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gravity falls

  1. Drhorrible100

    sans vs bill cipher

    9-B physical form Bill cipher vs 9-B Ketchup man. This assumes that sans has read all 3 journals by stanford pines, but Bill Cipher is only as aware of sans' powers as frisk is on the genocide route right before the battle with him. Takes place in the Last Corridor, sans gets the first attack as...
  2. Eficiente

    Bill Cipher vs the Pixies

    Very old evil small-sized all-powerful magic users who are want to take over the universe, using deals with others to their advantage but wanting to make everything fun and boring respectively. A small-sized Bill with his physical form vs Head Pixie & 1 Sanderson. Speed is not = Pixies: 0...
  3. GruntsMan889

    Rumble McKirmish vs The Chosen One (Rematch)

    Ik this has been done before, but now The Chosen One got his profile heavily upgraded so I'm here to do a rematch Rules: Both at 9-A Speed is equalized Both in-character but willing to kill like SBA Battle takes place on a arcade figthing game Who wins and why? Ryu: An literal stick: 4 Incon:
  4. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Monokuma VS Bill Cipher

    Monokuma VS Bill Cipher Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed NWA (Danganronpa 2) Monokuma | Mindscape Cipher Monokuma: Cipher: Inconclusive: 7 (@Ricsi-viragosi, @ElixirBlue, @Coolboy6, @Pokemonfan807, @Popted2, @Rez, @Bernkastelll)
  5. Maverick_Zero_X

    “Remember when I was Multiversal?”

    Bill Cipher vs Alien X Speed equalized
  6. JustANormalLemon

    10-C fight, Rumble McSkirmish X The Hammer(0-7-0)(GRACE!!!!)

    Did the creators of both games to which the characters Rumble_McSkirmish and The Hammer belong, created a crossover game whose both are in a cannon fight, which will win this confrontation within the 10-C aspect? RULES: Both in their key 10-C the fight takes place in a house with a good amount...
  7. Pepsiman25th

    this seemed fair. bill cipher vs dio

    Both are 4-A Physical form bill and pre absorption Heaven dio speed equal battle takes place on goat who wins? yellow Dorito: yellow vampire: incon:
  8. Rose_of_Ragnarok

    Samus Aran vs. Bill Cipher

    Both at 3-A, speed equalized. Who will win? Samus: 0 Bill: 0
  9. Eficiente

    Magolor vs Bill Cipher

    Magic users from some weird dimension who trick you with lies and charisma to gain ultimate power and rule the universe. Starting small and then going bigger, triangle vs egg. Both at 4-A, Post-Star Allies Magolor. Speed = Magolor: 0 Bill Cipher: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  10. Eficiente

    Gravity Falls/Bill Cipher CRT: Suspension of disbelief dies

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Eficiente/Gravity_Falls:_No_more_restrictions,_no_more_laws Imagine I post everything in that blog in this CRT here, there. What's gained from it?: Better Size Manip, Body Control and Reality Warping. ", up to Multi-Solar System level physically via...
  11. Coolboy6

    Scarlet Witch (MCU) vs Bill Cipher (0-0-2)

    I deeply apologize if this is a stomp Wanda is in her post endgame key and bloodlusted while bill is In his physical form, speed equalized Scarlet Witch: Bill Cipher: This dude sneezes them both out of existence: 2
  12. RanaProGamer

    Battle Of Cartoon Villains | Bill Cipher vs Black Hat

    Surprised that 2 of the most powerful villains in cartoon history don't have a win on their profiles (likely due to constant up/downgrades) so I thought it would be pretty cool to match these 2 against each other. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. Bill Cipher is in his physical...
  13. MikeBro25

    Supreme Gravity Falls beinh

    So I found out that Axolothl is the supreme being of Gravity Falls but he has not have a page yet, if he were to have a page what would his Stats be? https://gravityfalls.fandom.com/wiki/Axolotl
  14. Yar_R_agi_7k

