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Lancer (Fate/stay night) vs. Caster (C├║ Chulainn)

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VS Battles
Lancer C├║ vs. Caster C├║

Fate Grand Order Lancer Render
C├║ Chulainn Caster

Strength B
Endurance C
Agility A
Mana C
Luck E
Noble Phantasm B

Strength E
Endurance D
Agility C
Mana B
Luck D
Noble Phantasm B

Standard battle assumptions. (EDIT): Base Lancer.

Lancer (3): Sol, Repp, Iap

Caster (2): Monarch, Gojira

They're both Cu Chulainn, just summoned into different classes.

Lancer probably has the upper hand due to Magic Resistance + Protection From ARrows. In addition, Lancer Cu knows all of Caster Cu's tricks and will try to close in for the kill on top of not wasting his mana on the Soaring Spear due to being aware of the Rune Barriers that can stop a Noble Phantasm.

Not really. Caster Cu actually has a more powerful (if less haxxy) NP and better Rune Magic. He just heavily prefers to be summoned as a Lancer due it to being what he's most comfortable with, being only a "temporary druid" as a Caster.
At the same time though, doesn't Caster Cu know all of Lancer's tricks? He wouldn't waste any time himself, and Wicker Man oneshot Saber Alter who has even stronger magic resist than Lancer

That Saber Alter already ate her own Excalibur Morgan to the face before Cu arrived.
So they did. Though it didn't seem to be reflected at full power, but I'll concede that Caster did not oneshot her as I thought.

Still, Saber didn't seem to be doing too badly after taking it either. And Lancer's magic resist is still worse than Saber's, so the difference might not be so large.
Also, didn't Caster's flame rune magic basically oneshot Lancer/Medusa who had B rank magic resist? Better than Lancer's C rank
Hmm... I forgot that was a weakness of Protection From Arrows.

Lancer is still significantly faster though, so it shouldn't be hard to close the distance and use Gae Bolg.
Yeah, I just mean that the speed difference isn't that great, as he was still able to keep up with someone of comparable speed.

And Caster knows Lancer has GaeBolg, and this seems quicker than this
Lancer Cu takes this with melee Gae Bolg. Caster only has D rank Luck, and it took Saber's B rank luck to narrowly avoid it in F/SN UBW. Caster has no other defenses that can stop melee Gae Bolg and it's an instant kill.
Unless Caster snaps his fingers and burns Lancer to death before he can throw it?

He practically one shot someone who had a rank better magic resist.

Caster's spells don't seem to be instant. They're mostly projectiles unless prepared beforehand as a trap, like in the situation you mentioned. Meanwhile, all Lancer has to do is say "Gae Bolg", thrust the spear, and profit.
Votes are:

Lancer: 2 (Solacis, Iapitus)

Caster: 1 (Monarch)
When did he set a trap?

He was basically just dodging backwards the whole time, then he waves his hand and a rune appeared beneath her and blew up.

It was generally assumed to be a trap, in that he can't just auto-target the spell, but there's no confirmation. That's why I said "seem". It also makes sense since every other time Caster uses runes, they're fired as projectiles, implying that it either takes a considerable amount of mana or certain amount of time to prepare, or some other limitation.

Regardless, Lancer can fire Gae Bolg faster than Caster can fire his runes, since Agility dictates both physical and mental speed, and Lancer is nearly twice as fast as Caster. Not to mention that Gae Bolg instantly closes distance upon activation. Additionally, not only can he use it fast, but he can also spam it at least 7 times in a row before running low on mana.

Caster would need stupid amounts of Luck to survive Gae Bolg, and Lancer can dodge most anything Caster can throw at him.
Making me choose between my husbands who are the same person smh... with that in mind, imma have to go with Caster Cu. Considering he bodied just about every Servant in the FGO OVA (including Salter), I don't think he'd have much trouble taking down Lancer Cu. TL;DR Caster Cu FRA.
@Solacis Gae Bolg doesn't instantly close distance. Once the outcome of "spear through the heart" is set, it still needs to be thrown and pass the distance, even if the outcome is still inevitable by that point. That being said, it's still pretty fast, but there is still time, it doesn't just skip the distance.

Also, as I brought up Caster was fighting against someone of equal speed to Cu/Lancer (Medasa Lancer)
Votes are:

Lancer: 2 (Solacis, Iapitus)

Caster: 2 (Monarch, Gojira)
Monarch Laciel said:
Also, as I brought up Caster was fighting against someone of equal speed to Cu/Lancer (Medasa Lancer)
I'll admit your first point, in that Gae Bolg isn't necessarily instant.

On the other hand, I just realized something. Why are we assuming that Medusa Lancer is of equal speed to Medusa Rider? We have no actual feats for Medusa Lancer besides keeping up with Caster Cu and possibly outpacing Shielder; and being anime-original, she doesn't have an official parameter sheet to compare her with other Servants. The most we have to go by is Lancer Medusa Lily, who has A rank Agility, but there's no statement yet as to whether the two are inherently related or are from different parallel worlds.

I also question the canonicity of First Order, seeing as Medusa wasn't a Lancer in the Fuyuki Singularity, and Hassan and Benkei were missing entirely. Also, Caster has C rank Agility. He should NOT have been capable of keeping up with someone with A rank Agility, who should be nearly twice as fast.

In addition, how fast are Caster's fireballs compared to Lancer's melee attacks? A reminder that Archer EMIYA easily kept up with Caster's attacks in First Order, despite having incredible trouble against Lancer's attacks in Unlimited Blade Works once Lancer was allowed to go all-out. It's not concrete evidence, but it does imply that Caster's ranged attacks are considerably slower than Lancer's melee.

Also, I just re-watched the scene where Caster one-shot Medusa Lancer, and the rune was below her. Runes have to be drawn/carved by hand or through some physical medium, that's just how they work. So that confirms that it was a trap.

Then there's Lancer's Protection From Arrows. It's description states that it allows him to perceive and evade any kind of ranged attack with considerable ease; which allowed him to hold his ground against Gilgamesh for half a day. Caster's runes also count as ranged attacks, so that puts Caster at an even greater disadvantage. Remember that Lancer knows that Caster's fireballs explode. He'd dodge them instead of parrying/blocking, which PFA still assists him with.

So when it all comes down to it, Caster can't dodge Gae Bolg, while Lancer can dodge most of anything Caster can throw at him. Caster has some serious firepower, but Wickerman is way too slow and Lancer has a skill that allows him to evade the rest of his general attacks. Lancer is faster, stronger, and has more hax.

Even putting aside the WoG stating that Cu Chulainn is strongest in the Lancer class (Cu Alter doesn't count, since he isn't actually Cu), I really don't see Caster pulling a victory here.
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