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Luckiest Lady in the Land
VS Battles
Hello everyone!

For the last few days, me and Ever have been discussing how downplayed Power Rangers are on this site, with their older stats being dismissed for no real reason. In this thread, I will be attempting to argue as to why those old stats were legitimate. Here we go.

Unmorphed Rangers
Simply put, the Unmrophed Rangers were a consistent match for Goldar and Rito Revolto, as seen here. This is important because Rito Revolto has a rather casual Large Island+ durability feat. Calculated at 666 Gigatons exactly.

As for speed, they're not slouching either. Rito Revolto has outpaced Lord Zedds lightning bolts, which were calculated at 5c. FTL. If that seems like an outlier, then the Rangers have also consistently fought monsters who were more than capable of reacting to objects being thrown at this speed. Additionally, Rangers and inferior characters reacting to light is rather common. Theirs even a scene in Power Rangers: Dino Charge where a crowd of civilians are capable of reacting to a blast of concentrated light like it's a normal thing.

Using Tommy as a base. Unmorphed Rangers should be:

Attack Potency: Large Island level+ (Capable of matching the likes of Rito Revolto in hand to hand combat. Knocked Goldar off his footing and defeated him without much effort)

Speed: FTL (Able to keep up with and even blitz Rito, who was able to outpace Lord Zedds lightning bolts.

Due to episodes like Forever Red and Legendary Battle, these feats actually scale to virtually every Unmorphed Rangers, with the exception of the Dino Rangers, who have better feats anyway.

Morphed Rangers
In Power Rangers: Super Megaforce, the Megaforce Rangers are capable of matching swords with "Vrak", who could casually perform a feat on this level. This is important, because the Megaforce Rangers are the weakest Rangers in the series. You see, those Rangers view any used by any of the "Legacy Rangers" as a huge upgrade. Ergo, every Ranger armor and weaponry outclasses their own.

Rita Repulsa also has Planet level feats and if I recall, she's not very impressive in the Power Rangers mythos.

As for speed, in Power Rangers: Turbo, Justin managed to fight an enemy named "Dreadfeather" in both H2H combat and even caught him in flight speed. For reference, Dreadfeather was clocked in at 454c, Massively FTL. This is also pretty damn consistent with a calc I did for Dino Charge, landing in at 494c. Just barely higher.

So almost every Morphed Ranger would be:

Attack Potency: Planet level (Considerably superior to the Super Megaforce Ranger team as their gear is considered to be an upgraded form)

Speed: Massively FTL (Comparable to Justin, who was able to match Dreadfeather in hand to hand combat and even caught him in the air)

As I mentioned before, episodes like Legendary Battle depict these Rangers as equals and thus nearly everyone scales to each other.

Specific Rangers

White Ranger Tommy
White Ranger Tommy was able to parry the attacks of Lord Zedd and fight on somewhat equal grounds as him. While he was ultimately defeated pretty rough, he was able to at least parry his attacks like I said. Lord Zedd is on the higher end of 5-A. In fact, if Tommy was as weak as 1000 times weaker than Zedd, he'd still be 5-A.

Dino Black Tommy
From what I heard from Pikachu and Ever, Dino Black Tommy was depicted as being comparable to Conner McKnight. Conner McKnight was capable of creating a pocket dimension that housed an entire Galaxy and then some, as seen here

Here's an exert that says he created the dimension himself.

Welcome to my world!
~ Conner​
So, he should be At least 3-C. Additionally, Power Rangers Dino Super Charge implies that galaxy busting isn't really uncommon in the Power Rangers universe. Master Sledge destroyed many galaxies and claimed even his henchme destroyed Galaxies, so it's not like Conner and Tommy being 3-C is out of place in the grand scheme of things.

Conner McKnight
See above. He created a pocket dimension that contained a Galaxy.

Cole Evans
With the Wild Force Rider, he managed to destroy Serpentera, as seen here. Serpentera was described as being able to casually bust entire planets and is superior to Lord Zedd (as it is his "Zord"). Ever told me that this doesn't scale to him normally however.

S.W.A.T. Rangers
According to Pikachu, the Rangers in their S.W.A.T. form apparently defeated an enemy who destroyed Alpha Centauri, which I believe is a 4-B level feat. The enemy who performed this feat is Bork. The PR Wiki describes Alpha Centauri as a planet, but I'm not sure if that's accurate.