    Bill Cipher and GF Cosmology Discussion

    I was going to do this revision tomorrow but couldn't wait. You can count as a continuation of this revision. This is my blog on the cosmology of Gravity Falls, my views on the Nightmare Realm and Bill, what I'm going to write below is just a summary. ... Summary For Bill, it was described as...
  15. Coolboy6

    Mario vs bill cipher

    Because Mario vs Beerus was a stomp, I think this will be fairer Both low 2-C, speed equalized Mario: Bill cipher:
  16. Coolboy6

    A hedgehog fights a dorito

    Sonic vs Bill Cipher Sonic is 2-C, Bill is low 2-C, speed equalized Fastest thing alive: Some triangle boi: 8 AMOGUS:
  17. Tots_Real

    2 being of pure chaos walk into a bar and one of them say ow.

    Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (Character) Vs Bill Cipher https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Bobobo-bo_Bo-bobo_(Character) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Bill_Cipher Speed Equalized Physical Form Bill Super Bo-bobo (First 2-C Key) Fight takes place in gravity falls and Dipper and Mabel are watching the fight
  18. Psychomaster35

    Announcer VS Bill Cipher: Of Shapes and Weirdness

    If this is a stomp, I apologize Having already set Gravity Falls under his chaos, Bill Cipher decided to set off to a new area to mess over, which just so happens to be the desert as the starting point of this, right where the Announcer was currently selling the budget with the laptop. One of...
  19. TheKillerYT

    Bill Cipher vs Asriel Dreemurr (After the downgrade we can finally do this)

    Yep Bill Cipher Low 2-C and Asriel Low 2-C forms No prep or knowledge to Any. Both are in character Bill Cipher: Asriel Dreemurr (Flowey): YES:
  20. Arcker123

    The Outsider Vs Bill Cipher

    Both Low 2-C Speed equal SBA otherwise The Outsider - Bill Cipher - Incon -
  21. TheKillerYT

    Bill possibly has a limited Precognition?

    So this is the video When you go to 0:09 when bill glitches you can see his stone statue which we see at the end of the episode What ability is this?
  22. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Two red haired badasses duke it out

    Wendy Corduroy VS Ellie Rose * Standard Battle Assumptions (9-B+ versions are used. Ellie is restricted from using anything higher than 9-B, both start 10 meters away from each other and speed is equalized) * Wendy: * Ellie: 9 (Psychomaster35, Lollipop_The_King, TyranoDoom30, Youtd...
  23. Meliodas_On_Point_Yessir

    MASSIVE Gravity Falls Upgrade

    This thread aims to upgrade Bill Cipher to 2A. I dont really care much for the Low 1C or High 1C arguments so I'm just going to ignore them. I will provide evidence for the upgrade and provide rebuttals to the debunks I have seen. Bill can destroy the multiverse NOTE: I know some guy will say...
  24. Tots_Real

    8th Sense Pegasus Vs Bill Cipher

    8th Sense Pegasus Vs Bill Cipher Low 2-C Fight takes place in gravity falls For fitting of the opponent is a win condition for this fight with the normal win conditions Speed equalized
  25. Realjackthegamer312

    never thought i would make this ngl (bill cipher vs galactus)

    i know, i can't believe this too...now since "fortnite" characters got buffed to 2-C.... Speed is equal Both are at low 2-C cringe purple ripoff: 0 reality warping triangle: 0
  26. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Gravity Falls Revisions

    Based on these accepted calcs, the 9-B characters in the verse should be revised. Attack Potency: Humans were shown to survive casual Wall level attacks, and the Manotaurs have two seperate "Wall level+" feats, with other very casual "Wall level" feats. Dipper scales to the Minotaurs feats...
  27. Gilad_Hyperstar

    [Archived] Mabel fights a meaner Pacifica (Completed)

    Here is the archived battle between Mabel Pines and Chloé Bourgeois Mabel's Profile Chloé's Profile
  28. Unoriginal_Memes

    About Bill VS Goku

    Why was it removed? I get that Xeno Goku got a massive AP advantage, but he already had that before. Not to mention, AP wouldn't even matter because of Low-Godly Regenerationn. Also, as far as I'm aware, their abilities haven't changed since it was made.
  29. EnnardTrap1987

