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I don't think Pearls are actually considered minerals, but hush

Superalloy Darkshine vs. Pearl

Speed Equalized

Darkshine is far superior to 203(?) Megatons, Pearl is massively superior to 317 Megatons




Superalloy Darkshine Running
Pearl (change your mind)
We should put a hold on this match up. Darkshine's fight is sssssssoooooooooooo close.
The One Punch Man manga's about to include Darkshine's most major battle in the series.
Agree with the others on waiting for Darkshine Vs. Garou before debating on this one. I'll follow this thread for now. But uh. Isn't a far superior to 203 megatons vs a massively superior to 317 megatons a stomp match? Pearl sounds much stronger than Darkshine. And that's not taking into account everything else. She's far more agile, skilled, experienced, has a ranged advantage with her spear that she is masterful with, she has Gem physiology, can shapeshit (although is very rarely used by her), and can fire lasers with her spear (although is rarely used as well), that's just mentioning the abilities I think would actually be useful against Darkshine.
Also btw you might just wanna close this and remake it in the future if we're gonna wait for Darkshine Vs. Garou in the manga, they encountered eachother in chapter 121, and we're currently at 125. It usually takes at least a month or more for average length chapters to be released. By the time the fight will have finally happened, let alone before anything new may get added to Darkshine's profile, commenting on this thread will probably be a necro.

Edit: We could always just do this right now and redo it when the fight finally happens, assuming Darkshine has better showings from it of course.
Dunno if this thread is kinda dead or not, but the chapter with Darkshine Vs. Garou just got released and is already translated. I'm in the middle of reading it and it's amazing, idk if it'll cause any revisions yet though.
It fits the fight in the webcomic well (except the bit at the start and the fact it has Murata's amazing art), but aside from that Darkshine was downgraded to 7-B, so I'll close this.
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