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For what reasons do people hate Sasuke a lot? I've seen different boards for a very long time, and 90% of the commenters seem to hate Sasuke with a passion. Was wondering why.

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A lot of people consider Sasuke to be the epitome of the "edgelord" stereotype, and most of those same people consider "edgelords" to be cringe.

The primary thing people hate him for/what makes him an "edgelord" character instead of just a "tragic" character: When Itachi's true intentions were revealed to him by Obito/Tobi/Madara after Itachi's death, Sasuke still resolved to destroy Konoha rather than protect it as was the will of his brother, practically ******** in the face of his brother's horrific sacrifice for the village because it was the village that pressured him into that sacrifice.
More like specifically Danzo ****** up Itachi's Life. Literally all but 4 people in the village had a notion of the truth and one of them was against it, everywhere else was in the dark as much as Sasuke and to this day still is. The problem is Sasuke decided he wanted to punish innocent people for something that were as much aware of as he was for the crimes of 3 people(the Uppity 2 elders and Danzo) and a good amount of said people were his age or not even born. And he was essentially gonna lethally no u anyone that points this out to him and conveniently forgot his clan was planning on a violent coup on the village. It's jarring compared to how he was previously, focused on revenge but generally stayed to himself and didn't start trouble and wasn't just gonna be generalizing killing people, unless you were gonna be a hinderance to him achieving this, heck he avoided landing a lethal blow on several ninja at once during training and generally tried to avoid Naruto if he could. Sasuke generally improved imo in Boruto but the 2nd half of Shippuden was easily Sasuke's bottom point in character and likability.
Sasuke was tired of the whole village system to be honest. He was not wrong. And I hate him in Boruto, I prefer Kage summit Sasuke
Except he only came to that realization about the system after talking to Itachi and the 4 Hokage. Kage Summit Sasuke only cared about Nuking the village and anyone in it from Danzo and the Punchable Elders to even Baby Mirai. But I digress, different people, different opinions. I just like his interactions with Sarada, Boruto and he acts more of a friend to Naruto than he has......well ever.
Kage Summit Sasuke only cared about Nuking the village and anyone in it from Danzo and the Punchable Elders to even Baby Mirai.
Thats the Sasuke that I love