    Bill Cipher VS Jeff Bezos

    The Weirdmageddon VS Amazon Prime Both Memetic Speed equalised Fight takes place in some rap battle video Welcome to Amazon Primetime: 3 I'm so powerful, i can bring dead people back to life!: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  30. StrymULTRA

    Bill Cipher reaches MFTL+

    In this accepted calc we can see Bill Cipher performing this feat, and since that was shown in the possibility where Bill won, I thing that's good to go Tl;dr= Bill Cipher speed: Unknow --> MFTL+
  31. AwkguyDB

    Billy vs Silly Monkey Part 2 (GRACE)

    With the atrocity that happened with Xeno Goku, Trunks comes to his aide and this time with some really nice hax. Bill = Trunks = 10 (Super Saiyan God Julia, 'UchihaSlayer96, Lord JJJ, SailorGalacticRose, Maverick Zero X, Adem Warlock69, Nitro90, Zamasu Cha, I'm Blue daba dee daba die...
  32. DatOneWeeb

    Dimentio vs Bill Cipher: The Rematch Nobody Wanted

    The original match is pretty outdated. So, let's do it again. Low 2-C forms (Super Dimentio stomps with his new abilities) and speed equalized. Dimentio: 8 Bill: Ness: 3
  33. ZacharyGrossman273

    Twilight VS Bill

    Speed equalized both at full power Horse: Dorito:
  34. Iisdude1

    Bill fights a silly monkey

    Glonku vs billy syllable Speed equal Goku:6 Bill:13
  35. ZacharyGrossman273

    Elder God Demonbane VS Bill Cipher

    oof Speed equalized, both Low 2-C Robot: Dorito:
  36. Buttersamuri

    Bugs Bunny vs Bill 2, Except it isn't Bugs Bunny

    It's Pink Panther. This fight I had To Do. To Do. To Do To Do To Do To Do To Do Bad puns aside. Going to try the Pink Panther vs Bill. See if Panther can do the same Bugs did Speed is equal Full arsenal That's all. Let's see how this goes Pink Panther: Bill Cipher: Inconclusive/Draw:
  37. Mega_Kirby_123

    Bill Cipher vs MegaMan.EXE

    Both Low 2-C Speed equalized Win via death or K.O. Battle takes place in Gravity Falls Bill Cipher : 2 MegaMan.EXE : 1 Inconclusive : 1 Bill Cipher MegaMan.EXE
  38. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Mabel fights a meaner Pacifica

    Mabel Pines VS Chloé Bourgeois Standard Battle Assumptions (Battle takes in Le Grand Paris Hotel, 9-B versions, speed is equalized) Mabel: 4 (Jamesthetaker, Adem Warlock69, ShockingPsychic, XSOULOFCINDERX) Chloé: Inconclusive:
  39. StrymULTRA

    Dio vs Bill Cipher, again (GRACE)

    Both were crappy 2-As that even lost against beings lower than Low 2-C, and now both got their 2-A rating got away Random encounter, both in character. Bill is Low 2-C Speed = obv "Reality... bends to my will!" "Welcome one and all; to Weirdmaggedon!" Dio : 13 (00potato, Oblivion Of...
  40. Buttersamuri

    Butters Loser Brackets: Round 6 Dipper Pines vs Dale Gribble

    Due to being quite too powerful for this tournament, our last round has been force to an end, and our next round may begin. This time we have Dipper Pines from the Show Gravity Falls, Submitted by Adem Warlock69, going up against Dale Gribble, from the show King of The Hill, Submitted by...
  41. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Why Bill's Perception Manip was removed?

    In the thread for the reasoning of Bill's abilities, this ability was removed because it was though to come from the weirdness bubbles. However, it doesn't come from the bubbles at all, but rather, from Mabeland, a prison bubble made of bugs and other things, but is disguised as a paradise for...
  42. That.one.mofo

    what power would this be

    bill ciphers intro is "created by bill cipher" himself instead of Alex Hirsch.would this give him any new power?
  43. Tots_Real

    Pegasus Seiya Vs Bill Cipher

    Speed equalized Pegasus God Cloth Starting off at high 3-A Vs Bill Cipher Low 2-C Fight takes place in gravity falls Forfitting of the opponent is a win condition for this fight with the normal win conditions Pegasus knows of bills existance SBA
  44. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Some 2-A Range Evidences For Bill Cipher

    Continuing from this thread. I was asked to provide reasons to why Bill should have 2-A range with some of his powers Also I'm putting it in general discussion so it won't get closed yet. Justifications for Bill's 2-A range with astral projection: Bill can be summoned into the mindscape of...
  45. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Invisible Dragon vs Bill Cipher

    Dont ask me Both Low 2-C SBA Invisible Drago Bill Cipher keke, die
  46. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Buttercup vs Bill

    Horse vs Triangle Speed is equalized. Bill is Low 2-C. Buttercup is inside the Hyper-meadow, which is the size of the moon at the start of the fight. He is bloodlusted. Bill starts 20 meters away from the Hyper-meadow.
  47. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Small Bill Cipher Range Upgrade

    Shouldn't Bill Cipher's range with dimensional travel and his projections in the mindscape be 2-A since he can travel to anywhere in the GF multiverse?
  48. Tots_Real

    Bill Cipher Vs Asuka

    Mechagodzilla With Uriel's Powers Vs Low 2-C Bill Cipher Speed Equalized Mech has a week of prep
  49. Christian_Higdon

    Composite Godzilla vs Bill Cipher

    Low 2-C cap. Both are bloodlusted. Battle is in Tokyo. Both have all their weapons. Awakened Godzilla x Eva 13 is used here. Who wins? Cipher: 0 Gojira: 0 Inconclusive: 0 (This is Fun and Games BTW, so nothing truly serious) Ssskreeoonk!
  50. Iisdude1

    Lord Tirek vs Bill Cipher

    Low 2-C Speed equal Final form Tirek Bill: Tirek:
  51. ZacharyGrossman273

    I cause bill to feel pain

    wilfre has the book of life and speed equalized Sata Dorito: 1 Donut Steele: 1
  52. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Bill can't catch a break ! Yugi Muto vs Bill Cipher

    Scenario: Bill Cipher ended up in Domino City as soon as his previous plan triumphed of absolute weirdmageddeon. Attempting to start it in this dimension. Yugi attempts to fight him but realizes without the Millennium Puzzle he can't do so. As Bill is about to finish him off, as he was wishing...
  53. Stalker_Maggot

    Very minor Gravity falls revisions

    Ford Pines should get Sealing or Immersion as shown here (a item he has trapped Stan in a chest) https://imgur.com/gallery/2mXiIJc Soos Ramirez should get Limited Plot Manipulation as he had to be in a comic to use it https://imgur.com/gallery/DIMsCoo
  54. The_real_cal_howard

    Bill Cipher Upgrades

    The shit downgrading him was just people being sheep. He should be 2-A for the reasons he was last time. End of story. I don't remember what they were, but they were legit. So just upgrade him back to 2-A. And Rosalina while you're at it.
  55. CinnabarManx421

    Bill Abilities Reasoning/Removal

    Hey so this is pretty simple, about a month ago on this thread, Eficiente brought up the point that several of Bill's powers were lacking justifications and possibly needed to be removed, but this was never applied, so this thread is to decide if we should go forward with removing these or find...
  56. Foxthefox1000

    Bill Cipher Vs. Discord

    Main Series Discord is used since this is now even and I'm curious how this version will fare. Both are Low 2-C. Speed isn't equal but I will update this if this turns out to be spite. The Dorito: The Draconequis:
  57. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Why does the Axolotl appears in Vs matches?

