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I'm just making all the Wall level versions of impressive characters fight Glass Joe

Speed is equal

The dEevolutionn gun is restricted, but he gets the rest of his arsenal

That's all, who wins?

Glass Joe:


Umm.. what? More than one power needs far more examination

And Joe is 9-B too. It's assuming his highest end unles ssaid otherwise. Here he would scale to the punch out calcs
Mario is Baseline? I thought he got higher then it?

Would maybe giving him the dEevolutionn gun or flamethrower help any?
Mario literally couldn't do that. Glass Joe one shots him to hell and back, and is severely outclassed in LS. His win condition seems to be the DEevolutionn gun or maybe flameThrower
He throws it, it sits there for like the several dozen seconds it takes for the thing to actually explode, so glad joe simply walks away
Buttersamuri said:
He throws it, it sits there for like the several dozen seconds it takes for the thing to actually explode, so glad joe simply walks away
Yeah I do agree with that but he might not even need it because of the gun
The gun is his only win option, since it bypasses durability, but he needs to actually use the thing without getting hit, as well, hit joe with it and hold the rat on him long enough for it to de evolve him
Mario win because Joe will be afraid of the bomb (not even needed)- LMAO, more like he'll run away, but while distracted Mario uses his other equipment like the gun to incap
Ehh. That makes no sense at all.

Mario doesn't use the bomb by throwing it, the bomb is tiny as heck, frankly, Joe could punt it away, and the thing needs to be winded yo to even be used. It's a horrible weapon essentially
Yeah, Mario will not need it, but Because of SBA, and speed =, I do not know the speed of the Devolution Gun - which seems to be Mario way to win