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Image Renders Requests Thread (New forum)


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If there is a picture that you need to be rendered, post it here and a member of the community may help you out.

However, take note of these rules and guidelines:
  • You can read an instruction guide for how to do a render on your own in this page.
  • It is entirely optional for other VS Battles Wiki members to answer your request. If no one responds to your call, do not spam the page or constantly ask for help. Simply wait patiently.
  • Do not spam the walls of other members to look at this thread or to help you.
  • As per the standard wiki rules, do not upload any inappropriate images or content to be rendered.
  • Kindly do not deviate into off-topic discussions on this thread. Any off-topic posts will be deleted, and any further violation of this rule will be met with stricter consequences.
Failure to meet these requirements may result in a block, and the thread to be dissolved.

Finally, it is highly recommended that anyone interested in helping out with render requests follow this thread for convenience.


Kindly do NOT insert images into this thread, as it severely increases the loading time. Upload an image, and post a link to the uploaded file instead.

You can click here to see how to link pages and images properly in this forum.
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So I presume we should repost all the images we hadn't had rendered in the previous thread in the old forum? Or should we just wait and see if the ones willing to render them will post them here?

Can someone render this please? It's for a new project I am working on
Are you sure you want this as a render? The illumination will make it look ugly, let alone how it doesn't show a notable amount of the body.
Yes I'm sure, why else would I come to the thread specifically for requesting renders?
Oh, and for your information... NEITHER DOES ZANZA'S CURRENT IMAGE!
Though if I still had rollback, I'd just put the image, render be damned, but the VS folks are extremely nitpicky about profile image transparency with alarming inconsistency. Plus some arbitrary bs rule I had never heard of until recently that they must be "relaxed".
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Yo, could someone render this image of Avatar State Aang? I bought the novelization of Sozin's Comet, and I thought the picture could be used since it looks official and cool. This is very much appreciated in advance.


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Image Helper
@ProfessorKukui4Life, don't spam the same message multiple times. Even if these new threads don't have the limit of 500 posts, it will still load them slower with more images beings posted. It will be done when I get again free time (in a few days) or if another Image Helper will do it.


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Image Helper

Do not repost your image to be rendered if, in this batch, the one you wanted is not. It will be rendered once I arrive at it or once an Image Helper or any other user will do it...if they will.
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I know I just made a render request, but there’s another one I only need a small assistance with.

The actual rendering I can do myself, it’s just removing 2 letters in the way if it’s possible.


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2 renders for this image, 1 for the form of the character in the left, and other for its form in the right but without those extremities it has, the 5 "leg"-like ones that now come from its back, not the many "!"-like things.
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I would very much appreciate if I could get back my requested Renders as soon as possible.

Thank you