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VS Battles
Bill should be High 1-B and have Plot Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Life and Death Manipulation, Regenerationn (True-Godly), Chaos Manipulation, and have Omnipresence via this totally legit sca-

For real this time
This will be a (probably) non-controversial upgrade centered around the GF Low-tiers. Basically I propose everyone go from 10-B to 9-B via decently consistent feats.

Dipper's feats
Attack Potency: Wall level (Physically overpowered the Multi-Bear, a large black bear with eight heads. Damaged Experiment #210 and was able to overpower it alongside Wendy Corduroy, which destroyed a cage of solid steel. Contended with Grunkle Sta, who beat up a pterodactyl and fought off a horde of zombies. Can beat up Gnomes, which could overpower Tats, who smashed through a wall. Dived through Gideon-bot's eye. Quickly tore a vent from its hinges . Can match people capable of harming him like Gideon Gleeful and exact clones of himself)

Durability: Wall level (Took a massive beating from Rumble McSkirmish. Could survive putting his hand in the "Pain Hole" which made even the Manotaurs cry in pain, which are tough enough to withstand charging through rock walls. A wolf gnawing on his leg merely annoyed him. Withstood being tackled through a window by Gideon. Withstood a small explosion and bashing through a wall while holding onto a ship that was moving at superhuman speeds. Survived a tremendously casual attack from Bill Cipher, which caused a small explosio)

Speed: SuperHuman (Outpaced a charge attack from the Multi-Bear, which should be as swift as actual bears)

Scales to Mabel Pines, Ford Pines, Grunkle Sta, Soos Ramirez, Pacifica Northwest, and Wendy Corduroy.
Then again

Probably an outlier, but I wonder what kind of results Dipper survivng the Giddonbot's explosion would get
The OP is fine, but keeping up with a bear gives you Superhuman speed? Even then wouldn't that be an outlier?
I don't think that this seems like a controversial change to the profiles.
I agree with the first and not with the second as Bill is High 1-B and those peons 10-C ovo.

In all seriousness, a non controversial change that I accept.
This seems fine. Tho the explosion (the ship one) kinda seems above 9-B...possibly?
Yeah, I can tell just looking at it

Not that I'm any good at Pixel scaling
So is somebody willing to update the pages?
i just want to add something it has always been noted that mabel is stronger than dipper in games such as rumbles revenge (which at this point is almost certainly cannon)

but i dont know what do you think

also she is said to be a biit slower than dipper
So has anybody updated the profile pages yet?
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