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abigail walker

  1. RisingIons

    inFAMOUS downgrades/upgrades

    Infamous 1 Cole's MHS speed. This is the reference video. For one, this is textbook aim dodging. But what's better than that, play the whole video and not the part that it links to. Cole gets hit by a shockwave and the same lightning attack that he's claimed to have dodged. Another thing, this...
  2. DMUA

    InFAMOUS discussion thread: Please bring back the franchise edition

    Apparently none of the other inFAMOUS bois made this, so, fine, I'll do it myself. Oh inFAMOUS... We haven't received anything in years, but, we lie in wait. We gladly let Sucker Punch complete Ghosts of Tsushima, and, you know what, that was pretty good, I'm proud of them. But even so, it...
  3. TeenAngel101

    Abigail Walker vs Ryuko Matoi

    This is 6-B Ryuko Speed Equalized Fight takes place in New York Who wins and why? Fetch: Ryuko: Inconclusive:
  4. The_Wright_Way

    Fetch Walker vs. Eugene Sims

    No restrictions. Both in character. vs.
  5. Schnee_One

    Gray Fullbuster vs Abigail Walker

    So after a little playing inFAMOUS second son I came to the realization that Abigail is best girl, therefore, here's a match. Speed is Equalized, 8A versions,fight in the FT guild room. Abigail Walker: 7 Gray Fullbuster:

    inFAMOUS (Universe) Revisions, again

    Well folks, I gotta be honest with you, I don't want to do this. It's hard for someone to admit that they were wrong, but I know we strive to be as unbiased and fair as possible. So the inFAMOUSverse gets its Multi-continental tier from this calc. Now, there's nothing wrong Assalt's...
  7. Ciruno_Fortes_(COB)

    Infamous yanderes, kinda - (Infamous) Nix vs Abigail Walker

    Speed equalized, who of them wins? Fight takes place in a city
  8. TeenAngel101

    Infamous Upgrade

    Delsin's island feat and Eugene's pocket dimension feat are currently going through the calc group right now (and they will likely be done in like 14 years at this point). But for now, I was thinking that Second Son characters should get bumped up to 8-A to 7-C. The reason is that their level of...
  9. BowserRulesAll

    Possible Delsin Rowe and Abigail Walker speed upgrade.

    So i checked both their pages, and i see that both have SoL travel speed through their Neon Manipulation, but wouldn't that count for their reaction and combat speed as well, considering they can fire blasts of Neon that travels faster than them, and react to said blasts as well as flawlessly...
  10. TeenAngel101

    Speedy Heroes-Fetch Walker vs DCAU!Flash

    Fetch Walker of inFAMOUS Second Son vs Flash of Justice League Unlimited Fetch has plentiful energy sources throughout the battlefield Fight takes place in Metropolis Who wins and why?
  11. TeenAngel101

    Possible Second Son Upgrades

    It is stated clearly by Sucker Punch that Delsin is twice as fast as Cole. Wouldn't that scale to his speed here? I mean, he can move at Lightspeed, shouldn't it not be much of a stretch if his speed is Massively Hypersonic+ like Cole, when he is stated to be twice as fast? And possibly higher...