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Luffy destroys. Like, no contest.

Ki blasts are Goku's only way to harm Luffy and it have failed to work against opponents of similar physiologies like the RR Monster and manga Botamo.

Goku might be more experienced and arguably skilled, but that's it. Luffy's way more versatile and has good resistances to help him win this.
Wasn't botamo immune to physical blows where as luffy is just resistant, and what do u think of Ki punches being used like armament haki to harm luffy? The way goku explains it to trunks is very similar to how rayleigh breaks down armament
Immunity is a NLF. At least for Manga Botamo, who wasn't redirecting the attacks to another dimension (or some shit like that). Manga Botamo has a similar physiology than Luffy's, so arguing full immunity is a big jump.

Eh, no? Haki is the counter to DFs, but unless we equalize it with Ki, Goku wouldn't be able to ignore the resistance. And even if we go by that, Luffy has Gear 4th which has enhanced resistance against those who can negate it (via turning his Haki into rubber).
really immunity is a nlf? i know there are layers of resistance but i was always under the assumption that its possible to be immune to something
They are very resistant, but we have interactions like Akainu and Ace to prove that Logias have a limit on what they can take on.
well thats because magma can actually burn fire iirc, but if ace IS fire how can you use fire to harm him
Not quite, that's a vague explanation. It's just that Akainu's magma > Ace's fire.

It's the same relation between Aokiji and Monet, since ice is colder than snow.
Hakai would definitely work on Luffy but it is OOC for Goku to do that. That would be the last thing he will ever do as he love a good challenge and pushing himself to his limit.
anyway back to goku, would his shockwaves pressure point stirkes solar flare and ki techniques mean nothing here? he can repel things with his ki almightty push style as a tool to get luffy off of him, he can match the g2 stat amp with kaioken and also amp his physcial attacks and defense the same way armamaent haki does, i dont see g3 as much of an issue only one is g4

If such shockwaves bypasses Durability, they would (Lucci and Chinjao affected him with his). Otherwise, no.

>Pressure Points

Goku never uses this in a fight, and there's the chance that Luffy might not be affected due to his PP should be made of rubber too.

>Solar Flare

Haki negs.

>Ki techniques

I think this would work, but I wouldn't say it's a great help when Luffy can counter this by dodging.

I thought you equalized stats at their peak (SSB+KK vs G4).

Regardless of that, Haki will always make Luffy be one step ahead of Goku, and with the hax from Goken in a similar opponent that will be lethal.