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jason lee scott

  1. Divini

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 revisions (part 1 of 2(?))

    Introduction Hello everyone, been awhile since i posted anything Power Rangers related here (almost a year lmao) and now i bring you all the promised S2 revisions. This will cover important hax, AP and speed buffs/additions for important characters, the main Rangers and villains, there will be...
  2. Divini

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S1 mini additional revisions

    Introduction So this isn't a big revision or anything. This revision is to cover some minor stuff that i forgot to add in the original CRT, now let's dive into it The Revision
  3. Divini

    Go GO Power Rangers! (30th anniversary MMPR S1 revisions)

    Introduction Welcome everyone to the so-long-waited MMPR revisions, also happy 30th anniversary!, there wouldn't be a better timing lul. Before i begin i wanna credit @ZeedKZ , @Jamesthetaker , @BERRIES555 and @Gonzalo for helping with those revisions, and yes this revision only covers the S1...
  4. Divini

    Power Rangers Revisions (stronger than before, higher they can soar, GO ZEO)

    ZEO, GO ZEO in the zeo world, the evil machine empire with their ruler King Mondo want to take over the universe and earth is the last planet they need to rule but one team of heroes stand against them, power rangers zeo! and in order to fight the evil machine empire they need revisions lul...
  5. Divini

    Power Rangers Revisions (New keys)

    Hello everyone, welcome to another Power Rangers revision, im pretty sure u all know how it goes, as the years pass multiple characters gets new forms and stuff. Soooo some characters got new forms but arent listed in the profiles so lets take a look RITA REPULSA after purified by Zordon she...
  6. AerrowStorm1

    Jason Lee Scott revisions

    Jason's missing some stats and powers on his profile He's missing the justification that he's Beaten Goldar both morphed and unmorphed. He and other rangers are also missing the ability to channel their coins together to increase their power, or combine all their coins powers into one ranger...
  7. Dusty_Raider

    Red Ranger vs Jeice

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jason_Lee_Scott 5-B key https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jeice?mobile-app=false Both in character, Speed equalized and start 10 feet away from each other. Team Leader: 2 Red Magma: Incon:
  8. Jasonsith

    Death Battle Season Seven Discussion Thread (1) (Death Battle Spoilers Alert)

    You know the drill by now folks! We talk about everything DEATH BATTLE here! Continued from here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here warp gate Fights since this thread has started: Done in the past: Ep 118: Deadpool (Marvel Comics) vs The Mask Ep 119: All Might...
  9. Unoriginal_Memes

    Leaders of Squads That Fight With Giant Robots

    Lance McClai VS Jason Lee Scott Lance has his Paladin Armor and Jason starts out as the Red Ranger. Lance: Jason: Inconclusive:
  10. Yobo_Blue

    Minor Power Ranger Revision

    Basically, all Rangers should receive acausality type 4 through protection by the Morphing Grid. Also, Tommy Oliver should gain a High 2-A key for having the Heart of a Morphing Master
  11. Neo_hakkaishin

    when you are finished creating power rangers profiles

    quando você terminar de criar perfis de power rangers
  12. RapidMotorcycle19

    Jason Lee Scott vs Goku

    Ginyu Saga Goku vs Red Ranger Jason Goku tried to imitate one of his fighting poses before the fight started, enraging him Speed equal
  13. Yobo_Blue

    Power Rangers Villains

    Noting the lack of of Villains, I have a question about there tiering. If a monster is able to simultaneously take on the whole team, would that make them High 5-A?
  14. Firestorm808

    MMPR Civilian Speed Revision

    I would like to call into question using Rito Revolto dodging Zeds lightning bolts for the civilian form. First of all, no one can cite which episode this came from. It just says that he did it. If someone is able to find it, then I will offer my argument against it.
  15. Amelia_Lonelyheart

    Sailor Senshi vs Red Rangers

    A classic match up between Henshin heroes, one a squad of females and the other a squad of males. This is a West vs East type math, folks. On the West side we have: Jason Lee Scott Tommy Oliver Cole Evans Conner McKnight Tyler Navarro On the East side we have: Sailor Moo Sailor Mars Sailor...
  16. Amelia_Lonelyheart

    Forever Red: Red Paladin vs Red Ranger

    I tried this before but made it far to one sided. Here goes nothing A battle of two red clad henshin heroes: Kieth Krogane vs Jason Lee Scott. Better known as the Red Paladin and the Red Ranger respectively. Round One: Keith is in his Paladin armor, so "Possibly 5-B" while Jason is the Red...
  17. Amelia_Lonelyheart

    Major Power Rangers Upgrades

    Hello everyone! For the last few days, me and Ever have been discussing how downplayed Power Rangers are on this site, with their older stats being dismissed for no real reason. In this thread, I will be attempting to argue as to why those old stats were legitimate. Here we go. Unmorphed...
  18. Hunterzillas

    Power Rangers Speed Increase?

    I realise that Power Rangers used to be placed at a RIDICULOUS level of power, and then lustia came in and they got downgraded. Even so, I've decided to relook over some of the narutocalc's and see if anything can be recovered from them. Found this...
  19. Iustitia_Prime

    Downgrading White and Red Rangers from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

    This is the current profile for Tommy Oliver, the original sixth ranger- https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tommy_Oliver And Jason the original Red Ranger- https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jason_Lee_Scott All I can think is NOPE! Let me start off by saying that I am not diametrically...