However, it's implied that he didn't fully destroy the place, and just "left it in ruins" or something along those lines. This feat may not be fully usable, but an "At least Planet level, likely much hugher" may be warranted.

This scales to the Dino Super Mode Rangers from what I've heard from Ever and Pikachu

Individually, I think Zords should be rated at 5-B for being superior to their Rangers, who we've already established are 5-B.

As for Speed, they have a Massively FTL+ feat at 21,900,000,000,000c. If that isn't to be accepted, then they would still be Massively FTL scaling off of Rangers like Justin.

Megazord and Dragonzord would be 5-A scaling off of Tommy Olver himself. The speed would also be Massively FTL+ for being faster than the Zords, or at least Massively FTL.

In Closing
Final Tally:

Unmorhped Rangers: High 6-C, FTL

Morphed Rangers: 5-B, Massively FTL

Most Zords: 5-B, Massively FTL+ or Massively FTL

White Ranger Tommy: 5-A

Cole Evans w/Wild Force Rider: 5-A

Megazord/Dinozord: At least 5-A, Massively FTL+ or Massively FTL

S.W.A.T. Rangers and Dino Super Rangers: At least 5-B, possibly much higher/possibly 4-B.

Triassic Conner and Dino Black Tommy: 3-C

I think that's everything.
I read through Dark's entire post multiple times and Building level seems to be far too great of an underestimation with all of this considered. I support the suggested changes as well.
Seems good. I'd like a source on the Alpha Centauri thing though. It may be referring to a planet within the Alpha Centauri system after all.

EDIT: Wiki refers to him leaving it in "ruins", so we definitely need more context. This could range from either leaving the whole solar system in "ruins" or just a surface wipe on one planet.
Looks solid for the most part. The only thing that might be contentious for me is the weird matrix in the back of Conner's pocket realm, but it doesn't dismiss the rest of the stars and the galaxy in said realm.
Yeah, I was a little iffy on that Alpha Centauri feat as well. I wanted to post it for the sake of covering all grounds. Even Pikachu told me in passing that it could've just met some unknown Alien Civilization.

I'll edit the post to reflect that.

@Flamesofpower64. Thanks dude. I'll fix it.
As for Sledge and his henchmen, do we know the method behind that? Like, did they destroy galaxies with ships or under their own power, or what?
Well, Heckyl also destroyed entire galaxies, and he was never shown using any ships or weapons or anything. Just raw magic power. Badussa was also said to have destroyed galaxies, and was never shown to use ships or anything, just his raw power.
I completly agree with this.

Except maybe the Alpha Centauri thing, I think that more context would be good
Alright. I'll watch the episode with that statement and post the relevant scans.
Darkanine said:
Yeah, I was a little iffy on that Alpha Centauri feat as well. I wanted to post it for the sake of covering all grounds. Even Pikachu told me in passing that it could've just met some unknown Alien Civilization.
I'll edit the post to reflect that.

@Flamesofpower64. Thanks dude. I'll fix it.
No problem man.
I read and scan most of the information provided and I agree with this. The Rangers being clocked at Building level or lower did not seem right at all and I even recall other Planet level related feats in the franchise that even solidifies this futher. Over all, I have no qualms with this but I believe Alpha Centauri is most likely a planet rather than a star system.
Alright. Just finished the episode. Here are the relevant scans.

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #5.

With the exception of the last quote (which sounds like either hyperbole, given Piggy's cheeky tone), they all seem to imply planetary dectruction. He did stomp multiple Rangers in base at once so I think "At least 5-B, possibly much higher would be appropriate.
Dino Ranger Black said:
I read and scan most of the information provided and I agree with this. The Rangers being clocked at Building level or lower did not seem right at all and I even recall other Planet level related feats in the franchise that even solidifies this futher. Over all, I have no qualms with this but I believe Alpha Centauri is most likely a planet rather than a star system.
same, i always though Building level was way too low for the rangers, even in the early ep of Operation Overdrive the main villains (who the rangers later fought) could make snow storms and the fire one made a volcano Europe. so Building level always seemed off to me.
What about the power rangers zords will they be rated the same as the power rangers or do they have higher feats?
I mentioned it in the OP. They have faaaaar better speed feats, but no better AP feats that I know of. Either At least 5-B or 5-A scaling off either basic morphed Rangers or White Ranger Tommy Oliver. Dino Thunder Megazord and Dino Charge Ultrazord would both be 3-C due to the respective galaxy level feats in both series.
Darkanine said:
Well, Heckyl also destroyed entire galaxies, and he was never shown using any ships or weapons or anything. Just raw magic power. Badussa was also said to have destroyed galaxies, and was never shown to use ships or anything, just his raw power.
Sorry if I sound like I'm downplaying or not, but this could either be indicative of really high MFTL+ magic speeds and casual star busting, or galaxy level with unknown (but likely FTL) speed.
spoking of the Zord, what stats are we going to give Animus? we have a feat for his DC but where would we put him in terms of speed, do we scale him off the other Zords of the series or no?
Huesito88 said:
So do any power rangers have any good haxes. If they even have haxes?
Plenty. Mesogog has telepathic and mind corrupting abilities, Conner in his Triassic form can manipulate the dimension he created, the monster of the day usually has a gimmick that can be considered haxxed like inducing bad luck, and then you have Mystic Force, a season mainly focused on magic.

Conner McKnight can be argued to have powerful reality warping powers due to creating the Triassic Dimension. That's all I know off the top of my head. A lot of monsters have great hax though. Wish Star was a powerful (but dumb) probability manipulator, Lord Zedd can manipulate Time on a planetary scale, Puzzler warped an entire building, Bones could literally rip the emotions out of people, etc.

@Flames of power64. As for AP and Speed.

"At least 5-A, likely far higher (Efforstly created an eclipse. Vastly superior to the Wild Force Rider, which was used to decimate Serpentera, a Zord that was capable of destroying entire planets and was far above the likes of Lord Zedd).

Massively FTL+ (By far one of the most powerful and fast Zords in the series. Much faster than the Zords who were capable of flying to the "Farthest Galaxy" in a mere 5 hours)

That sound good?

@Cano. I mean no offense when I say this, but it sounds like you're trying to find the lowest possible end and not the most reasonable end. However, I would be fine with "At least 4-B/4-A, likely 3-C" for Heckyl, Badussa and Sledge.
It should be stated that the Zeo powers were considered to be>the Mighty Morphin Powers, and thus should scale to White Ranger Tommy. This also includes the Turbo powers, which were (somehow) stronger than the Zeo powers. I dunno if it scales to In Space as they really only used those powers cuz Turbo's were destroyed, but at the very least every Zeo and Turbo Ranger should also be 5-A.]

Also, should be stated, I agree with these. I remember making an upgrade thread for this way back, and one person came up with outrageous claims to reduce them to Tier 8.

Also, it should be stated that the Rangers only beat Vrak via weird PIS. Vrak himself is>the Rangers, though they should scale in durability. In terms of AP, they beat people who did casual Tier 8 feats at the very least.

So Tier 5 durability scaling to the rest of the rangers at least, but every ranger between Operation Overdrive and Megaforce has to stand on their own feats IMO, especially since Legendary Battle implies the Rangers that fought were not the real rangers.
Yeah, DRB, the verse description has it quite vague, but the Corona Aurora and thus Red Sentinel Mack would be 3-A
@Pikachu. While they only defeated Vrak through the power of friendship or something, the Red Ranger was able to parry his attacks, implying they're roughly in the same league of strength, but not as powerful. They were able to take blows from him, and fight enemies who could in turn, hurt them (I assume, I only watched Linkaras "History of Power Rangers" series to find feats), so they would still scale to Planet level, just on a lower end.

Like Ever said, these Rangers were using the suits of every other Ranger in the series as power ups, which implies that other Rangers were considerably stronger than them.

Good points on Zeo and Turbo though.

@Dino Ranger Black. Interesting. Might be useful for scaling since the Energems were stated to be the most powerful weapons in the entire Universe, but it's never clear if they that for individual Ernegems or when grouped together.
Also, we should sort out where all of the villains go.

Master Vile: At Least 5-A (Superior to Zedd)

King Mondo: 5-A (Superior to Zedd, initially defeated Zeo Ranger Tommy with ease)

Divatox: Unknow

Dark Specter: At Least 5-A, likely much higher (Far above all previous villains, to the point where even all of them together wouldn't be able to beat him)

Psycho Rangers: 5-B (Superior to the In Space and Lost Galaxy Rangers, required a combination of both to defeat them)

Scorpius & Trakeena: 5-B (Superior to the Lost Galaxy Rangers)

Queen Bansheera: 5-B

Ransik: 5-B

Master Org: 5-B, At Least 5-A in final form (Defeated Animus)

Lothor: 5-B

Mesogog: 5-A (Superior to Lothor and Zeltrax), 3-C in final form (Superior to Triassic Connor and Super Dino Mode Tommy)

Zeltrax: 5-A (Comparable to Dino Ranger Tommy), 3-C in final form (Was able to contend against Triassic Connor)

Grumm: At Least 5-A, possible 4-B (Casually destroyed a large planet, should not be weaker than Bork)

The Master: 5-B

Moltor & Fearkats: 5-B (Superior to the rangers)

Flurious: 5-B (Superior to the rangers), 3-A with the Corona Aurora

I dunno the rest, but those at least. That also reminds me, Trent and the Super Dino Mode of the others should be 5-A for being comparable to Dino Ranger Tommy, which would then scale to the SWAT Mode of the SPD Rangers, giving them a better minimum.
@Black Dino Rangers very Interesting, if this is true then we would have a very powerful weapon for the PRverse. Also i think that cosmic being your talking about is Sentinel Knight, a character while heavily weaken was able to restore 5 ranger's powers. so he should easily scale off the Rangers.

@Pikachu and @Darkanine

Maybe 5-A and Massively FTL for Sentinel Knight stats?
I think Sentinel Knight is probably closer to the Corona Aurora than he is to the Ranger, as when he fuses with Mack they go from 5-B or 5-A to 3-A, so I wouldn't be surprised if Sentinel Knight is 3-B or 3-A himself
Thanks on the SPD Rangers scaling! From what I gathered from the newer series.

Xandred: Unknow (No idea. Heard he was going to fuse two "worlds" but not sure if that translates into actual AP in this case)

Vrak: At least 5-B (Did the eclipse feat)

Mavro: Either 5-A or 3-C (Stated to be the strongest warrior in the universe by multiple people)

Sledge: At least 3-C, possibly far higher (Destroyed a galaxy. Stomped Heckyl and Lord Arcanon, the former of which wielded the Dark Energem, which was the strongest weapon in the universe)

Edit: In hindsight, I think the Energems were stated to be the most powerful things in the universe for their time travel abilities, not raw power.

1) Depends on the size of those worlds.

Fusing two planets around Earth size would be Planet level, while fusing two universes would be Multi-Universe level. This is assuming that he's doing this under his own power of course.

2) Seems fine.

3) Is this scaling to someone? Conner?

4) What are the Dark Energem's feats?
@Pikachu well then how about this.

Sentinel Knight: 5-A and Massively FTL while weaken (restored 5 ranger's of there power and beat Thrax an enemy that was on par with the Rangers in the past) possibly 3-B or 3-A when restored.

@Darkanine and @Black Dino Ranger

your thoughts?
Also, me and Ever were just talking, and Damarus was stated to be>Vrak, and they were able to defeat him in their Super Mega mode. They were unable to access Super Mega vs. Vrak when they beat him via PIS, so I think in the end, Super MegaForce rangers would be 5-B, which would scale to every single past ranger. MegaForce Rangers are still iffy, they have 5-B durability, but AP is a mystery IMO
1. I don't really know much regarding Samurai. The way I heard it implies Universes but again I'm not certain. It also sounded like it was a prep feat.

3. This is going off fuzzy memory, but Triassic Red Ranger Conner has the Galaxy feat, then he got stomped by Tree of Life Zeltrax, who was defeated by Dino Black Tommy Oliver. Being the strongest fighter in the universe may mean he's stronger than Tommy. Heckyl, Sledge and Badussa all also destroyed galaxies at some point and Dino Super Charge Tyler Navarro defeated all three of them.

4. They themselves don't have feats, just a lot of hype. Keeper and narration consistently claim they are the most powerful weapons in the entire universe and that they trascend space and time. Keeper also stated that the Dark Energem was a threat to the past, present and future, but that's likely just because of its time traveling ability. Their only "feat" is that the Purple Energem overpowered Heckyl's magic.