    The Axolotl has never shown to battle at all (and was shown only one time where he don't battle at all ) so how can we assume what he'll do when he fights? It's very similar to the reason why characters like Emperor-Beyond-The-Sea don't appear in vs matches, it's because they never fight and...
  58. Rose_of_Ragnarok

    Ariel vs Bill Cipher

    Ariel is 3-A Bill is Low 2-C Speed =
  59. Bobsican

    Axolotl Vs. Xehanort

    I have a bad feeling about this, but whatever to see if KH is still the the 2nd strongest Disney verse besides Marvel. Both at peak, speed equalized. A floating reptile Dark grandpa

    Ford Pines buff to 2-C?

    Ford Pines during his adventures throughout the multiverse gathered many illegal materials to create his quantum destabilizer, a weapon designed and capable of killing bill cipher. He has stated many times that the weapon is capable of killing bill and bill himself even fleed Ford in the...
  61. TheSpeedster96

    Do Doritos Have Hearts?

    Xehanort vs Bill Cipher (can't believe I'm making this...) Scenario: Nomura has gotten permission from Disney to add Gravity Falls in the next KH game. Xehanort through the power of somehow having fourth wall breaking powers finds out about this, and wants to greet this new world... by casting...
  62. Bobsican

    Sora Vs. Bill Cipher

    Composite Mickey is going to be nuked soon, so I may as well bring the other competitor for the 2nd strongest Disney character leaving Marvel at a side. Both at peak, speed equalized The Dorito: 1 (Gilad Hyperstar) The Keyblade Wielder: 0 Incon: 0
  63. Kriskirby

    Two old science pals meet again

    and fight to the death 9-B (Pre-Phoenix project Rick), speed unequal, both have prior knowledge on the other Ford Pines: Rick Sanchez: BILL:

    Ford pines buff to 2-C?

    His Quantum_destabilizer is a weapon powerful enough to kill bill, in one shot I might add, and is also fast enough for bill not to react to it.
  65. CinnabarManx421

    Bill Cipher vs. Rick Sanchez REMATCH

    So Rick recently got a whole bunch more abilites added to his page and it was decided a bunch of his old matches should be redone so here we go. I'll use the same standards as the original match. -Both are Low 2-C - Speed is = -Rick has 1 month of prep time and has prior knowledge in Bill...
  66. AquaWaifu

    Uhh Bill's "Low Godly" regen.

    So...I saw the clip, how in the HELL is that low godly regen considering he GAINS a physical form but never actually REGENS from something that would classify as actual Regenerationn? So what Holo Rick in one of the recent episodes of Rick and Morty also I guess should have low godly regen too...
  67. Flashlight237

    GIFfany vs The Hammer (Regular Show)

    Okay, maybe this one will be less stomp-y. I mean both GIFfany and The Hammer are capable of one-shotting player characters in fighting games. I wonder if that'll make them a bit more evn with each other. Anyway... This is both of their in-game forms fighting against one another. Speed is...
  68. Soupywolf5

    Ryu vs. A Stick (Grace!)

    Thanks to Joaco0902 for the idea! Rumble McSkirmish vs. The Chosen One Rumble is 10-C, speed is equalized Battle takes place inside of a blank Microsoft Word Document Discount Street fighter: Stick Boi: 7 (Joaco0902, Modnar Resu, Ionliosite, Buttersamuri, XSOULOFCINDERX, GoldenScorpions...
  69. Ricsi-viragosi

    Bill Cipher vs Pennywise

    Mindscape Bill Cipher Movie Pennywise ...Yeah. SBA all the way.
  70. AquaWaifu

    A fight of weirdness! Bobobo vs Bill Cipher

    YES I am really doing this! I think this potentially not actually a stomp after reading both pages. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo - 0 () VS Bill Cipher - 0 () Incon - 0 () BATTLE RULES: Bill is Full Power. Bobobo is Base. Both are in-character. Bill has come into the world of Bobobo and...
  71. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Bill's mindscape key tier

    In this thread, I was told that a character who is able to destroy a 2+1 dimensional realm (2 spatial and 1 temporal dimension) has 3D power similar to the way a Low 2-C (Destroys a 3+1 dimensional universe) character have 4D power. Since Bill was claimed to be responsible to the destruction of...
  72. Stalker_Maggot

    Small addition for Bill?

