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mario (1993 movie)

  1. LeoEpicGamer8910

    The protagonist of the worst animated show of all time vs the protagonist of the worst video game adaptation of all time [GRACE]

    Velma (Velma) VS Mario (1993 Movie) Speed equalized. They start 20 meters apart. Fight takes place in a field. SBA for anything else. Velma but infinitely more annoying: Brooklyn Mario: 7 A hoard of critics kills them both:
  2. Maverick_Zero_X

    Movie Mario revision

    Breaking necks was revised to 9-C, so Mario should be slightly downgraded to that Tier.
  3. Mantidil

    Mario (1993 movie) vs Rayman (Cartoon)

    Speed equalized. Battle takes place in Brooklyn, because why not. Bob Hoskins’ Mario: 7 (JustANormalLemon, GoGoPowerRanger, The_Almighty_Wholesome, Peppersalt43, Pugao_03, J.J._Chambers, Knifeman29) Billy West’s Rayman: Inconclusive:
  4. Buttersamuri

    Butters Misleading Brackets Round 5: Inspector Clouseau vs Mario

    We are moving closer to the end of the first rounds of fighters! And so we cover the 5th round, we have Inspector Clouseau, from The Pink Panther movies, Submitted by J.J. Chambers, going up against Mario, from the Mario Brothers Movie, Submitted by Gilad Hyperstar The Current Standings Speed...
  5. MistaClean

    ALF Does The Mario!

    Mario (1993 Movie) vs ALF (Character) Speed is equal Mario has a wrench. Mario: Alf:
  6. Jackythejack

    Phoenix Wright vs. Mario

    MattPatt thinks Mario is a psychopath (different Mario but who cares) and MattPatt things Phoenix Wright is a criminal. They gotta fight to the death. Speed equal if it must be. Phoenix Wright Mario (1993 Movie)
  7. Buttersamuri

    Mario Mario vs Mario Mario

    The Movie vs The Show again! This time I hope to finish the debate Speed is equal Both are 9-B That's all, let's see who wins The Show: The Movie: Inconclusive/Draw:
  8. Luigi_The_Thunder_Master

    Spongebob vs Mario

    Speed unequal "Spongebob": 0 "Mario": 0 "Sonic": 0
  9. Buttersamuri

    Mario vs Glass Joe

    I'm just making all the Wall level versions of impressive characters fight Glass Joe Speed is equal The dEevolutionn gun is restricted, but he gets the rest of his arsenal That's all, who wins? Glass Joe: Mario: Inconclusive/Draw:
  10. Unoriginal_Memes

    Mario VS Sonic, But It's Less Toxic

    Mario (1993 Movie) VS Sonic the Hedgehog (Paramount) Speed is equalized and Sonic's electricity is restricted. Movie Mario: 1 Movie Sonic: 7 Inconclusive:
  11. Spinoirr

    Mario goes to the jungle

    SBA and the tapir is bloodlusted Tapir: Mario (1993 Movie):
  12. Buttersamuri

    Mario Mario gets Sued (grace)

    Mario Marios movie was so bad. It killed people. So Mario is taken to court and prove. Guilty. But then Mario Mario says no u and attacks the defense. Which was Phoenix Wright Speed is equalized Both are willing to kill Full arsenal Takes place in an alleyway Who wins and why? Mario (1993...
  13. Buttersamuri

    Oh No, The Louds, They beat Us Again

    The louds have been beating Marios company too many times. Now Mario must take action. By murdering a child. Lana vs Movie Mario Speed is Equal Full arsenal Takes place Takes place in Toon town from Who framed roger rabbit. Cause reasons Mario (1993 Movie): Lana Loud: Inconclusive/Draw:
  14. Bobsican

    Mario Vs. Odysseus

    Because Super Mario Odyssey went too far Both at 9-B, speed not equalized. The Red Plumber: 0 The Legendary Hero: 0 Incon: 1 (Votron5)
  15. Buttersamuri

    Mario vs Mario

    Fight between The Live Actions. The Movie Mario refused to do The Mario. Now the TV show Mario seek revenge. No prep Full equipment Speed is Not Equalized Live Action movie Mario (1993 Movie) vs Live Action TV show Mario (Captain Lou Albano) Movies: 1 Inconclusive: Show:
  16. Genericstickman

    Mario vs Thanos real life edition

    might as well jump into this bandwagon Real Mario fights real Thanos Speed Unequalised Dinosaur:7 Plumber: McQueen:
  17. GyroNutz

    Fat Italian vs Fat American

    Homer Simpson vs Mario Mario I don't think speed needs to be equalized Who wins and why? Homer Simpson: Mario (1993 Movie): Inconclusive:
  18. TheArsenal1212

    Mario 1993 takes on Bond

    Both at 9B Everything allowed for Bond except anything 9A Both have prior knowledge Mario (1993 Movie): 0 James Bond: 1 Inconclusive: 0
  19. TheArsenal1212

    James Bond vs Mario... 1993

    Both at 9B Bond has everything except vehicles Both have prior knowledge of the other James Bond: 0 Mario (1993 Movie): 0
  20. Jackythejack

    An Old Man Fights the Kids These Days: Mario from 1993 vs. The Villager

    I saw Villager was 9-B, so I wanted to put him into a fight, so he's fighting Mario. Speed is equalized and the fight takes place in the forest.
  21. Numbersguy

    A bodybuilder beats up an old man: Van Damme's Guile vs Bob Hoskin's Mario

    I made this fight, but Mario got the EXTERMINATUS... since he is back, then this battle will resume. Guile (Street Fighter: The Movie) Mario (1993 Movie) Mario has his armor, his wrench, the Thwomps and the Devo-gun Guile has no weapons other than handcuffs and a combat knife Speed is...
  22. RapidMotorcycle19


    Mario Mario takes on a Train. 9-B Forms Mario can step off the tracks if he wants to. Thomas has snow plow and conductor advice. Separated 20 metres. Hi guys!
  23. RapidMotorcycle19

    Little Mac vs Mario Mario TITLE BOUT

    For the WVBA Mushroom Circuit Golden belt, Little Mac will face the unbeaten Champion: Mario "Jumpman" Mario in a KO match. Who will win? 9-B forms.
  24. Ryukama

    Mario Mario "Downgrade"

    Hello. I'm sorry, but after further thought I think the 2-C should just be removed from his profile. 1. The merging of the dimensions is totally inapplicable for combat. 2. This rock isn't Mario's standard equipment or something he has. It's a MacGuffin that's passed around to numerous...
  25. Yobo_Blue

    A plumber fights a dragon

    Mario (1993 Movie) vs Dragonoid (Bakugan) Base Dragonoid SBA Speed Equal Who wins?
  26. ArgentinianDeadpool

    Mario Mario vs Zeno

    Oh yes! Speed equalized. Mario 2-C Zen'ō: 5 (Unite My Rice, Super Saiyan God Julian, TheJ-ManRequiem, DarkDragonMedeus, DMB 1) Mario (1993 Movie): 1 (Metal Mario875) Inconclusive: