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My Resignation

Andytrenom said:
Chat died Glass, haven't you heard? >_>
Not until I'm here. I still hang out there alone sometimes just for nostalgia
It's noble of you to give up your title like this. Best wishes, & know that no matter how active you are, however you are, we'll always be thankful that you've been around.
I thought my mind was made up here, but now I'm honestly not so sure. It seems people thought much more about my contribution here than I did, and that makes me happy. I'll try to use some time to think if I truly want to go through with this

Either way, I thank everyone here for their kind sentiments. They were beyond what I ever expected
No problem. I am very glad that you are rethinking this. You are a very appreciated member of this community. It is much better if you help out here and there, or take breaks every now and then, than that you quit entirely.
Also @Andy you could probably take a step down and become a different sort of moderator, that should net you a bit more time and a bit less responsibly.
I too hope Andy changes his mind and decides to stay. I know he's staying on the wiki either way and that's good. But him staying staff would be even better.
i dont know you but doing this take courage and you have my full respect.....you dont need to be staff regular members can be more contributive than some staff
people should not force him it is his decision......his main problem are with staff duty and forcing him to do what he dont like will frustrate him more

maybe retiring for a short time will give break and help decide whether to stay as a regular member or come back and take old responsibilty, it should be his own decison
About what I said earlier, I decided I will indeed retire.

But, here's one thing I have to make clear, I still plan on helping in whatever areas I can, and chime in with important discussions. It's only certain certain areas of wiki management that I'm taking a leave from. So if people think I have been helpful in the recent times, chance are I'll remain helpful after this. At least I hope so
Well, I would still rather that you stay and help out in those areas as a staff member instead. It gives you greater authority for example.

Still, I did as you asked and removed your position. You are always welcome back to regain it whenever you wish though.
There goes VSBW. The blues may take over.
I will ask A6colute about if there is an extra userpage tag to remove.
So does this mean that Andy's retiring from Human Resources Group as well?
Seeing Ant's profile pic whith a big, bolded "My Resignation" in my notification gets me every time. My heart can only withstand so much.
That reminds me, I think I might be able to learn how to help out with scripts liking adjusting colors and tags, but may need to ask people about it first.

Thank you for helping out. Just be extremely careful so you do not edit hundreds of articles in the wrong way. WHAM in particular should only be opened and/or used against blatant extreme trolls and nothing else, as it can quickly wipe out many pages.
DarkDragonMedeus said:
That reminds me, I think I might be able to learn how to help out with scripts liking adjusting colors and tags, but may need to ask people about it first.
I can teach you how to grant/remove colors and userpage tags. It's not that difficult.
I did not see the "colours and tags" part, and only read that you would help out with scripts. Sorry about the misunderstanding.
Yeah, the colors and tags part look easy enough, stuff like using a bot to edit massive amounts of pages seems pretty risky. And yeah, the Wham script is something absolutely something only used against newcomers who do nothing by Spam/troll.
Exactly. It should only ever be opened when dealing with blatant spam troll accounts, and nothing else whatsoever. Treat it like a tank full of nitroglycerine.