's imperfect and semi-perfect forms

Thank you for helping out Elizhaa.
I think that the current Cell images look fine in terms of drawing style and colours.
If so, why was the Semi-Perfect one changed? It's not official and you can tell (it's even in a pose indicating it's after he bulks up against Vegeta, not his regular state). The Imperfect Cell one is accurate to the colors he's been given in the manga and the Semi-Perfect one is pretty much straight out of a manga cover but given his anime color scheme.
Well, I kept your new image for imperfect Cell. I just thought that the colours for the semi-perfect incarnation were not bright enough.

Feel free to search for another similar image with better colours though.
Here, same image but brighter

I added the image to the Cell page, but you can read here to see how to link pages and images properly in this forum.
It would be better if you could find a good render for the character.
It looks a bit weird, I think the image should be below the quote, not on top of it
That is not our standard layout. My apologies.
New "semi-official" render for Vergil (Devil May Cry), it is much better in terms of resolution than the current one. I made it by combining the official image in Capcom's DMC5 Special Edition website with the best full-body image of him I found. The difference in quality might be a bit jarring on the katana hilt and areas below his knees, but it should be fine while looking at the preview.
I think it is better than the current one, so I replaced the image.
Thank you for helping out.
Actual render of Create-A-Bot. His current images are silhouettes that he cant actually resemble. He takes a lot of different forms in the game, but this is his base so it fits the best.
I do think they should be added to a gallery on his profile though if that's ok.
Is a content moderator willing to handle it?