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How Strong would Tenkuji Takeru be...

How strong would he be, if Takeru Tenkuji's Heroic Spirit Eyecon grant him the ability of Nasuverse Servant instead?

A little elaboration, Takeru here have the simple power to transformed into a masked hero name Kamen Rider ghost. And he can also utilized Eyecon, which allow him to utlized the power and ability of the great 'historical figure' that store inside.
Hmmm...A Guy that can summoned and use the power of heroic spirit with tier 2-A. Hmmmmm...

Also can we turn Mugen to become unknow because Mugen main ability is coming from takeru emotion.The amored are made from a substance called Quantum Gazer (Òé»ÒéíÒâ│Òé┐ÒâáÒé▓ÒéñÒéÂÒâ╝ Kuantamu Geiz─ü), which through an unknown process turns emotion into power. It's basicly the ring from green latern the stronger a certein emotion more stronger a certien finnisher is.Example , Eyezer Giant was defeated by Ghost's seventh and final Mugen weapon finisher, Love Bomber, which reverted the Great Eyezer to a Parka-less human size. The Eyezer Giant is a entity that derive fromThe Great Eye (Òé░Òâ¼Òâ╝ÒâêÒéóÒéñ Gurēto Ai) that is a omniscient and omnipotent entity which serves as the root of all power in the Gamma World, manifesting as a supernatural dimensional phenomenon which appears when someone gathers the 15 heroic Ghost Eyecons together before the monolith. It is able to grant a wish of a Ghost Driver user, including bring a dead person back to life.What i want to say here is that Takeru defeated a entity that while not using the most of it haxx but can tank all of six of his Omega Drive weapon finishers in rapid succession, then knocked him out of his transformation. He defeated that thing with the power of love because at the last moment were hope seem lost he remembers the love his father and mother gave to him and he wakes up to this power of human love.So yeah Mugen power are really inconcisten because this form become powerful went Takeru emotion are in the highest it posibly can become.
Huh , i forget we got varies . So yeah i think mugen are varies depending on his emotion . Huh i also wonder what philip(kamen rider cyclone) can do in nasuverse.
He would be a valuable asset to alot of people since he could directly connect to Gaia knowledge with his power.
"varies depending on his emotion"

that is the one thing he missed to his profile, make his detail has more elaborate