    Is this Social Influencing? To quote Journal 3 "The nightmare in disguise will seduce you with never-ending flattery until he gets what he wants-and what he wants is the destruction of this reality!"
  73. Moon_Silvight

    Bill Cipher vs. Shao Kahn

    If Bill Cipher is gonna be a Mortal Kombat guest fighter (Horror/Supernatural based Supervillain? Check. Evil? Check. Interesting enough to perform some fatalities? Ultimately check.), then who would win in a fight between him against Shao Kahn? [1] If Disney decided to take more risks on...
  74. CinnabarManx421

    Lumberjack Ghost vs. The Flying Dutchman

    So I made this profile like a day ago and there hasn't been a match for it so I'll just jump on this then. -Speed is Equalized Lumberjack Ghost: (3 votes, Flashlight, Wright, Roachman) The Flying Dutchma: (0 votes) Incon: (0 votes)
  75. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Bill Cipher vs Kirby...?

    ...Except it's all 11-A Triangle vs Circle Speed is equalized. Bill before liberation and Kirby 3450. Kirby has all of his copy abilities.
  76. Buttersamuri

    Sans vs Bill again

    Yep. I'm redoing this fight. Last time almost came to a conclusion until Bill was going to get passive hacks which would have made it a stomp. But the passive abilities were denied. We get to redo it and come to a conclusion again. same rules as the last thread here. As well, Same thumbnail...
  77. Ninjaboy14

    Bill Cipher (Weirdmageddon) vs Urizen (post-Qliphoth fruit)

    Bloodlust allowed The battle takes place in Dante's & Vergil's home. May the war of the devils begin! EDIT: Both are low 2-C Votes: Urizen - 1 Bill Cipher - 0
  78. Ayewale

    Bill Cipher and his 2-C bullshit.

    Not much to say, the justifications for his 2-C rating are pretty awful to say the least. Well, at a glance they seem fine-ish, however a cursory investigation shows that they really fall apart. Let's look over each of the justifications for his feats. -Removing the laws and restrictions of the...
  79. Stalker_Maggot

    King Ghidorah vs Bill

    Maybe this will be fair? Idk King Ghidorah (Composite) vs Bill Cipher High 3-A vs Low 2-C Speed is equalized Both are bloodlusted King Ghidorah (Composite): Bill Cipher: Inconclusive:
  80. KingEzran

    Master Chief (Without Mjolnir) vs Mabel Pines

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2 meters -Win via death Votes: Chief: 1 Mabel: 0
  81. Ryuga21

    The Death facing a Dorito

    Nekron vs Bill Cipher Speed equalized and Low 2-C Bill Nekron: Bill Cipher: Incon:
  82. Christian_Higdon

    Bill vs Spawn

    Speed equal. Both are Low 2-C. In-character. Battle is in neutral territory. Win via any method. Who wins? Bill Cipher: 0 Al Simmons: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  83. KingEzran

    Phoenix Wright vs Rumble McSkirmish

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2 meters -Win via death Votes: Phoenix: 0 Rumble: 0 Incon: 0
  84. KGiffoni

    Dorito vs Scientist

    Bill Cipher vs Rick Sanchez. Both are Low 2-C, speed is equalized. Rick has 1 month preparation and knows the basics about Bill. Aside from that, SBA. Fight starts in Gravity Falls. Rick: Dorito: 3 Goku:
  85. Christian_Higdon

    Grey Goo vs Bill Cipher

    Speed Equal. Both are Low 2-C. Battle is at the end of time. Both are bloodlusted. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? OM NOM NOM YUMMY: 0 Gonna get passives soon: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  86. Edwardtruong2006

    Bill's Passive Abilities

    Yes. Contrary to popular belief he does indeed have passives. These abilities are all listed on his profile but I want to make notice that it is passive. Where do they come from? They come from Weirdmageddon of course. Bill needs Weirdmageddon to actually exist in the world in the first place...
  87. Buttersamuri

