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Jetstream Sam vs Travis Touchdown (Metal Gear vs No More Heroes)

both Low 7-C

Travis's third key

Both fully equipped

The fight takes place in Los Angeles

Speed equalized

Who wins and why?

Jetstream Sam :

Travis Touchdow :

3087867-jestream sam
Jetstream Sam. 99% Human. 100% BADASS.

Travis-touchdown-no-more-heroes-wiki-fandom-powered-by-wikia-travis-touchdown-png-967 1252
"Everybody deals with grief differently right? Some people **** at funerals ... I cut off heads."
You should equalize speed, Sam speedblitzes otherwise, also I don't know if Sam can get past the immortality
TBH his immortality seems to rely on his Glove, it's possible that if the glove is destroyed the immortality is gone, but I don't know anything about the verse, so...

Does Travis' sword survive the Murasama? If not, how good is he in h2h?
Travis took out the world's best assassins with his beam katana and he is skilled in grappling and wrestling
yeah ok, but does the katana have some special property that makes it durable enough to not be cut by the Murasama? And how skilled is he? Because Sam is a master of at least 3 martial arts and his fighting style incorporates h2h. Does Travis have some amps?
Travis's beam katana is made out of laser maybe that might help but not likely, travis was trained by his master his whole life and he was able to defeat the world's best assassin's in verse,Sam is way more skilled than travis in h2h (travis only uses wrestling moves and grappling) and yes he does have amps
man, there is absolutely no point in bumping this if we don-t get someone knowledgeable about Travis to debate us here
hey i know this is 2 years later but made an account just to reply when i saw this thread. I've played all 4 nmh games, and an confidently say travis wipes sam, it's not even fair. In nmh3 he has a power suit that lets him take on planet level aliens, and they're treated as just, a common enemy. All the bosses are descibed directly by the creator to be "thanos level threats", and i can't remember where this was revealed, but travis gets a silver eye which makes them just 100% immortal, on top of the death glove.

BUT, nmh3 came out after this thread, and also it's more fair to compare nmh2 travis anyway. Travis at this point has access to a mech that i'd lowball to be about equal to the metal gears. raiden destroyed one easily, and afterwards, sam destroyed him easily. it's capable of space flight so travis can snipe him from orbit until he wins if you want to be really ******* boring, but let's be real he'd want a one on one. sam died to a sword slash across his chest, travis survived being punched through the torso but BARELY, and looking at both they seem to be cause equal amounts of damage.

conclusion: with full access to gear, no matter how you slice it, travis just overpowers sam, but in the much more realistic and likely scenario of a one on one sword fight without any gear, sam destroys travisl.