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Neopolitan vs Mikazuchi Rei

Not sure of Rei's senses. Neo has the edge on that. Aura helps too but Rei has means of damaging someone without having to go through their frontal defense.

Rei has great speed amps and has a very strong tendency to blitz his opponent fast. Every opponent he has faced minus one in the beginning he tried to blitz at his fastest.

But if Neo can pull off illussions first or survive the first blow, she might become hard to touch for him. If Rei can detect her somehow (which I doubt) her illlussions won't be useful.

As of now inconclusive for me since Neo can always aim for the legs to weaken him. But taking down Neo in a few shots is an option
Gunna wait to vote for now, @Ciruno makes some good points, but @Prince also has a good point in that Rei has experience with illusions
Oh damn, that kinda turns the favor onto Rei. There might be the condition that it forces Rei to be worn out or so, but that might just be the senses being boosted overall.

If I recall, Rei also has the ability to hide his presence.
Ciruno Fortes said:
Oh damn, that kinda turns the favor onto Rei. There might be the condition that it forces Rei to be worn out or so, but that might just be the senses being boosted overall.
If I recall, Rei also has the ability to hide his presence.
Yeah, he worked as an assassin for quite some time, showing this ability through his "career"
I think that's just the senses overall, anyway now that the off work I can comment on this. And I'm pretty inclined to go with Rei as the victor of this matchup here.

Neo is already gonna have issues landing a hit on Rei due to him outskilling her ( not on the level Kuroki would but still outskilled nonetheless.) along with the fact Rei abuses speed amps like no tomorrow. ( Raishin style is a Assassination Martial Art where speed is the main focus. ), his senses are sufficient enough to fight through illusions, and his Raishin Style is focused around striking the weak-spots on the human body, pressure points strike, joint strikes, damaging the insides of his opponent.

Neo's has her AP and her Aura which certainly helps her out a lot here, she can risk getting smacked around by Rei due to her AP and durability advantage, and her Aura can heal her in battle. But Rei isn't stupid, and has tactics against such fighters. One of his tactics is actually shaking the opponent brain from the inside out and keep it shaking as seen with his fight against Saw.

All in all Rei should take this with mid to high difficulty.
The real question here is why does Rei scale to an attack that could one shot him? Went over the Rei vs Saw fight today and the two were nowhere near comparable in power. The hammer of Burma could literally one shot Rei and Saw was capable of fracturing his bones with two regular hits.

If we go off of his love amped state, he gets an AP and speed boost for sure, but his durability doesn't scale. He was literally tearing himself apart in the Kuroki fight with how fast he was moving.
He took several blows from Saw without being knocked out instantly, same thing in his fight against Kuroki. He also damaged both without breaking his hands, I.E his durability scales.

He blocked every single blow he took and they were fracturing his bones. Like I said two punches fractured his arm. Hammer of Burma also could one shot Rei. That's the main point. Rei had to avoid it.

Against Kuroki he was destroying his body just by attacking so no his durability doesn't scale in that state.
Which is still more than enough to scale him to Saw, he wasn't automatically one shot and didn't suffer heavy enough damage to incap him. And Rei straight up countered Hammer of Burma by reversing it's force back at him. I.E his durability would need to be equal or comparable to send the force back without getting one shot.

And no, destroying his definitely overselling it. Rei's body was being damaged by sheer speed, his took several attacks from Kuroki, and while they damaged him they didn't one shot KO him untill Kuroki hit him with a full force attack to the heart.

Make a CRT if you think otherwise, because at the moment he durability absolutely scales.
?????????? Rei didn't take hammer of Burma head on at all. He was actually hit by Saw's jaw. But you are right in that this is not the place for a debate. I'll make a CRT when I have time.
Which would still be the transfer of enegry, I.E there'd still be KE coming from Saw's enitre head which Rei would have needed to counter.

Go ahead, you're objectively wrong and the manga shows several instances of Rei taking attacks without being one shot.
To clarify

Saw was hitting him numerous times on the legs too and his legs didn't just break instantly. It's clear that Saw is superior to him with his strongest attack, but Rei was at least on a degree that was able to harm him.

Rei wasn't exactly tearing himself apart in his last attack in his 'berserk' mode but he's definitely not as tanky as what his defense piercing attacks can do

Still, I think it's reasonable that Rei can be harmed by Neo. I can't say oneshot level though.

