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Mewtwo vs Acnologia


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VS Battles
I don't know why I didn't do this yet. Because Mewtwo might get upgraded to Mach 808, I'm not gonna equalize speed. Anyway, who wins?
Acnologia ft 470 by laxusdreyards-d9pmzdr
Then i need to upgrade him. He blocked Pikachu's thunderbolts, which are comparable to magnemites.
Then Mewtwo wins due to mind hax, and all that fun stuff like time manipulation that i didn't even know he could do.
I still am lost about the time manipulation...I asked Mighty about it long ago, and I forgot his answer.
Acno is immune to mind manipulation (Furture Rogue said that he cannont manipulate him). However Mewtwo still outhaxes him.
Future Rogue's Mind Manipulation is sub-par in comparison to Mewtwo's and only works on dragons, so it's likely Acnologia only had a resistance to that specific mind control.
Isn't Mewtwo listed as 5A? What kind of battle is this? Acnologia is still just 7A. This is a stomp of epic proportions.
Mewtwo wrecks Acnologia via psychic and telekinetic hax. He's already at Acnologia's level in terms of AP and Dura with his standard powers and abilities, but adding hax into that = Acnologia is murdered.

Mewtwo takes this mid-difficulty on his worst day.
Yeah this is a mewtwo stomp imo. If Mewtwo has full access to his entire movepool, it's so vastly unfair i wouldn't consider adding it to his page. Barrier doubling defense, Swords dance doubling physical attack, his vast non physical movepool and superior knowledge, access to status hax like Will o Wisp, Toxic, Thunder Wave etc. Protect, Teleport, moves like Swift which supposedly 'Can't miss', so on and so forth make this a low diff Mewtwo win imo. Especially if Mega Evolution is allowed.

Maybe it'll be more even when we see the highest end of Acnologia's pinnacle strength/form but as for now he stands absolutely no chance against a Pokemon as versatile and intelligent as Mewtwo