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Kumagawa small change


VS Battles
His empathic manipulation say that it is because of his "minus mentality", however the page linked clearly say that it's because of his minus, which is Book Maker and was already stated to "break hearts" prior to this scene.

Everyone falling after his words at the very same time is more him doing both for the sake of fun. I also checked other languages to see if it was similar, and it seems that they refers to Book Maker in the scene too.

The wording should just change from "minus mentality" to "Book Maker".
Medaka clearly say "your minus" when yelling at him, others traductions also make mention of "minus" as his power and not his mentality.

His "speech" is also only 7 words, I don't remember something implying that it was a true one.
Yes but, the people who own minuses are called minuses. Misogi Kumagawa is a minus.

Yeah just 7 words were enough to incap an entire school.
"Your minus" is a pretty direct way to say Book Maker. Also in other language minus are called differently to make a difference between the person and their power, and they refer to the power.

It's just part of the gag, while everything else explain that it is because of his power ("broke hearts", "your minus", "holding back")
Hardly the case when he never uses his minus there.

Yes but he did that with just his minus mentality. Iirc there was another case where Medaka was having trouble staying conscious in front of him.
Everything say that he did. It's just a proof that screws aren't physical ones (as supposed by Akune).

His minus mentality work either as a form of "aura" or because of his disturbing behavior. However he erased the first, and his current behavior wasn't anything special. It would be like saying that everyone not falling unconscious after one joke of Kumagawa is resistant to this.