Anyway @ Amlad? I'm planning a massive revision project to mostly add small stuff. If you're interested just drop that feat off my message wall so I can adress that
Exactly the point isn't that his regular attacks are one shotting Rei, it's that a point blank hit from hammer of Burma could. Hammer of Burma logically should be a god tier attack AP wise in the verse on the level of Wakatsuki, Julius and Raian since it's stated multiple times that Saw has the strongest skull in the entire verse.

Also Ciruno, got it.
And Hammer of Burma is never stated to be able to one shot Rei. And Saw's durability would scale to The Hammer Of Burma, which Rei can cause damage to. And no, Waka is 3x stronger than the Hammer feat scaling from Ohma's Advance, Raian's Removal, and Raging Vigor.
Again, no. I'll repeat myself. Hammer of Burma is a feat done by the strongest skull in the verse. This is confirmed multiple times. It should be a god tier feat. For some reason we scale Base Raian to it and then give the 3.33x Removal multiplier when in reality it should be Removal Raian and co who scales to it.
Thinking this through, yeah I definitely need to get the big revision to get things sorted out. Tier scaling and everything.
You're the one who's objectively wrong when the manga has multiple statements of how strong Saw's skull is. Statements from the manga > head canon.
That doesn't translate into him being the most durable fighter, if Rei could damage Saw ( including his skull, in order to shake the brain constant damage to it would be needed.) again, weaker characters than the god tiers have managed to harm Saw, who's Durability scales to Hammer of Burma. You can call it head canon, but you're the one who's being dismissive of common sense, logic, psychics and the narrative of the plot.

Saw isn't a God Tier nor does he have a god tier attack. c: make a CRT, simple as that but I promise you it won't pass.
That just includes his skull, nothing else. For all of his fights, his skull wasn't damaged or cracked. His head was bleeding, that's it. It won't make him scale to anyone fully.
Rei couldn't damage Saw's skull. I highly suggest going back and reading the fight cause you're missing minor important details. Rei had to shake Saw's skull to harm his brain due to the fact that he couldn't get past Saw's extremely durable skull.

Weaker characters have not damaged Saw's skull. Nobody has managed to do it. Karo and Rei could only do damage to Saw's body, not his skull. Again I highly suggest reading his fights over.

Now you're putting words in my mouth. Never once did I say Saw is a god tier. I said his skull is god tier. Which it is. It's been stated to be the hardest in the verse and neither Karo nor Rei could do anything to his skull. Even Gaolong admits it's the strongest in the world.

Exactly as you say, Saw's skull is god tier but his body isn't. It's not a hard concept to grasp.
For the last time, Hammer of Burma is the topic we're discussing, not the durability of Saw's skull. If you bother reading the profile his skull is rated at 8-C+, Hammer of Burma is only 8-C. And it would need to scale to the durability of his body, otherwise he'd destroy his body in the process. Rei can damage his body, hence he's the 8-C rating. I could explain this to a fifth grader and they'd understand.

Anyway, you can stop replying to me because as of this moment I genuinely want nothing to do with you. Good day to you sir.
Now you're turning to insults? Please try and be more mature about this it's not hard.

Hammer of Burma is an attack from Saw's skull. The 8-C AP of his hammer of Burma is what his skull's durability should scale to. His regular AP and durability shouldn't even be 8-C at all. Only his skull should have that rating. Thats the simplest I can explain it.

Saw has the strongest skull in the verse, hammer of Burma is just him using said skull offensively. Nothing changes about it being the strongest. That's really all there is to it.
There's no need to get this angry about a fictional verse. I expect a lot better from this wiki than behaviour of this degree.
Insults? I never once directly insulted you, don't misconstrue arguments being made.

Hammer of Burma would have destroyed or at least injured Saw's durability if his durability didn't scale. Firstly, this wiki equates durability into AP and vice verse, secondly your ignoring Newton's Third Law completely. I'm going to tell you once more, if you have issues with the ratings make a CRT. I've spent enough time arguing with you over something that every Kengan supporter on the wiki accepts.

And rest assured, nobody is getting angry over a fictional verse. I am however getting irritated at your dismissive and ignorant counter-argument for everything.
Prince of counter, stop being like that. In this case, Rei matches arn't allowed until I patch up the revisions for Kengan

As I said before I'm going to alter most of the verse once I'm done.

Personal opinion - Only the god tiers can scale from such an attack