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Based on these accepted calcs, the 9-B characters in the verse should be revised.

Attack Potency: Humans were shown to survive casual Wall level attacks, and the Manotaurs have two seperate "Wall level+" feats, with other very casual "Wall level" feats. Dipper scales to the Minotaurs feats Post-Training as he managed to pass all of their tests. Everyone who scale to Dipper scale to these feats too

While most regular humans in Gravity Falls shouldn't scale, all the characters who have profiles in the wiki scale to Dipper and thus also to the Manotaurs

Also, the humans were shown to also be stonewalls, as both Dipper and Robbie survived casual attacks from Rumble McSkrimish without much trouble as well as Dipper survivng his ultimate attack without much injuries (though he was hurt and defeated). This also scales to Bill Cipher as Bipper

Rumble himself when released through the cheat code should scale far above the humans, since he stomped Post-Training Dipper, who scales to the Manotaurs

Given that the Manotaurs already performed two "Wall level+" feats which are very close to the baseline of "Small Building level", Rumble should scale to "Small Building level" by being massively superior to Wall level+ characters, assuming they can be used. This would also mean that the humans' durability would be 9-A too for the reasons explained above.

In short:

Humans: 9-B+, with some characters scaling above that value

Rumble: 9-A by scaling massively above 9-B+

Lifting Strength:

The Manotaurs performed a casual Class 10 feat, making everyone who scales to them Class 10 as well. Dipper, and everyone who scales to him, should also scale because he completed the Manotaurs' tests.

Everyone who scales above him such as Soos, Stan, Ford anc especially Rumble would scale above this value
I guess the tiering update seems fine.

I got ask are the lifting strengths consistent in the series?
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I guess the lifting strengths are more consistent than I thought. If there are no other issues, I am fine with the changes.
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Thank you. They can probably be applied then.