    Sans vs Bill (Closed)

    That's right. I'm doing this. Let us bring this very fun debate to this wiki. It was a quiet day in the Underground. Until a certain Yellow Dorito blows open the doors entrance from the ruins Bill: Ah. Perfect. Another place to liberate. He proceeds to start yeeting monsters around the...
  88. CinnabarManx421

    Ghost Rider vs. Bill Cipher

    The dust had settled. Bill had finally done it. The Pines were defeated, and Gravity Falls was his to control, now he just needed to extract the equation that would allow him to escape from Ford. However, as Bill looked out over the ruined and desolate city, a trail of dust appeared on the...
  89. Js250476

    The Chaos Capital Of Weirdmageddon (Discord (IDW) vs Bill Cipher)

    This is it the final battle of chaotic reality warpers has arrived Speed is equal and Discord is High 3-A Bill is low 2-C Spirt of Disharmony: (10 votes) Dollar Bill Dorito: (0 votes) They team up and reality becomes a chaotic party that never ends (3 votes)
  90. Bob8999

    dorito vs god

    evil space dorito demon, Bill Cipher https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Bill_Cipher vs the almighty, Morgan Freeman https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/God_(Bruce_Almighty) who would win in a battle to the death? demon: god: tie/incon:
  91. Christian_Higdon

    Bugs Bunny vs Bill Cipher

    Both are in-character. Speed Equal. Battle is in Gravity Falls. Bugs has all his weaponry. Win via any method. Who wins? Bugs: 9 Bill: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  92. Kriskirby

    Gravity Falls' pixel fight

    Surprised this was never done. Both 9-B GIFfany: Rumble McSkirmish: Incon:
  93. Edwardtruong2006

    Bill Cipher vs. Alien X

    Remaking this due to standard match procedure Low 2-C Bill vs. 2-B Alien X Speed = Who wins? Bill Cipher: 0 Alien X: 0
  94. CinnabarManx421

    Another Bill Downgrade

    Haha, got you with the title didn't I? Just kidding It's a double whammy here's why Bill isn't Low 2-C: I may have gotten you a third time I dunno. Getting back on track now this isn't so much a downgrade as changing what Bill's rating says. He's currently rated as "At least Low 2-C" but all...
  95. TheQuirkyBoy

    Dark Dragon vs The Axolotl

    Ness stomped Bill, so that's an oof. Giygas isn't any different either, so let's try a 3D character this time. Maybe it'll be fair. Speed = Low 2-C, Battle takes place in the GF universe, and Dark Dragon was summoned by Giegue as the Axolotl was being an utter nuisance to him, so he wants it...
  96. Azh'Voroph_the_Crypt_Lord

    M(w)a(n)s(k)tered Ultra Dorito: Bruh momento numero 1

    The thousands (If not millions) of times far above Low 2-C baseline and 498 quadrillions (low end) faster than SoL fights against the illuminati that transmuts and solos ur verse (even when we're talking about non-corporeal or abstracts beings) crazy PIS Why not?? xd Speed unequalized Both...
  97. GoCommitDi

    Overpowered preschool show character vs a yellow dorito

    Discords "far higher" key is used speed is = Bill is Low 2-C
  98. SuhSuhGuhSuhSuh

    Bill Cipher vs. Yuno Gasai

    Both Low 2-C Both willing to kill, but it is not required to win Speed Equalized Starting distance is 10 feet apart Bill: 7; Edwardtruong2006, SpookyShadow, JooCipher, TheArsenal1212, ElixirBlue, Oliver de jesus, and Maruishimaryishi Yuno: Incon:
  99. Sadistic_Sleuth

    Sadistic Sleuth's collection of Bad Ideas, Episode 1

    ITS FUNNY HOW DUMB YOU ARE because it just works 11-A Bill vs 8-C Diavolo Diavolo is bloodlusted Who wins?
  100. ZacharyGrossman273

    Yukari VS Bill

    Well Bill is prolly gonna lose but still why not Yukari Yakumo: 0 Bill Cipher: 0 Donut Steele: 1