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More Eiji(and Maki) upgrade because he clearly need more buff.

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As the title may suggest resident High 6-C rising star Eiji Hino and Kiyoto Maki are getting upgrade today.

First let go over to Dr.Maki, what is he getting?

-Confirmed Resistance to Void Manipulation and Conceptual Manipulation and Existence Erasure by the fact that this man tank massively amp up Medagaburyu finisher from Eiji, twice.(The actual attack start at 13:48). Well in my previous OOO revision, a single strike from OOO in Putotyra form can destroy multiple Core Medals at once. And in OOO Core Medals is basically 'desire' in a form of medal. Like Nasuverse's Excalibur. So the fact that only his Core Medals is still intact is very impressive.

And then there is Eiji Hino who will gain-

-The above resistance. Due to a simple reason that he is the same type of Sta-I mean, Greeed as Dr.Maki. He also have to tank the damage from that attack above him and he is coming out relatively fine if hurt. his resistance should easily scale above Maki by the fact that he have all 10 Purple Core Medals inside him. Maki tank the above attack while he only have 3 Medal inside him at the time.

-And also Resistance to Extreme Heat by him diving into the molten core of the planet. As can be seen here in this video starting at 0:45.
A pair of correction. In tha moment of the Finisher, Maki survive thanks to the Medal Vessel, that protect him from part of the attack and he only have 3 Purple Medal in him. The rest was with Eiji.
I think we should link the episode rather than AMV like this in the later revision. Anyway, seem fine. But this need to be worded carefully, otherwise people will get alot of question mark above their head.
Kamen Rider Xross said:
A pair of correction. In tha moment of the Finisher, Maki survive thanks to the Medal Vessel, that protect him from part of the attack
It looks more like the Medal Vessel revived him
Eiji managed to destroy the Cell Medals but not his Core with the Vessel supplying him with the Cells need to revive again.
Yeah, this is pretty much straightforward so i definitely agree here-

Frick, that mean my OOO vs Hyde might be not happen because all of Hyde attacks are EE based and OOO resist it while the latter not so rip Hyde
I suppose that this is probably fine, but would appreciate an easy to understand summary explanation.
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