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Not actually an upgrade or anything, but more of a clarification.

In S3&K, once the Super Emeralds are activated, they never leave the Hidden Palace yet Sonic, Tails and Knuckles can access the Hyper Form at any time, this stays true even when they into space in the Death Egg Zone, where they're far from the Angel Island and Hidden Palace.

So we should clarify that as long as the Super Emeralds are active, Hyper Form can be accessed anywhere even without the SE in person.
Yeah that's makes sense since Sonic doesn't actually hold the super emeralds in S3 & K, since they're always in hidden palace zone
This is probably fine, but you should ask Medeus to comment here.
Even with hammserspace I always felt the idea of Sonic and Co carrying 7 M.E sized gems around was kinda ridiculous, so I agree with the proposed clarification.
Okay. Should I lock the pages then? Also, what else is left to do here?