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Possible Second Son Upgrades

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It is stated clearly by Sucker Punch that Delsin is twice as fast as Cole. Wouldn't that scale to his speed here? I mean, he can move at Lightspeed, shouldn't it not be much of a stretch if his speed is Massively Hypersonic+ like Cole, when he is stated to be twice as fast? And possibly higher with Laser Focus, as it slows down his perception of time like Precision?

Shouldn't Eugene be Lightspeed as well as he can also travel through radio waves(he has better control over Video than Delsin after all), and Massively Hypersonic+ for keeping up with Delsin?

Or Fetch(this might be a little bit of a stretch), but what if Fetch is Faster Than Light, for being faster than Delsin's own Light Speed and Delsin traveling through radio waves? She is the fastest character in the series. The developers even said that she is at least as quick as lightning, and to drive it home, her character's name in Celia's manga is Inazuma, which literally translates to Lightning Bolt.

Also, for AP, I don't know if this would necessarily upgrade AP, but Delsin, Fetch, and Eugene's attacks are all capable of completely vaporizing enemies easily, which requires an energy output of at least 2.99 gigajoules.

Also, I think the Second Son cast should be buffed to Town Level, as Augustine's Island is likely more than Multi City Block, as is Eugene's digital world. Not only does he create the space that he and Delsin fight, but in the background, he also create a whole world of Heaven's Hellfire and even a castle.

Let me know what you think.
If certain characters are clearly stated to be swifter than a Massively Hypersonic+ character, they should likely scale to him, yes, but it depends on whether or not they referred to Cole with the Beast's powers?

2.99 gigajoules is not much on our Attack Potency chart.

I do not have an opinion about the rest.
Don't thank me. You made widespread statistics changes without community approval, so I had to block you.
Well, we do have strong rules against going around wantonly changing statistics without input. The changes were not about what he took up in this thread, and I strongly dislike having to spend time cleaning up after vandals.
But okay, I will give him a last chance.
If you think that this thread is enough, you can do so, if you wish.
Yeah just close this thread. No point keeping this. And please do avoid changing any of the profiles in Infamous anymore without asking. Cole's not even that strong and yet had to be locked because of too frequent edits. Can we unlock the profiles by the way?
I think that it is better that they remain locked, due to the constant vandalism/upgrade attempts without content revision threads.
Not open for further replies.