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Might be a bad idea, but it'll be interesting if nothing else

Rules: Both Combatants at 8-B
Speed is Equalized

Who Wins and Why?





(Note: I'm sure this goes without saying but this is Pre-Devil Trigger Awakening DMC3 Dante)
SpookyShadow said:
I guess Dante haxes.
How? He doesn't have access to Devil Trigger nor Quicksilver in this key nor a bunch of other haxes, 8-B Dante is Cerberus fight Dante and his Conceptual Manip won't apply here, plus 8-B Tanjiro is Post-Zeroshiki Training
Post-Zeroshiki Yoriichi training Tanjiro is just high end 9-A. Only Pillar training Tanjiro is 8-B+. I guess Dante has some shit, but I will wait for DMC supporters
His concept manip isn't even combat applicable, we don't really know how it works beyond taking your name with it your powers and everything from you.

Probably he means his only hax here which is RG and deconstruction hax

Dante is at the high end of the spectrum AP wise so, what's the AP Tanji has?
Dante still has teleportation, Royal Guard (which, if Dante is able to Royal Block it, negates all damage done to him. And he can release all that damage done to him, if that's how VSBattles treats the Style) so I feel like he still has the advantage when it comes to versatility, his guns are also capable of splitting Tanjiro apart by the atom should it come down to him needing to blast someone to shreds.
Because I felt like it, Dante's page is filled with 3-A/Low 2-C and 7-B fights. Why not use a different key for once
Well if this is piller tanjirou he could try to cut dante to pieces and repeat the breath of the sun circle till he burns dante's cells but if it's any other tanjirou dante wins.
Dante isn't going to stand there and let the guy do his thing when he can teleport out of it or use his own AoE attacks to keep him at bay
Breath of the Sun is not fire manipulation (more like heat manipulation) and it can't really burn an enemy to ash

Dante's regen is near-instant IIRC, like when Vergil was cut in half by him and he was still intact, if Dante was weak to sunlight then yeah Breath of the Sun would work great, but I don't think it does in this case.