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  1. CiscoTheSoto

    Frost vs Caulifla

    Frost vs Caulifla Battle Location: Namek Tournament of Power keys are used Caulifla has access to all SSJ forms. Frost starts in his final form, has his poison needles and can use his 100% Full Power state he learned from Frieza Emperor of Universe 6: Female Super Saiyan: 7 (@CBslayeR...
  2. AceOfSpaces3709

    Vegeta VS Caulifla

    Vegeta was in his Future Trunks/Universe Survival Saga Key (Pre-Super Saiyan Blue Evolution). Battle took place at the ToP arena. Vegeta: Caulifla: Inconclusive: I thought it’d be an interesting idea that instead of Goku, what if Caulifla fought Vegeta at the ToP instead?
  3. Omegas03

    Regarding inconsistent showings for DBS Saiyans.

    Aren't Base to SSJ2/3 Saiyans showings wayy to inconsistent in DBS despite they have absorbed the SSG power onto their Base? -Goku absorbs his SSG on his SSJ and made the power his. -fights with a really strong trained Frieza who seems to be stronger than BoG Suppressed Beerus. Even pre ToP...

    Future Trunks (DBS) VS Caulifla

    Both are at full power, win by knockout or kill. Caulifla Future Trunks
  5. Lgamer099_99

    Caulifla and Pride Troopers' problem.

    Caulifla at the beginning of ToP is ranked 3-A and Massively FTL+ for being probably stronger than Cabba. But there are a lot of problems with Caulifla being 3-A and Massively FTL+ at the beginning of ToP. Base Caulifla seems to be slower than Kettol, also Kettol was capable of damaging her...
  6. LordTracer

    Caulifla v. Present Zamasu

    Who wins? Caulifla: 7 (Zamasu Cha, Mickey1940, Ionliosite, CryoTheMayo, Omegas03, KonoDioDDDa, Erentheturkishguy) Zamasu: Incon:
  7. LordTracer

    Caulifla v. Frieza

    There was a Caulifla v. RoF Vegeta thread a while ago that didn't go anywhere, and nobody seemed to think it was a stomp, so let's do this. ToP Caulifla (obviously) and RoF Frieza. Both 3-A. Who wins? Caulifla: Frieza: 7 (CryoTheMayo, PapiSavitar5025, Zeldasmash, Starter Pack, MrLuk2000...
  8. LordTracer

    Piccolo v. Caulifla

    Two of my favorites in all of Dragon Ball, who wins? Both 3-A Speed equalized (I don't think it matters here, but just in case) Piccolo: 8 (GyroNutz, Sonuske, GojiBoyForever, Milly Rocking Bandit, Dusty Raider, Quibster, ChosenOrDeath, Migue79) Caulifla: 1 (Hst Master) Inconclusive:
  9. Omegas03

    Caulifla vs Vegeta.

    Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla (Post ToP) vs. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta (Resurrection of Frieza saga). Both 3-A. The girl that acquired SSJ via merely focusing energy on her back but hasn't ever done any hard training in her life: The honored prince who has done rigorous training and has gotten his...
  10. ZERO7772

    Broly vs U6 Saiyans~

    I always wanted to make this match, I can't help it sorry ┬»\_(Òâä)_/┬» First round: Base Broly vs LSS Kale/SS2 Caulifla/SS2 Cabba Second: Base Broly vs LSS2 Kale Third: Ikari Broly vs LSS2 Kefla Let's see how U6 fair against the strongest Sayian~
  11. Deviljinyes

    Caulifla vs Mordred

    Speed equalized. Both at 3A level Round 1: normal caulifla vs mordred (normal atire) Round 2: ssj caulifla vs mordred (normal atire) Round 3: ussj caulifla vs mordred (with armor) Round 4: ssj2 caulifla vs mordred (with armor and able to use noble phantasm without masters permission)...
  12. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Sass-off: Homura vs Caulifla

    The other badass Homura in fictio vs (P.S. Could someone find for me an image of Homura flipping the bird like Caulifla is doing?) Homura: Caulifla: tie:
  13. Megamangohan

    The Great Gohan vs Caulifla war continues

    Started by Joe Capo, these two (3-A) continue their fight to see who is the strongest.
  14. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Saiyan vs Majin Android

    vs 3-A versions, speed equalized, Candy beam only used if necessary, button restricted Tournament of Power vixe:1 Fighterz vixe:1 tie: FIGHT!!!!
  15. Piyushmallickjr

    add pride to her weakness

    it would make sense
  16. Sound_of_Infinity

    Caulifla VS Jesse

    A saiyan girl takes on a blocky warrior Both are at their best (3-A vs. High 3-A) SSJ2 Caulifla VS Jesse /w Enchanted Sword Speed equalized Inconclusive: 0 Jesse: 0 Caulifla: 0
  17. Piyushmallickjr

    Sonic The Hedgehog Vs Caulifla

    Super Sonic VS SSJ2 Caulifla
  18. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Android 21 vs Caulifla

    Vixen of Dragon Ball Fighterz vs Vixen of the Tournament of Power Speed equalized Candy beam restricted Caulifla:2 21:5 Inconclusive: FIGHT!!!
  19. Golden_Void

    DBS/Goku Revisions

    First and foremost, UI is a state of being, not a form. What Goku transforms into is called Ultra Instinct Ome . New DBS Key (To cut down the bulk) Attack Potency: Universe level (He and Beerus' clash threatened the universemultiple times. Eventually, Goku absorbed the power of SSG, and...
  20. Yomi_Schwarz

    Future Trunks vs. Kale

    Time to do something experimental Conditions -Speed Equal -Super Saiyan Rage Trunks -Super Saiyan Berserker -Both are in character and willing to kill -Battle takes place on an Empty Earth
  21. Golden_Void

    DBS Revisions/Discussion

    Goku: Should we update/add to his AP justifications? Wow, there's a lot :^) For starters, thisisthebasisfor Post-Jiren Goku's newfound power. Currently, Goku is still not at 100% from his fight with Jiren. While he was much weaker than he was currently, he was able to fight with SS2 Caulifla...
  22. Megamangohan

    Possible Kefla profile

    discussion here for possible kefla character profile creation
  23. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Possible Kale Revision ( Not concerning her tier, but justification. )

    Super Saiyan Kale I am not expecting this to be replied to instantly. I know there is a revision thread going on... I just wanted to save this in case some membver wanted to talk about it .However, i'd like to make a reference to it anyways . Kale was able to break a Dimension/Barrier that...
  24. ReyFearsPsciosis

    Caulifla vs Morrigan Aensland

    Fight takes place at The Nameless Planet (DBS). Round 1: Caulifla (Base) vs Morrigan Round 2: Caulifla (USSJ) vs Morrigan Round 3: Caulifla (SSJ2) vs Morrigan Who wins all 3 rounds and why? Can Caulifla overcome the powerful Succubus' hax abilities or nah?
  25. ReyFearsPsciosis

    Caulifla vs Seiya

    Fight take place at Planet Sadal (DBS). Round 1: Caulifla (Base) vs Seiya Round 2: Caulifla (SSJ2) vs Seiya Speed equalized. Who wins both rounds and why?
  26. SSGFever

    Caulifla is a Universal Buster?

  27. NextGen24

    Why Dragon Ball Super characters such Frost, Piccolo and Caulifla are 3-A?

    Can someone explain me why?
  28. Megamangohan

    adding ultra super sayian Caulifla

    I think we should add ultra super sayian Caulifla into the tabber add.
  29. ZoroNotZolo

    Power Girl VS Caulifla

    Speed Equalized. Victory by Death, but morals are on. Power Girl: 0 Caulifla: 0