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So, I been seeing stuff about Milkman Man alot lately. I don't know much about him aside from he's from Doom patrol and did some shenanigans with retcons and the writters. People are claiming he is an alt superman, and that he is superior to Cosmic armor superman, and even the writer and Overvoid. Is this factual? Where exactly does he stand according to this wiki's tiering system and rules on fourth wall interactions and reality fiction interactions? And is he actually a Superman, or more like a wanna be Superman?

Some information and clarification would be highly apprieciated if possible.

milk is not an alternate version of superman nor is he a wannabe superman in fact hes the most superman anybody can get since he is a normal human fused with the literal abstract concept of superman

powerwise no hes not stronger then the writer or the overvoid

but cosmic armour is a very different matter if i could explain it as best as possible i would say

milk milkman<+>=-cosmic armour

hes the archetype of superman and is all of them but does cosmic armour count as one of them or has he transcended it?

cosmic armour is all the good and milkman man is all the super

super is good good is not super BUT the thought robot is all good AND super. milkman man is all super and good

is milk a smaller part of armours good or is armour a smaller part of milks superman or are they both true?!

one of them is in a super serious comic about fiction and reality

the other one is in a joke comic about fiction and reality

so yeah i dont know
Huh, so definatly not at writer level or overvoid level, but depending on if you consider him to encompass thought robot or not you could argue he is the parody equivelant of thought robot, although even that is more an interpritation than hard fact?

I had read he tanked the destruction of the entire DC Multiverse, and the writer could not effect him, if this is the case wouldn't that make him above the writer? Or was that given to me out of context?
He's the Retconn "living weapon" or something like that. One of their members damaged the DC Map (with the Overvoid on it) by error, so Idk.
hmm, Sounds weird, I will probably just have to read it myself to fully understand. I am curious where it would get placed on this wiki though since i dont see a profile.
yeah the rettcon controls the entirety of the dc multiverse but cant really affect the true page of the overvoid. the strongest thing they have is there failsafe which just wipes out everything on the page not harming it in anyway just making it a clean slate.

the only entities introduced by the milkwars comic that were on the level of the writer and overvoid were the eonymous and they easily surpass both of them making them the only "true" tier 0 the DC verse would of had
Interesting, good ot know. So at best MIlkman Man is like 1-A if he did get a profile since he is still below overvoid. Do we know if this included like Lucifer and the Pressence or would their cosmology not be a part of what he survived?
like lucifer and the pressence are part of DC cosmology iirc, and exist outside the source wall iirc, so would they count as being erased by retcon from outside the source wall to, and would that mean milkman man could scale above them? Or is retcon only able to control whats in the source wall.
oh then yeah lucifer would most likely scale lower then the milk but the pressence is a little different

rettcon can basically control whatever that is on the page. lucifer went out to do his own thing but is still in the over void so the rettcon should be able to control him just fine

the pressence depends if youre talking about the divine pressense or yahweh

if its yahweh then he probably is lower then him since rettcon live in final heaven and from that point of view they see everything in DC as fiction but its very wobbly and you can make a case for either

if its the divine pressense then no as the divine is on the same standing as the overvoid
Fair enough, that makes sense. So given the standign of Cosmic armor, Lucifer etc. Milk is solidly a strong level of 1-A if we take him seriously, but still not High 1-A it sounds like.
You should ask Ultima Reality for input. However, since MMM is an extremely overpowered non-canon metafiction character, it seems inappropriate to feature him.
I mean technically Milk Wars is canon. It's just a crossover from Young Animal and Main DC but both take place within the same universe (DC). The main reason why people have issues with it is because it's a metafictional joke but I don't think it invalidates what actually takes place.
Well, it is also very obscure and ridiculously overpowered in combination with very uncertain canonicity and pure metafiction. The combination of this makes me uncomfortable with adding an at least 1-A version of Superman.
Milkman Man is 4-B. The fact he was created by imbuing a baby omnivoid with Superman's Archetype is irrelevant when going strictly by feats, he is shown as being comparable to Wonder Woman and more or less just the exact same as regular Superman.

At best I could see him having some crazy resistances to Plot and Conceptual Manipulation, since Retconn can't alter Superman's archetypal essence in any way by their own admission, but that's about it.
I mean, all of the JLA and Doom Patrol were extremely powerful in that storyline. Merely existing in Final Haven should make him much larger then the DC Universe. Also the fact that he could use that milk and could travel from Earth-1 to Final Haven by flying.
Didn't the Doom Patrol state they couldn't kill Milk man man even with a weapon capable of destroying the DC Multiverse? Doesn't that make him at least 2-A?
OK, so its less that Milkman Man is crazy powerful, and more that he is virtually immune ot plot/concept manipulation due to being a superman archetype? I am gonna have to read the issue becouse I dont know what final haven or this weapon are for context so im unsure if that makes him 2-A or anything ^_^'
I'm confused. Is Final Heaven and Retconn Corps located in the Gods Sphere, Limbo, outside in the Overvoid, or somewhere else?
Just re-read Doom Patrol/JLA, and Retconn is in the overvoid, placed their by a coffee stain by the Eonymous. The Final Reset Button cleans the overvoid of the DC Multiverse. It's unclear if it affects other multiverses in the overvoid.
To summarize, Milk Wars is an offshoot of the Morrison Cosmology similar to what Snyder did.

Milk Wars seems to ignore The Overvoid being the highest level of existance and nothingness in DC, adding in-comic representations of readers/writers as even higher dimensional beings.
Firestorm makes sense to me.

What statistics do you think a Milkman profile page should have?
Yeah, cos you hate DC 💀
Not at all. I really like the Post-Crisis era, and have nothing against the Pre-Crisis era. I just dislike the shambling, defiled, and mutilated corpse that Dan Didio, Jim Lee, and all of their willing collaborators turned the formerly great setting into from Flashpoint and onwards.
Okay. He is likely not prominent enough to be featured in a page in our wiki according to our Marvel and DC Comics rules though.
Okay. So is there anything left to do here, or should we close this thread?
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